Our Characters

Isabella “Bella” Marie Swan- Bella is a 21 year old, recent College graduate from the University of Washington. Bella grew up in Forks, Washington with her father Police Chief Charlie Swan. Her mother Renee relocated to Ft. Lauderdale from Arizona.and is currently married to a minor league baseball player. Bella currently lives in Tacoma, Washington with her best friend Rose Hale.

HRH Prince, Edward Anthony Masen, of Edinburgh. – Edward is the 23 year old, first-born son, of Prince Carlisle and Queen Esme, current heir to the throne. Edward is a philandering playboy and is well known on the London party scene. He has never been in a serious relationship for various reasons, however, Edward has had a long-term friend with benefits (FWB) relationship with Tanya.

Jacob “Jake” Black- Jake is Bella’s 21 year old, next-door neighbor and one of her closest friends. Jacob has had a crush on Bella since the first time he saw her moving into the apartment across the hall from him. After being friends for almost a year, Jacob has finally gotten the nerve to ask Bella on a date. Three months later Jacob is thinking he might be in love, but does Bella feel the same. Jacob graduated from UW with an MBA and is now working on opening his first mechanic shop. Before dating Bella, Jake was in a long-term relationship with Charlotte.

Rosalie “Rose” Hale- Rose is Bella’s 21 year old, outspoken best friend and roommate, underneath her tough outer shell she is a true southern belle. Rose is a recent graduate from the University of Washington with a degree in Communication. She doesn’t necessarily believe in a Mr. Right, but she firmly believes in a Mr. Right-Now.

HRH Prince, Emmett Dale McCarty, of Edinburgh. Emmett is the 22 year old, second born son of Prince Carlisle and Queen Esme. Emmett is currently second in line to the throne behind his brother Prince Edward and before his sister Princess Alice. Emmett is larger than life and has the personality to match, where as his brother is more reserved and stately Emmett enjoys all the benefits and freedoms of being “the spare to the heir”.

HRH Princess, Mary Alice Brandon, of Edinburgh. Alice is the 21 year old, third child and only daughter to Prince Carlisle and Queen Esme. Alice is currently third in line to the throne behind her brothers Prince Edward and Prince Emmett. Alice is definitely the most romantic of all her siblings and is currently the only one that has been in a serious long-term relationship, with Lord Jasper Whitlock of Norfolk for the past 5 years.

H.M. Queen Esme Elizabeth Anne Platt Evenson Cullen – Esme is the 43 year old, Reigning Queen of the United Kingdom, wife of Carlisle Cullen, mother of Edward, Emmett and Alice. Esme became Queen 20 years ago upon the tragic death of her parents flying back from holiday in Australia. She has no living siblings or any other relatives. Esme is known for being tough but fair when it come to ruling the kingdom and most citizens would say she has a heart of gold. Queen Esme and Carlisle were married May 20, 1986 and have been blissfully married for 25 years.

H.R.H. Prince Carlisle Cullen - Consort of Queen Esme, father of Edward, Emmett, and Alice. Carlisle was born in London, November 17, 1967, the only child of an Anglican pastor. Carlisle was home schooled by his father and graduated high school when he was only 16. He then went to Oxford before going to medical school. After being the youngest person in his med school class to graduate, he chose not to start residency but instead joined Doctors Without Borders, where he met Esme. Due to his non blue blood lineage, Esme’s parents were not welcoming initially to their union. Although, Carlisle is technically a doctor he has not practiced medicine in the 20 years since Esme has become Queen. Carlisle is currently 44 years old and lives with his wife at Windsor Castle.

The Lord, Jasper Whitlock-Howard, of Norfolk. Jasper is 22 years old and from Sussex England. Jasper is the estranged grandson of Miles Fitzalan-Howard 17th Duke of Norfolk. The Duke making him the 18th Duke of Norfolk adopted jasper’s father Edward Fitzalan-Howard. While on holiday in the US, he met Jasper’s mother Natasha Whitlock and they fell in love. Edward gave up his title and moved to Texas with Natasha where Jasper was born. Upon Jasper’s parents tragic death he moved back to the UK to live with his grandfather at the age of 16, because he refuses to take part in the “politics” that come along with being a Lord his relationship with his grandfather is strained. He has been in a long-term relationship with Alice since he was 17, and has known Edward, Emmett, and Riley since they attended boarding school in Scotland.

Prime Minister Aro Voltera. Aro Voltera is the current Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. Aro is 47 years old; he has been married to Jane Voltera for 23 years, and is the father of Tanya Voltera. Politically Aro is far more conservative than Queen Esme, which is the root of most of their political battles.

Alec Bane – Commander Alec Bane of the Royalty Protection branch (SO14), of the Protection Command of the London Metropolitan Police Service. Alec is 42 years old and the twin brother of Jane Voltera, and uncle of Tanya Voltera. Alec’s father was highly political and was a friend and an aid to King William Robert Bartholomew Evenson. This close friendship between their fathers lead Alec and Princess Emse’s arranged marriage, but while on a trip to Africa to volunteer Esme met Dr. Carlisle Cullen and the rest is history. Because of his close lifelong friendship with Esme he has sworn to protect her and the country in the next best way by joining the Royalty Protection Command.

Jane Bane Voltera – Jane is the 42-year-old, socialite wife of Prime Minister Aro Voltera. Jane is often considered the “evil” twin sister of Alec Bane and the mother of socialite Tanya Voltera. Jane is all about social standing and was highly disappointed that her brother did not marry Princess Esme making her the sister of the Prince. Jane never forgave Esme for choosing a “commoner” over her brother. Jane married Aro Voltera who was starting his own political career, and had a huge roll in him moving up the political ranks. Jane is now encouraging the relationship between Tanya and Prince Edward because if they were to wed she would become the mother of the future Queen.

Tanya Voltera – Tanya is the 22-year-old daughter of Aro and Jane Voltera. Tanya is a socialite and party animal that is always at some club or bar with her best friend Carmen. Tanya has been in a FWB relationship with Prince Edward for the past few years and secretly hopes he will want to settle down and marry her. Tanya is under tremendous pressure from her mother to do whatever it takes to keep Edward happy so that he will one day marry her.