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Chapter 2 - Use Somebody

I've been roaming around, I was looking down at all I see
Painted faces fill the places I can't reach
You know that I could use somebody
You know that I could use somebody

Someone like you and all you know and how you speak
Countless lovers under cover of the street
You know that I could use somebody
You know that I could use somebody
Someone like you

-Kings of Leon 'Use Somebody'


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Set 2
Set 3
Set 4

Chapter 2 – Use Somebody

~*~ Bella Swan ~*~

"I just wanna use your love toonnnniiiiigggghht! I don’t wanna lose your love toonnnniiiiigggghht!" I sang at the top of my lungs while dancing around and acting like a complete goof ball. Ever since my first time with Jake a week ago, I have been on cloud nine.

I may have been on cloud nine but surprisingly after weeks of rain, it had been sunny all week. Jake seems to think that has to do with his sexual ability, and insisted we don't make the sex gods angry by not, not having sex on a regular basis.

I was relieved when Paul called to ask him if he wanted to go jogging, giving me time to finally pack for the trip to Jamaica. Jake, who of course had finished packing yesterday, was worried that I would not be ready in time. I’ll never forget how red his sexy tanned face got when I said maybe I wasn’t planning on wearing much clothing.

I danced my way over to my mirror holding up one of the new dresses I bought for the trip. "I just wanna use your love toonnnniiiiigggghht, yeah"

“Clearly Jake’s magic stick has given Bella her groove back, now if only it’d do something about that singing voice.” Rose said as she turned down the music on my iDock.

I swung around to see Rose, Jessica and Angela laughing hysterically at my poor excuse of singing. “I honestly thought it was amazing, and I am not talking about my singing.” I said with a sly grin throwing the dress in my suitcase.

“Well I guess it’s safe to say he’s over Charlotte.” Angela said dryly.

I knew it would get awkward eventually, Angela, Jessica, and Charlotte all knew each other from Forks High School.  By the time I had transferred to Forks my senior year of high school Charlotte had already graduated and started University. You would think, in a town of maybe 3,000 citizens, people would be used to friends dating friends’ exes. Although, Charlotte and I were never friends, I know it’s awkward for Jess and Ang because they still speak to Charlotte when they go back home. Not to mention Angela has never really gotten over the fact that I won Prom Queen. I’ll never understand how it happened, I didn’t campaign for it, and I didn’t think I was that popular. However, I won in a landslide, upsetting Angela who was practically a shoo-in to win.

“Well you know what they say; the best way to get over one person is to get under the next one.” Rose said trying to break the tension. “Anyway we’re going to order take-out and just hang out what are your plans tonight?”

“I am not sure Jake called and said he was going for a run with Paul and to be ready by six.” I said looking down at my watch, it was a quarter to six and I hadn’t heard from Jake yet.

“Well we’ll see you when you get back, unless I shouldn’t wait up.” She cocked an eyebrow at me with that devilish grin.

I rolled my eyes, pulled my still not fully packed suitcase closed, and slid it on the floor in front of my bed. “Don’t worry, I should be back in no time, apparently Jake just has something he wants to show me.”

“Yeah, I bet he does.” Jessica chimed in earning her a high five from Rose and an eye roll from Angela and me.

“I bet I know what he wants to show you…” Rose started before knocking at the front door cut her off. “Gee I wonder who that could be.” She smiled turning around to go and answer the door.

I heard the door open followed by the sound of Jacob and Paul’s voices. Jessica left as I was zipping up my boots, which Jacob insisted I wear. I looked up and realized Angela was still standing there just staring at me.
“Um, Ang is everything ok?” I asked looking myself over one last time in the mirror. Jacob said we were just running an errand and to wear something comfortable. Not sure how comfortable I threw on my favorite black crochet trimmed racer back tank and black leggings; at least I can still look cute while comfortable.

“You know he’s just using you… he’s using you to get over Charlotte.” Angela said looking down at her shoes. I had a feeling this conversation was coming which is part of the reason I had been avoiding being alone with Angela.

“You know I’ve learned people only do to you what you allow them to do, I care about Jake and just want him to be happy. If I am, what is currently making him happy then as his friend shouldn’t you want the same for him. If Jake wakes up one morning and decides he wants Charlotte back then so be it, but until that happens either respect me enough to keep your opinions to yourself or don’t come over.” I said grabbing my purse, cutting my light off and walking past her out into the hallway.

I had just walked around the corner to the living room when I saw the most amazing view, Jacob and Paul standing shirtless glistening with sweat. I had to stand there for a moment taking in the view of their muscled bodies all shiny from sweating on their run. “Well hello there handsome.” I said coming out of my trance and walking over to Jake.

“Right back at you beautiful.” He said leaning down and kissing me on the cheek. “I know I am running a little late, I am going to go and take a quick shower and then we can get going.” He said pulling his shirt back on to my disdain.

“Hey babe, where have you been hiding?” Paul said behind me. Angela must have finally made her way down the hall. “I’m just gonna run down the hall and take a quick shower and then we can be off for the movies.” He said pulling her into a bear hug. “Unless you want to come and help wash my back.” He said in what I am sure was suppose to be a whisper, but by the look on Jake and Rose’s faces they had heard it too.

“I’ll be five minutes.” Jake said kissing me slowly sliding his tongue into my mouth to find mine. “Ten tops.” He sighed as I gave him a quick hug as he was leaving behind Paul and Angela.

“You two are so sickening it’s all hugs and kisses now, but what are you going to do about that ex of his that clearly wants him back.” Rose said sipping her Moscato and exchanging a look with Jessica."I mean he may love the way you pop and lock and drop it like its hot, but that chick has history on her side."

“Yeah Bella, I like Charlotte and everything, but she wants him back bad.” Jessica said looking from Rose to me. “I ran into Charlotte last week in Port Angeles and she kept asking me about how serious you and Jake were.” She said snapping out of the memory.

“Well like I told Angela, I am happy being whatever it is Jake needs me to be right now. Nothing more nothing less, if he wants to get back with Charlotte I’ll understand.” I said sitting down next to Rose on the couch and pouring myself a glass of wine. “But it’s not like I am forcing Jake into a relationship or putting any type of pressure on him.” I said before taking a sip and enjoying the sweet taste in my mouth.

We were sitting there talking about Rose's new Mr. Right-Now, Peter, when the take-out finally arrived, followed by Jake. We stayed for a few minutes making small talk with Jessica and Rose before we were off to go see my newest surprise. I know most girls love surprises from their man, but Jake's generosity has been overwhelming especially the expensive trip we were about to go on. 

*~* Jacob Black *~*

Well the past week with Bella has been amazing. I went from going months without sex to getting it almost every day, hell some days twice a day. I could tell Bella was still uncomfortable about the trip to Jamaica. I wasn't sure if it was nervousness about being alone with me or just the trip itself. I figured taking Bella riding would help relax her and give us time to talk. But first Paul suggested going for a run to relieve some of my tension and I knew Bella still hadn't started packing.

"Jake are you listening?" Paul said snapping me out of my thoughts. "Where were you just at?" He asked as we stopped at the corner across from our building.

"What?" I said proving I wasn't actually listening.

"I said I found out Angie's the one that gave Charlotte your new number. Apparently they ran into each other a week ago shopping in Port Angeles. Angie says Charlotte kept asking about you and so she felt bad and gave her your new number.” He said as the light turned green and we ran across the street.

"Why would she do that? She knows I am with Bella now and I want nothing to do with Charlotte." I said as we continued to jog down the street to our apartment building.

“Look Jake I told Angela not to get involved and that this was your business and that it should stay that way. But I can’t stop Ang from being friends with Charlotte and apparently Ang thinks you’ve made a mistake breaking up with Charlotte and now this trip with Bella.” Paul said in between pants as we stood outside of the lobby. “But, I wouldn’t worry about it, Angela told me she was going to go see Bella and work this all out.” He said with a hopeful smirk.

“You mean Angela is up there right now talking to Bella about Charlotte?” I said worried about how Bella would react to hearing about this a day before our trip. “Dude, do you honestly think that’s going to go well?” I said as the sliding door opened and I walked into the lobby.

“Yeah, I don’t think Angela would say anything mean to Bella, I mean she knows how much this trip means to you…” he said coming up behind me as I pushed the up button.

“Yeah well if she wants me to get back with Charlotte, ruining my trip with Bella would be the perfect place to start.” I said pressing the up button continuously. “Why is the damn elevator never ready when you need it?”
“Jake calm down I am sure everything’s fine, besides I don’t see Bella taking any crap even from my babe.” Paul said covering the button with his hand so I couldn’t press it for the umpteenth time.

When the elevator doors finally opened I rushed inside hitting 14 at least 10 times before, the doors had a chance to close. Paul just looked at me with this expression of humor as we rode up to the 14th floor in complete silence. We got off the elevator and walked down the hall towards Bella’s apartment. I knocked on the door and stood there waiting for Bella to answer, and to give me confirmation that Angela hadn’t convinced her to break up with me. I finally heard the lock turning right before I was about to start knocking again.

“Who is it?” I heard Rose say from the other side before opening the door.

“I guess it’s a good thing we aren’t here to rob you.” Paul said prompting Rose to roll her eyes.

“Well if it isn’t Mr. Magic Stick himself.” Rose said to me with a smile “And I saw you through the peep hole, although I am sure Bella has someone you can take and run.” She said dryly to Paul.

We walked inside and saw Jessica coming down the hall from Bella’s bedroom as Rose closed and locked the door.

“Hey guys, how was the run?” Jessica asked looking us over as we stood there shirtless like two pieces of meat. I am sure that loser Mike wouldn’t be too happy to know his girlfriend was eye fucking me.

“The run was actually pretty relaxing.” I said as Jessica sat down on the sofa.

Rose came out of the kitchen holding a takeout menu in one hand and her cell phone in the other. “I really hope you aren’t planning to wear that on your date with Bella, although the view isn’t so bad…” She said smirking at us before sitting down next to Jessica.

“Actually no, I just wanted to talk to Bella for a minute.” I said looking from their questioning gazes to the smile on Paul’s face. “I mean I just wanted to let her know in person that I’m going to be a little late.” I said trying hard not to sound as lame as I was feeling.

I stood there for a moment feeling like a complete idiot while Rose ordered some food and then her and Jessica started whispering to each other and then looking over at me before going back to whispering. I was so caught up in their private conversation that was clearly about me that I didn’t even notice Bella had come out of her room and was just staring at me. Shit this couldn’t be good. She snapped out of her trance and started walking towards me.

Surprisingly whatever Angela said to Bella didn’t matter because Bella was her usual flirty self. I told her I was running a little late and that I would be back after I showered and changed. The look on Bella’s face when I finally put my shirt on was priceless.

It was at that moment that I finally saw Angela emerging from the back looking extremely guilty. Paul pulled her into a bear hug and then asked her in a non-subtle way to have shower sex with him. By the looks on Rose and Bella’s faces, they were as equally disturbed by that thought as I was.

“I’ll be five minutes.” I said kissing Bella on the lips, she smelled so damn good I couldn’t help but slip her a little tongue and had some much needed relief when she didn’t resist. “Ten tops.” I sighed because my penis was now getting excited which wasn’t helped by her hugging me.

I left behind Paul and Angela and as soon as I heard Bella close the door I stopped her right outside of Paul’s apartment.

“Ok Angela, what’s your deal with Bella. I honestly thought you were her friend.” I said trying to contain my anger.

“Look Jake, Charlotte is my friend Bella is just some bitch I went to high school with who slept her way into becoming Prom Queen. She’s Jessica’s friend and if it wasn’t for Jessica I wouldn’t talk to Bella ever. You’re making the biggest mistake of your life if you think for one minute she’ll love you the way Charlotte does or that you’ll love her the way you love Charlotte and I told her that.” Angela said with a smug smile before walking into Paul’s apartment and leaving me alone and pissed off.

I walked across the hall to my apartment and hopped in the shower. It was going to be a long night and although I was hoping to have sex with Bella one more time before we made it to Jamaica, I jacked off in the shower just in case. I released my load and then got out of the shower and got dressed.

I picked up Bella and made small talk with Rose and Jessica before we left for the surprise. The entire car ride over to the garage Bella kept asking questions about what the surprise could be and telling me that I had to stop spoiling her.

“Bella calm down, this surprise wasn’t expensive at all, and it was really a labor of love.” I said turning onto the street the garage was on.

“Jake really it’s all just too much, the trip to Jamaica had to have cost you a fortune and I know you’re saving to open your own garage one day. I just feel guilty taking money away from your dream.” She said looking down at her hands in her lap. 

“Bella look at me.” I said glancing over at her. “What’s the point of having a dream if you don’t have someone to share it with?” I asked as I parked the car outside of the auto garage I managed. “Bella your one of my best friends and I love every minute we spend together and I really hope you feel the same.”

“Jake I know you really loved Charlotte and I know I can’t replace her in your heart and I don’t want to. I just want to be here for you and just enjoy what this is because it’s easy and there’s no pressure.” She said looking up into my eyes and giving me a slight smile.

I could kill Angela for getting into Bella’s head like this before our trip. How in the hell are we suppose to enjoy two weeks in Jamaica when Bella thinks I am still in love with my ex. This is just perfect…

“I have something I want to show you, it will show you better than I can tell you how I feel about what we’re doing.” I said opening my door and getting out of the car. I walked around the front to open the door for Bella.

We walked up the walkway leading to the garage door and I made Bella stand there with her hands covering her eyes as I ran to the front door, unlocking it and then turning the alarm off. I walked through the shop to the door and hit the button for it to open. I was surprised that Bella was standing there with her hands still over her face.

“Jacob Black, I swear if you’ve bought me a new car, I’ll kill you. I love my beast.” She said with a giggle.
“No, I didn’t buy you a new car cause I know how much you love your beast. But I did build you something…” I said walking up to her and slowly moving her hands from her eyes so she could see the bike I built her.

“OMG you built me a motorcycle? When, how, why?” She said all at once in what seemed to be one breath.
“I’ve been working on it for a few weeks. I went to the junk yard a few weeks ago looking for parts for a customer’s car when I saw it, I brought it back here and have been working on it ever since.” I said extremely proud of myself. “I mean when I taught you how to ride you said you’d love to own your own bike.”

“I mean yeah I would love to own my own bike, but I didn’t think you’d go out and build one for me.” She said rubbing her hand along the leather seat.

“If you don’t like it I can sell it or something, I just thought you’d love to be able to ride with me sometimes.” I said looking down at my feet not wanting to see if she was going to return the gift.

“I’d love to ride with you sometime, is your bike here?” She asked with the biggest smile on her face, she looked like a kid at Christmas that got every present she asked for.

“No I left my bike back at the apartment, but hop on and take her for a test ride.” I said as Bella threw her leg over the bike and started to straddle it. There was nothing sexier than a chick on a bike, and fingers crossed that this same sexy chick would be riding me later.

Bella had just put the bike in gear and was pulling out of the garage when my phone started vibrating in my pocket. I pulled it out as Bella made her way down the driveway and I saw that it was Seth Clearwater, whatever he wanted could wait. I hit ignore and walked down the driveway to watch Bella ride.

Bella was riding back down the street towards me when the bike started to jerk before finally just cutting off causing Bella to fall. I ran to her as fast as I could to make sure she was ok.

“Oh man Bella, your head. I am so, so, so sorry.” I said as I pulled the bike off of her and then pulling her into a sitting position. “It looks like you’re bleeding pretty badly.” I said unbuttoning my shirt and pulling it off so Bella could use it to apply pressure to her wound.

I looked down at Bella and noticed she was just staring at me. “What are you staring at?”

“…You’re really sort of beautiful.” She said staring at my body blushing slightly.

“Wow, how hard did you hit your head?” I said with the biggest smile on my face.

“No I am serious, you took the time to build me a bike, you’re taking me to Jamaica, and you’re just… beautiful.” She said pulling her bottom lip into her mouth as she looked into my eyes.

I was leaning in to kiss her when my phone started vibrating again… This time it was Leah Clearwater, which was weird to have her and Seth calling me at around the same time. I hit ignore again. I will call them back after I made sure Bella was ok.

Bella was holding my now bloody shirt to her head as I carried the bike back up to the garage. “I’ll check out the engine and buff out the scratches when we get back. I want everything to be perfect for you.” I said as I parked the bike and my phone started vibrating again.

“Jake who ever that is isn’t going to stop calling anytime soon, just answer it.” Bella said trying in vain to rub some of the scratches off the paint.

I looked down at the phone and saw that I had two voicemails and a text message. I called my voicemail to check my messages.

The first message was short and to the point, which is to be expected from Leah. “Jake it’s Leah this is important call me back.” I deleted that message and waited for the second one to play.

“Jake it’s Seth, Leah and I have been trying to get in touch with you. Our dad’s were in a car accident on their way back from a fishing trip and they are both in a coma in the ICU. Call me back as soon as possible but I definitely think you need to come home.” I had to listen to Seth’s message three times before it hit me that my dad was a coma in the hospital and that he might never wake up.

Apparently, while I was lost in my own thoughts I had fallen to the floor and started silently crying. Bella had kneeled down and was hugging me and rocking back and forth. “Jake what’s going on?” She asked wiping the tears from my face.

“It’s. My. Dad.” I said through sobs. “He’s been in an accident Bella.” I said dropping my phone and wrapping my arms around her waist and pulling her body into mine.

We sat there with her holding me as I cried into her breasts for what felt like a lifetime. Bella leaned down and gave me a gentle kiss on my forehead. “Jake we have to cancel the trip so you can go and be with your dad.”
“Oh God Bella the trip, we can’t cancel it everything is nonrefundable.” I said lifting my head off her chest. “You should go, you should definitely go and Rose can go in my place.” I said pulling myself together and standing us both up.

“Jake no, I can’t go and enjoy a vacation while you’re at a hospital with your father, it just wouldn’t feel right.” Bella said pulling away from me. “I would never be able to fully enjoy myself knowing that you’re in North Carolina looking after your dad. I would feel like such a bitch for doing that, I can’t go without you.”

I walked over to her, looked down into her eyes, and knew that she was serious, when Bella made up her mind that was usually the end of the discussion. “Bella if you don’t go on this trip that money would be wasted, I don’t care that I can’t go what I care about is that you’ll have a great time and we both know Rose will see to that.” I cupped her face with my hands and kissed her passionately.

The rest of the night went by lightening fast, with Rose’s help, we convinced Bella to go to Jamaica without me and to attempt to relax and have a good time. I changed my Jamaica ticket, put it in Rose’s name instead, and then booked me a one-way ticket to Wilmington, NC. Bella insisted that I spend the night at her place so I wouldn’t have to be alone, and we spent the whole night cuddling which was so comforting to fall asleep and know that she was there for me.

The next morning the three of us headed to the airport in Bella’s truck. My flight was taking off first and Bella and I had an emotional goodbye. She really wished we were going on the trip together or that she could come with me. I told her everything would be fine and I’d hopefully see her in two weeks. We made out in the middle of the terminal getting disapproving looks from several people walking by. I kissed her forehead one last time before leaving to board my flight home. I had no idea the next time I saw Bella everything would be different.

~*~ Edward Cullen ~*~

It has been a week since my birthday party and I cannot believe I have been hiding out at Evenson Manor, my family’s country estate, to avoid any further media attention. Alice, Riley and Bree all arrived Wednesday afternoon, apparently, the fact that I had been here for four days alone bothered Alice so she brought reinforcements to try to cheer me up. Honestly, I was going absolutely mad out here by myself so I was more than a little excited when they arrived. Emmett had been gone since the Sunday after my party, when he flew to South Africa to spend a week delivering food and toys to orphans. Jasper had meetings in London all week, so he decided he was going to take the helicopter in with my parents later this afternoon.

Riley and I were finishing a run around the grounds, when I noticed a town car parked in the driveway in front of the house. We walked up to the front door of the house and into the foyer where I heard the voice of the last two people I’d ever want to hear, ever coming out of the formal living room.

“Prince Edward, Master Riley I trust your run went well. Can I get you anything?” Alfred our house manager said handing both of us a bottle of water.

“No Alfred I am just going to go up and take a shower before everyone arrives.” I said taking a sip of the water and heading towards the stairs.

“Master Riley I put new towels and your clean laundry in your room, let me know if I can be of any further assistance.” Alfred said to Riley as Riley started up the stairs towards the guest wing.

“Alfred, is that Aro and Jane I hear in the living room?” I whispered

“Yes sir, Alec just phoned and apparently your parent’s helicopter should be arriving any minute now.” Alfred looked around before continuing. “Master Voltera wants to meet with you before your parents arrive. I insisted that he wait for your parents, but he’s adamant about talking to you.”

“Did he mention what he wanted to see me about?” I asked looking past Alfred towards the living room.

“No sir, he just said it was important.” Alfred said looking around to make sure no one was listening. “But I did hear Miss Jane on the phone with that daughter of hers, and apparently she’s done something that they’d rather you and your parents hear about from them.”

“Thanks Alfred, let them know I’ll be down after my shower.” I said patting Alfred on the shoulder before running up the stairs two at a time to my suite.

I walked into my bathroom, pulled off my shorts and boxer-briefs and turned on my shower. I was standing their looking at myself naked in the mirror when my phone chirped on the counter. I walked over and glanced down at the screen to see a text from Emmett.

Dude, you’ll never guess what Tanya did.
Check your email ASAP, see you in 25 minutes.

I threw my phone down on the counter and stalked out of the bathroom to my desk. I turned my laptop on and opened my email, when I saw one from Emmett and Victoria, my mother’s assistant, both marked urgent. I opened the email from Emmett first and clicked on the link that was inside. A new tab opened and an article popped up from the Daily Mail featuring Tanya. I skimmed over the article stopping when I saw the one sentence that completely ruined my mood. “…I predict we’ll have a spring wedding… …I am sure Edward is as excited as I am to get married and start a family…” What the fuck was she thinking? I closed the article and opened the email from Victoria.

Your mother and father have requested a quick meeting with you as soon as they arrive at Evenson Manor. PM Voltera and his wife will be joining the family for dinner after his meeting with you mother. Tanya was not invited, so your parents do hope this will be an uneventful evening.
Victoria Rover
Executive Assistant to HM Esme Cullen
Buckingham Palace
London, England
0206 840 0907

“Quick meeting my arse!” I seethed as I slammed the laptop closed and walked back to my bathroom to take a quick shower. Well I intended to take a quick shower, but between my rage at Tanya and the fact that I have not had sex in over a week I spent most of the shower stroking the fuck out of my dick. After about ten minutes of tireless stroking without achieving my desired release I turned the water off wrapped my towel around my waist and stepped out into my bathroom. I pulled the towel off deciding to air dry instead, walked into my room and turned on my iDock, if I was going to sit through a dinner with Aro and Jane I was going to need a lot of liquor. I walked over to my bar and poured me a shot of Belvedere Intense, I gulped down the shot as the chorus picked up and I couldn’t stop myself from dancing and singing along.

‘Oh, look what you’ve done; you’ve made a fool of everyone; Oh well, it seems like such fun; Until you lose what you had won’ I fucking love how music can express how you’re feeling sometimes without you having to really think about it. ‘A fool of everyone, a fool of everyone.’ I was just getting into my air drum solo when I heard someone clear their throat behind me.

“I wouldn’t have taken you for a Jet fan, but Look What You’ve Done is a really good song.” Kat said trying to avoid staring at my still naked body. “Alice wanted me to let you know your parents have arrived and so has Emmett.” She said still staring at her shoes.

I could not help but smirk at her, how she could not want to look at me naked. Women around the world have been dying to see me naked for years. “You know Katrina, I don’t bite and I am sure this isn’t anything you haven’t seen before.” I said with my seductive grin. Maybe I’ll get that much needed release after all, I just needed her to look me in the eyes so I could give her that patented panty dropping smile.

“I am sure you don’t bite, unless one asked for it.” She said finally looking up and licking her bottom lip.
Fuck, I really hope she does not notice how blatant my erection was about to become. Although, it’s about time she became au fait with my cock, and I would also love to introduce her mouth to my cock right now.
“Well clearly my reputation precedes me, so do you like what you see?” I said putting my hands on my hips giving her my signature panty dropping smile and letting my todger do the talking for me.

“Prince Edward, you’re extremely handsome.” She said looking at me from head to toe before blushing, and I liked where this was going. “And every women in the UK, and I am sure world, is dying to have a piece of you.” She said averting her gaze again as her blush deepened. “But, unlike those other whores I am a good girl.” She looked from my face to my cock and slowly walked back out of the room closing the doors behind her.

“Fuck me!” I said looking down at my throbbing erection. “Guess I’ll have to take care of you myself.” That Katrina is going to be harder to get into than I thought, but I love a challenge.

I dressed and headed downstairs but not before taking one last shot of vodka to ease my nerves. I was sure this was going to be a dinner from hell. I was stopped once I reached the first floor by Alec and Victoria who were standing in the foyer chatting.

“Ah, Prince Edward good evening, you’re parents are waiting for you in the Queen’s study.” Victoria said glancing up from her iPhone. “Everything is arranged for your flight in the morning, we’re going to announce that you and your brother and sister are out of the country on holiday around noon. Hopefully the six hour head-start will keep the paparazzi from figuring out your location. Now if you’ll excuse me.” She said putting her phone in her pocket and walking off.

“Edward, can I have a moment before you meet with your parents?” Alec said looking his usual serious self. “I know this situation with my niece hasn’t’ been easy or ideal. But, I want you to know that I am pretty positive Tanya is only doing these things because of my sister. So please keep that in mind, as you meet with your parents.” Alec didn’t wait for a response before he was on his phone and out the front door.

I walked through the foyer and down the corridor to my mother’s study. I stopped outside the door to brace myself for what was coming next. I had just reached up to knock on the door when it swung open. “Edward finally, I thought I would have to send Alec or Cauis to retrieve you.” My mother said from behind her large glass and mirrored desk as I walked in pass Alfred.

“Good evening son, are you ready for your trip?” My dad said getting up from the chair across from my mother and pulling me into a hug.

“Alfred, have everyone gather in the dining room and have the chef get the food ready this shouldn’t take too long.” My mother said as Alfred left and she got up and walked around her desk to hug me after my father. “I’ve missed you so much.” She said pulling me tighter into the hug.

“I’ve missed you too mum, although it’s only been a week since the last time I saw you. So did you guys bring me back anything fun from Monaco?” I asked sitting down in the chair next to my dad.

“Unfortunately not, however, we appreciate you staying out of trouble while we were gone. This mess with Tanya is getting out of hand.” My mum said giving me a reassuring smile before looking down at some papers on her desk. “Unfortunately, Tanya has proven once again that she can’t stay out of trouble and so I’ve spoken to Aro and Jane and have insisted that Tanya either refrain from speaking to the media or be sent to stay with Alec and Jane’s aunt in Switzerland.”

“Mum I swear I have never told Tanya that I was planning to marry her, you know that. She’s just fun to have fun with nothing more.” I said getting uncomfortable, I mean it’s been nearly a decade since we had the sex talk and the fact that I am not a father should be a sign that I actually listened.

“Well Edward, apparently a waitress at your birthday party heard you and her “bonking” as she so eloquently put it. And honestly your mother and I would be able to put this fire out if you had no further contact with her.” I looked over at my father who was staring at me with his fingers tented under his chin. “Edward I realize as a man you have certain needs…” He started before being interrupted by my mum. “Carlisle really? Edward there are plenty of women in England and although I’d prefer you to actually get serious about one and get married, I’d be happy if you kept your crown jewels away from Tanya.” She said giving me a stern look before glancing over at my father.

“I can promise the both of you that with every ounce of my being I’ll stay away from Tanya.” I said sincerely looking across the desk to my mother and then to my father.

“Wonderful and I’ve noticed that Katrina has been hanging around the manor a lot lately. She seems like a nice, decent young lady why can’t you be involved with someone like her?” “Trust me mum, there is nothing I’d love more than to be in her.” I said without thinking. “Edward Anthony Masen, watch your mouth. You may be an adult, but I am still your mother and your Queen and you will respect both of those titles.” Mum said giving me a stern look. “Edward this is very serious, Aro is definitely up to something and if you aren’t going to marry his daughter he’ll see to it that you’re forced to marry someone by your twenty-fifth birthday or else you forfeit your place in succession of the throne. It is time to get serious about your future and the future of this country. I need to speak with your father before dinner, you’re dismissed.” She said in her authoritative voice she usually saves for members of parliament or when one of us kids actually gets into serious trouble.

I stood up and glanced at both of them with an apologetic smile before walking out of the room and closing the door behind me. I looked around the empty corridor and started walking towards the dining room. I was just about to turn the corner towards the dining room when I heard Aro and Jane having a heated conversation. I crept closer to the corner so I could make out what they were saying.

“Aro you promised that our daughter would one day be Queen and that I would be at the top of the social ladder.”

“Jane it isn’t that simple, I am putting pressure on Esme to force Edward to get married, who else would he choose but Tanya? They’ve been dating off and on for years.”

“Well you better bloody well make sure he marries her, I am sick of being the powerless while these damn Cullen’s get to run the country. Had my father married the Queen Mother when he had the chance I’d be the Queen and not Esme, but I will just have to settle for being the mother of the future Queen. You better not let me down.”

I heard footsteps going toward the dining room before the hall fell silent. Fuck, mum was right Aro was definitely up to something. I couldn’t let that weasel of a man and his bitch of a wife force me to marry their daughter.

“Edward, why are you lurking in the hallway?” Alice said from behind me scaring the shit out of me.

“Blimey Alice are you trying to give me a heart attack? Where did you come from?”

“My bedroom, duh! So who are you spying on?”

“What makes you think I am spying on someone, I am on my way to dinner just like you.”

“Sure you are… Well let’s not keep everyone waiting.” She said wrapping her arm around mine and walking us around the corner into the dining room.

We entered the dining room I greeted everyone already seated at the large square table. Alice took her seat next to Jasper and Kat who started blushing as soon as she looked in my direction. Jasper was seated next to Riley and Bree both of whom were too busy whispering to each other to notice my arrival. I walked to the other side of the table and sat down on the right of Emmett avoiding the empty chair that separated him from Aro and Jane at the other end of the table. My parents finally arrived looking a lot happier than they were when I left the office.

They both took their places at the top and bottom of the table and then the food was served. The conversation had remained pleasant for the most part and everyone was finishing up their first plates and Emmett was working on his second when Victoria rushed into the room and whispered something into my mother’s ear. Her eyes immediately darted down the table and to me.

“Oh my… EDWARD!” She yelled standing up and looking at me with water in her eyes.

I had no idea what I might have done, but I can tell it was not good.

“Esme what’s going on, what’s wrong?” my dad said looking from me to her and back to me.

“Well apparently a reporter has gotten his hands on the security footage from the backroom of the club we had Edward’s party at.” She said giving me a look that I was sure was going to burn my skin. “Apparently this footage shows Edward having relations with a certain blonde.” She said sitting back down and rubbing her temples.

“He was doing WHAT?” Aro said standing up so fast his chair fell backwards. “You don’t mean the video shows him having sex with our daughter.” He said looking from my mother to me with disdain. “You little pervert, how dare you continue to lead my poor daughter on this way and then have her humiliated to the entire world.” He said walking down towards me. “You will marry my daughter to make up for how you’ve treated her or you can kiss your crown goodbye, you… you… you son of a bitch.”

“Aro that’s enough, you will not come into my home and talk to my son that way.” My dad said standing up slamming his fist down on the table causing everyone to look at his direction. “Now either sit down or you can leave, but we’ll deal with this like we deal with everything else. Let’s not forget your daughter isn’t as innocent as you’d like to believe.”

“Carlisle I will not be talked to in this manner, I am the Prime Minister and I demand to be spoken to with respect.” He said bumping into me and walking towards me father. I was sure I was about to watch my dad kick Aro’s ass when Cauis, Laurent, and Alec came rushing into the room. Alec and Laurent grabbed Aro by the arms as he was reaching back to punch my father, escorting him out of the room.

“Esme, Carlisle if this is who you think should be next to run the country you’re making a grave mistake and I’ll make sure everyone knows it.” Jane said getting up and storming out of the room behind Alec, Laurent and Aro.

“Damn it Edward, I specifically asked you to stay out of trouble. Couldn’t you keep your penis in your pants for one bleeding night?” She said getting up from the table giving me a disapproving glance before walking out of the room.

“Edward… maybe it’s a good thing you’re leaving in the morning, I am sure we can all use two weeks apart from each other to… well for your mother and I to clean up this mess and hopefully you’ll reevaluate your life. Good night everyone, have a safe trip.” My father said getting up from the table and walking out behind my mother.

We all sat there in complete silence, as Alfred came into the room to start cleaning it up.

"Well, leave it to Edward to royally piss off the Queen and the Prime Minister at the same time. So Red Rover how much trouble is he in this time?" Emmett said looking over at Victoria who was typing away on her iPhone.

“Emmett now’s not the time.” Victoria and Alice said at the exact same time, causing Emmett to roar with laughter and Victoria to walk out of the room.

"Well, I guess they don't want the rest of this pot roast..." He said as Riley, Bree, Jasper and Kat all got up from the table to leave. Alice gave me a quick disappointed look before shaking her head and catching up with everyone else. Guess I might as well go to my room too, I need to update my iPod. Clearly, it is going to be a long and quiet flight to Jamaica in the morning.

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