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Chapter 6 - The Show Goes On

Alright, already the show goes on
all night, till the morning 
we dream so long
anybody ever wonder,
when they would see the sun up
just remember when you come up
the show goes on!

-Lupe Fiasco 'The Show Goes On'

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A/N: For the most part, I honestly think the wait was definitely worth it, (but I am biased ;)). This chapter although it took me forever to write is truly one of my favorites so far. I would love to update more often and I am planning to do at least one more major update (5,000+ words) before I go back to school on the 25th .
Anyway, I am done rambling, I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing…

Chapter 6 – The Show Goes On

~*~ Bella Swan ~*~

“Earth to Bella… hello… are you still with us?”
“Sorry, I… I have a lot on my mind,” I said snapping out of my daydream.
“Well, I wanted to know if you and Rose wanted to join us at the spa today. I mean, seeing as you have so much on your mind I figured a spa day would be perfect,” Alice said beaming.
“I don’t…” I started.
“I think it sounds perfect,” Rose interjected cutting me off.
“Great, it’s at this lovely resort on the main island and they have the best spa in Jamaica. We’ll change and then head on over,” Alice said excusing herself from the table with Bree walking back towards the house, followed by Kat.
I turned to Rose and before I could say anything, she just shook her head and walked away from the table without saying a word. I cannot put my finger on it but something is definitely different with Rose and I cannot quite figure out what it is. If I had to put it into words it is like her light bulb is on but it is not its usual brightness.
I walked into the room half-hoping to see him; half-hoping he was not there so I could continue to avoid him. I quickly scanned the room, and then walked over towards the bathroom, and nothing, he was not here. My disappointment was short lived because for the first time in what felt like forever I saw my phone sitting on the nightstand next to my purse. I walked over and grabbed my phone.
"Damn, 46 missed calls," I said scrolling through my missed call list.
Jake had been calling me almost twice every hour since yesterday afternoon. He must have called Charlie because the last three calls where from him. I was just about to call Jake back when I heard a knock from the door behind me. I turned around and our eyes instantly met, it was as if they were trained to find each other automatically. He was wearing a pink and black stripped polo and black khakis and he looking like he stepped right off a Sears catalog. He started towards me and I felt my heart speed up with every silent step. Why was he just staring at me...?
"Afternoon Isabella, nice to see you've survived brunch with Alice and you've made it out alive still in my clothes," he said with the cutest little crooked smile. I felt the heat rising through my cheeks; I am so embarrassed that he has this effect on me. It is so juvenile. He stopped with his face within inches of mine; I could tell he was coming back from eating because I could smell the syrup on his breath.
"Yeah, well if I would have known brunch was so formal I would have stolen some khaki’s," I quipped. He just looked at me with his mouth in a hard line but I could see the amusement in his eyes.
"We're going to the spa, I hope you don't mind if I borrow this outfit until I have time to go to my suite and get something else to wear," I said looking into his intense eyes.
I started biting on my bottom lip and I could have sworn I saw his eye twitch a little. The longer we stood there starring into each other's eyes the more I wanted to just kiss him. I felt the pull of his body; it was as if our bodies were made to fit together perfectly. He was leaning down and we were almost at eye level when I felt my hand start to vibrate. Both of our eyes darted down to the phone and as soon as I saw the name on the screen, my heart sank. What am I doing, I have a boyfriend who loves me.
"That is not the first time he's called, you probably should take that. I just came to let you know us, boys are going to play golf and should be back later today,” he said stepping away from me.
“Oh… um yeah… I’ll call him back when I get back to the resort,” I said hitting the ignore button.
I walked over towards the nightstand and grabbed my bag, slipping the phone back in it. I was not sure where my dress was from last night but a part of me did not even want to see it anymore. I turned around, and he was sitting down with his legs and arms crossed just looking at me with that crooked smile. That smile, that just makes me want to touch him, kiss him, fu…
“Edward! Stop distracting Bella we have to get going,” Alice said popping her head in the door.
“Don’t worry Alice, I am not the one doing the distracting,” he said walking to the door kissing Alice on the cheek and heading out of the room.
“Is he ok?” Alice asked looking from the hallway to me.
“I am not sure…” I said looking as confused as Alice did.
“Well Bella, that brother of mine is so… moody.”
“Yeah I’ve noticed.”
Boy have I noticed. One moment Edward is all hot, bothered, and starring at me as if he wants to rip my clothes off and the next he is acting as if I am some girl he picked up off the street. Then again, he did literally pick me up off the street. This is ridiculous anyway… there is and never will be anything between Edward and I. He’s uptown and I am downtown, he’s super rich and I am not… he’s single and I am with…
“Oh my god, Jake!”
“Who’s Jake?”
“He is... well, he is my boyfriend back home and he’s been calling me nonstop since yesterday. He must be thinking the worst.”
“So why don’t you give him a ring? I mean if he’s worried about you, you should ring him and let him know you’re okay.”
“It feels a bit awkward to do it here,” I said looking around the room where I spent the night with the green-eyed Adonis with the most magnificent accent.
“Bella calm down, you have done absolutely nothing wrong, and any bloke in his right mind would be damn happy to be with you yeah?” She said walking over and pulling me into a warm embrace.
“I am a cheater that doesn’t deserve his love.”
“Bella that’s crazy, as far as I know you’ve done nothing wrong.”
“Thanks Alice but this really… this really isn’t your problem so I’ll be fine,” I said wiping the moisture from under my eyes.
“Phish posh Bella, you are like family now. But, like the song says, ‘if he liked it he should have put a ring on it’ oh and my favourite part ‘don’t get mad now that you see that he want it’,” Alice sang before busting out in the cutest little laugh that was half giggle and half song.
“Make your call and I’ll meet you downstairs with the rest of the girls in… five minutes.”
Before I could say anything Alice was walking out the door and I could hear her singing the rest of that song all the way down the hall. I walked over and shut the door; in the event that this conversation doesn’t go as planned, I don’t want anyone else to hear it.
I fumbled around the bottom of my bag for my phone as I sat down on the sofa. I wasn’t sure why the thought of this phone call was making me so nervous. I scrolled down to Jake’s name and hit send. The phone rang the once, twice, three times. I was almost home free and was readying to leave a voicemail when he answered on the fourth ring… Damn it!
“Oh my God, Bella where have you been I’ve been so worried…?”
I was speechless…
“Hello! Bella, are you there?”
I sat there listening to him breathe, the good man that paid for this trip. Moreover, here I was eye fucking the first man I saw. I was not ready to break his heart, especially not the same way Charlotte had. I hung up…

Had a terrible night, but my day is looking up.
Cell reception is really, bad. I’ll call you from the room in the morning.
Hope your dad is doing ok.

I know sending a text was the cowardly thing to do, but what can I say, I am being a coward. I quickly turned my phone off and threw it back in my purse before he had a chance to text back. I would have to deal with Jake on my own turf later. I grabbed my bag sliding it to the back of my elbow and walked out of the room with my head held high… full of shame.
I made my way down the stairs and into a sea of color; it was as if I walked out of reality and into a Ralph Lauren advertisement. All the boys had on brightly colored golf attire. Jasper was in lime green polo with plaid pants, Emmett was wearing an orange polo with white shorts, and Riley was in a blue and white striped polo with grey pants. Ugh… even Alice and Bree found time to change. I cannot deny that each one of them is just gorgeous.
“Well what do you know, look who finally decided to grace us with her presence,” Emmett said as I reached the bottom of the stairs. “I was beginning to think that brother of mine was holding you captive up there.”
“Emmett Dale McCarty, watch it,” Alice snapped trying to slap him on the back of the head but hitting his shoulders instead.
“Calm down it was just a joke Mary-Alice…”
“How about you both settle down? If Isabella was preoccupied with someone it most certainly was not me,” Edward said practically gliding down the steps with Kat behind him glowing.
“Right hobby, wrong girl,” I heard Emmett whisper to Riley before they both start laughing.
“Well let’s not linger, I have a round of golf to win,” Edward said walking right past me and to the door.
“Last one to the dock, buys the first round!” Emmett yelled darting out of the door.
“You bloody cheat.” Riley said running after him with Jasper.
Edward was at the threshold when he stopped, glanced in my general direction before sliding on his Ray-Ban’s and out the door.
“I do not know about you guys but I am all of a sudden feeling so relaxed,” Kat said from behind me.
Look at her in her little pink dress and glasses looking like tropical island Barbie, practically glowing from being with him. What did she have that I did not have? It was becoming increasingly obvious that whether it was hero worship or true feelings, I wanted Edward.
“Oh Bella, guess what?” Alice said pulling me out of my thoughts.
Your brother did not just fuck that dumb blonde that’s currently smiling at me as if she knew she won. I should have said. “Umm, what?” Was all that made its way out of my mouth.
“Apparently the spa we’re going to is at the resort you’re staying at, so you can change out of them horrid sweatpants.”
Changing meant I could show tropical island Barbie that I was not as frumpy as I was currently looking. Rose made her way down to the foyer and we left. If I did not think these people were important before I definitely did now. As we were leaving the island I saw two boats with security guards circling the island, and our boat was being tailed by another boat with three security guards on it.
We arrived at the resort rather quickly, I am sure it helped that we pulled right up to the dock and did not actually have to drive. Alice, Bree, and Kat all went ahead to the spa, while Rose and I ran to our suite to get a change of clothes. As we were walking up to the patio, we bumped into Renata who had just slid something under the door.
“Good Afternoon Miss Bella, Miss Rose,” she said looking from myself to Rose.
“Afternoon Renata,” we both said in unison.
“Miss Bella, I was just leaving you a note, Mr. Black has been looking for you since yesterday, and he just called and asked me to leave you a note.”
“Oh yeah, I am having trouble with my phone,” I lied. “But I’ll give him a call once I go inside.”
“Oh wonderful, I was getting worried when I noticed you two hadn’t been back and then I found out Mr. Black hadn’t spoken to you either.”
“Well Renata, as you can see we’re perfectly fine, aren’t we Bella,” Rose said putting emphasis on the perfectly fine part.
“Mmhmm,” I answered with a nod.
“Oh wonderful, I am sure Mr. Black will be overjoyed to hear that. Let me know if you need anything else,” she said turning and walking away.
“Rose, can I talk to you for a moment?” I said as we walked into the suite.
Being back in here was a little surreal, the last time we were here; we were getting dressed to go out yesterday afternoon. If we would have known then what we know now I do not think I would have left the room.
“Look Bella, before you start, I am fine and I don’t really want to talk about what happened last night.”
“If that’s how you feel I won’t pressure you about it, but I want you to know that I am going to be here for you regardless of what happened so when you’re ready to talk I’ll listen,” I said sitting down at the end of the bed. “But I wanted to talk to you about Alice, Emmett and Edward.”
“What about them?” She asked looking at me suspiciously.
“Don’t you think it’s odd that they’ve been so generous to us, or that they’re all in their early to mid twenties and own a private island, or that they’re constantly followed around by security guards?”
“Oh Bella please… Emmett and Alice have been nothing but nice to you and me as well. Why would you think something else was going on?”
“I don’t know what it is Rose, but I feel like they’re hiding something… something big.”
“The only thing they’re hiding from you is what happened to me last night and that’s because I made Emmett promise he’d let me tell everyone when I was ready. That’s all.”
“Maybe you’re right; my mind is clearly playing with me to avoid my feelings for…” I caught myself before I said it. Saying it would make it real, saying it aloud would make the fact that I have a stronger connection with someone I just met than I do with my actual boyfriend real.
“You’re avoiding feelings for whom?”
“No one… it’s nothing just ignore me,” I said trying to avoid having to sit through 20 questions. “We probably should get a change of clothes and head to the spa,” I said walking over to the closet and trying to find the perfect outfit to upstage paradise Barbie.
“Yeah Rose,” I said turning around to face Rose.
“What are you thanking me for, I haven’t done anything?” I said slightly confused and playing the last five minutes back in my head.
“Thanks for just being you and being here. I’ll be ready to talk about it soon… I hope.”
With that said, she left to go get ready for the spa. I was positive this was the first time, in all the years that we have known each other that we have kept anything from each other. But just like she’s not ready to discuss what happened last night, I am not ready to discuss the fact that I am developing feelings for someone I’ve just met.
I slipped out of Edward’s clothes and into my yellow sundress, I was fastening my sandals when Rose walked into my room in a purple halter dress and her hair pulled into a ponytail. Rose sat down on the bed with her back towards me to put her shoes on and that’s when I saw it, she had a huge bruise on her back.
“Rose, I know you don’t want to talk about last night, but you’re bruised.”
“It’s nothing, don’t worry about it,” she said pulling her ponytail out and letting her hair fall like a curtain over her back. “I am fine Bella really.”
I knew she was not fine, I could see it in her eyes, but I did not want to talk about what almost happened to me any more than she did. So I let it go… for now.
Rose and I did not speak the entire way to the spa. When we arrived at the spa Alice was sitting in one of the chairs in the waiting area reading a magazine. When she saw us walk in she lit up and hopped out of the chair towards us.
“You two look amazing, which is good because we’re having a bonfire later and I really want you two to come.”
“Alice I don’t know… I already feel like we’ve been intruding on your vacation,” I said looking down to me feet.
“Are you mad? Aside from whatever happened last night, I have not seen either of my brothers this thoroughly happy in a long time. You have to come tonight, you just have to.”
“Bella what could it hurt, besides I already told Emmett I would be there,” Rose said matter-of-factly.
“Well I guess we’re partying on the beach tonight.”
This may have been a blessing in disguise because now I will get the chance to see Edward in his natural habitat, with his friends. It will also give me the opportunity to see how Kat and Edward interact with each other.
“Bree and Kat are already inside waiting for us, I convinced them to let us do a group massage so that we can all chat. Well, more accurately, we’ll end up gossiping. Not to mention that I am still planning Edward’s birthday party for this weekend.”
“Sounds like fun and after the night I had I can really use a deep tissue massage.”
“Well you two can go ahead and I’ll meet you there, I want to make a phone call first,” I said pulling my phone out of my bag.
“Ok but don’t be too long,” Rose said walking into the changing room with Alice.
I walked outside, scrolled down to his name and hit send without thinking. Not surprisingly, he answered on the first ring.
“Bella, are you okay?”
“Yes Charlie, I am fine.”
“Oh well good, you know you hear all these stories about girls going missing while on vacation in these little corrupt island countries.”
“Um, well I am not missing so don’t worry.”
“Bells you’re my daughter I’ll always worry.”
“Thanks Dad,”
“So how’s it going down there? Rose met anyone new or in her case several someone’s new.”
“Ha, well you know Rose.”
“Well you girls stay out of trouble and I’ll see you when you get back.”
“Love you, Charlie.”
“I love you too Bells, be safe.”
Talking to Charlie was always comforting, and although he was not the most openly emotional person I know, he always has a way of making me feel better. I threw my phone back in my purse and went back inside to try to relax and start enjoying this vacation again.
I changed into the towel and the over sized robe that was waiting and met everyone in the massage room. When I entered the room Alice, Bree and Kat were all lying on massage tables and Rose was sitting to the side reading a magazine.
"Not getting a massage?" I asked sitting down next to her.
"Umm no. I wasn't really in a touchy feely kind of mood after all so I decided to sit this one out," she said barely looking up from the “who wore it best” page.
"Yeah I am not really in a massage kind of mood either. Maybe the two of us can come back later."
"Yeah, maybe."
I sat there for twenty minutes making small talk with Rose and reading the latest issue of People magazine from cover to cover. Alice and Bree finished their massages first and we decided to go and sit in the sauna while we waited for Kat.
"Bree, do you know what the boys have planned for tonight, Jasper has been so secretive lately," Alice said pouring water on the rocks.
"I am not sure, Riley was a little off this morning too."
"Bella, Rose, did Edward or Emmett say anything to either of you?" Alice said re-adjusting her towel before lying down on the bench behind me.
"Nope," we both said at the same time.
"Interesting, I wonder if Kat knows anything."
"Do I know anything about what?" Kat said walking into the sauna.
"You were with my brother this morning; did he mention anything about tonight?"
"Sorry Alice I was with Edward this morning but there wasn't a lot of talking going on," she said sitting down on the bench opposite of us.
How dare that bitch gloat about being with him like that. Little does she know, that he was only with her because he realizes he can’t have me. Oh, who am I kidding looking like that he could have any girl he wants, why would he want me?
"Bella are you okay, you look upset?" Bree asked prompting everyone else to start staring and me to turn beet red.
"Um, yeah I am fine. It's just been a really long two days you know."
"Anything you want to talk about, it helps sometimes to get things off your chest," Alice chimed in.
"I wouldn't want to ruin the girls day with my problems," I said fidgeting with my hands.
"Consider this the vault; whatever you say won't leave this room," Bree chimed in.
"Bree's right, besides it's either help with your problem or discuss the surprise dinner we're having for Edward's birthday," Alice said with a chuckle.
"And trust me Bella, after the last party I would much rather hear about what's bothering you," said Bree.
"You know I still can't believe Tanya popped out of the cake, I knew she was mad but I didn't realize she'd gone bonkers," Kat said walking over and sitting down next to Bree and Alice.
"Well Edward has always had a way of driving women nuts," Bree said nudging Kat with her shoulder. "You best be careful or you'll be popping out of cakes next."
"Oh no, that would never be me. If I ever even mention popping out of a cake, you bloody well better slap some sense into me."
"Ha! Will do! I have to say, and no offense Alice, but Edward brings it on himself. He hops from bed to bed, woman to woman and then when he's bored that's it. If he didn't want to be bothered with Tanya anymore, then he should have stopped sleeping with her. If it wasn't for the fact that she's a crazy bitch, I'd feel sorry for her."
"Alice, you reckon Edward will ever settle down?" Kat asked with a mix of hopefulness and helplessness.
"I think I have seen enough women throwing themselves at my brother for a lifetime. I think he's finally ready to settle down," Alice said.
I could have been seeing things but I was sure Alice gave me a small wink. However, the way they were describing Edward did I even want to get to know this person... this womanizer... this emotional cripple. None of it should matter to me, I am with Jake and he is with... I guess he is with Kat… this week.
"Well Kat, sounds like you have your hands full with Edward, but apparently you're lucky because you don't have a fusty vagina," Rose said before bursting into the most contagious fit of giggles.
"Let me guess Emmett's been filling you in," Alice said trying to hold in her laughter.
"A little bit, Emmett’s pretty amazing," Rose, said and for the first time all day there was a little spark back in her eyes.
"Ok all this talk about my brothers and vagina has grossed me out for the day," Alice said pretending to throw up in her mouth.
"Oh please, Alice you're one to talk. Em and Edward are constantly catching you and Jasper."
"Bree, you know it's different when you're in a long-term relationship you have to keep it... fresh."
"Is that why the locksmith had to be called that one time when the handcuff key got lost?"
"Oh My GOD, Bree! That was an accident and I couldn't very well leave poor Jasper handcuffed on that bed. Besides, I got those handcuffs from you Mrs. Biers"
"Mmhmm, and Riley has never complained," Bree said with a smirk.
"Alice Bree I can't believe you two are so, so... sexual," Kat said looking very shocked.
"Please! Sex gets boring after a while if you don't spice it up. Bella back me up, you are in a relationship too. How do you and Jake keep it spicy?" Alice asked turning everyone's attention to me.
"Oh well, we're still in that honeymoon phase so it hasn't gotten boring yet," I said getting redder with each word.
"Bella don't be shy, I can testify to the fact that Jake is clearly an animal in the sack, I swear I heard her speaking in tongues one night," Rose said.
"OH My God Rose, you did not!"
"Bella I didn't know if you was having sex or being possessed, tell the truth Jake rocks your world."
"Next subject please," I said looking away from their prying eyes.
"Oh Bella out with it, we all told," Alice said while Bree nodded her agreement.
"Fine, I currently have no complaints about my sex life," I said turning an even deeper shade of red.
Now let us please change the subject before I slip up and say something stupid like I would give up sex with Jake in a heartbeat to spend more time with the womanizer.
"Well today was smashing but we best be getting ready for tonight. Bella, you and Rose are joining us right?" Alice asked standing up and stretching.
"I don't see why not," I said looking to Rose for her agreement.
"Wonderful, and don't forget Edward's birthday is Monday and I'd really love for you guys to come to that as well. Not to mention that I am sure my brothers would love for you to be there."
"We'll be there," Rose said answering for both of us.
We all changed back into our regular clothes and thanked everyone at the spa before leaving for this beach party. One thing is for sure, after hearing all about Edward's sketchy romantic history I want to stay as far away from him as possible. Oh, who am I kidding? I cannot wait to see him later...

~*~ Edward Cullen ~*~

Throughout the entire breakfast, I could not get my mind off her. It was ridiculous to say the least. She had a bloody boyfriend for Christ sake and I am positive that her feelings for me where strictly based on the fact that I saved her life.
The entire time we were in the kitchen eating I could not stop looking out the terrace window and watching her eating with the girls across the courtyard.  Every time she smiled or laughed at something, I could not help but smile. It was becoming increasingly harder to explain to Riley and Emmett what was causing me to grin like a mad man. Luckily, they chalked it up to me being smitten with Katrina lately.
We finished eating and went upstairs to Emmett’s room to discuss the plans for later tonight. Apparently, Jasper decided that tonight was the night and that he had to propose to Alice. I knew I should have been in better spirit about it, I mean I know firsthand how much Alice and Jasper love each other. However, at the same time I am also aware, that as far as I am concerned getting married is just a step towards becoming King so it is hard to get excited for someone else that is actually marrying someone for all the right reasons.
“Well we’ve lost Edward again might as well table this discussion until we get to the green,” Riley said jokingly elbowing me in the side.
“You know bro if you can’t get her off your mind maybe you should just shag her real quick before we leave. Go on might as well get it over with,” Emmett said motioning towards the door.
“I can assure you that you are wrong, however, I would prefer to table this discussion until we get to the golf course.”
With that, I walked out of Em’s room and started down towards my bedroom. I knew Jasper probably thought I was being a complete arsehole about the whole situation but I just could not mentally deal with talk of engagements right now.
I walked up to my door, which was sitting half-open and slowly pushed it the rest of the way open. Isabella was standing next to my bed with her back towards me. I took one-step into the room and it was as if my body had entered her gravitational pull. She must have sensed my presence because all of a sudden she was turning around. Our eyes instantly met, she was the most beautiful creature I have laid eyes on in quite some time. The sheer fact that she was so comfortable dressed down was astonishing to me. So many girls in London where constantly consumed with how they looked around me. I was so lost in her eyes that I hadn’t realized that I was slowly walking towards her.
"Afternoon Isabella, nice to see you've survived brunch with Alice and you've made it out alive still in my clothes," I said smiling as I was within arm’s length of her. I stopped within inches of her face and it took every ounce of strength I had not to start snogging her in this very spot.
"Yeah, well if I would have known brunch was so formal I would have stolen some khaki’s," she said without breaking eye contact.
She was funny and was not in the least bit intimidated by me, I guess it helps that she does not actually know who I am.
"We're going to the spa, I hope you don't mind if I borrow this outfit till I have time to go to my suite and get something else to wear,” she said pulling that blast bottom lip in and biting down on it slowly.
I hoped that she would not notice the movement in my shorts. The way she pulled that lip into her mouth it – it was so seductive. I had to feel her lips on mine once again; it was not the same last night since she was unconscious. I slowly leaned down, I was going in for the kiss when her hand started to vibrate, I looked down and was instantly put off when I saw his name.
Maybe there was a reason every time I tried to kiss her since last night we were interrupted, maybe that was divine intervention keeping me from making a horrid mistake.
"That is not the first time he's called, you probably should take that. I just came to let you know us, boys are going to play golf and should be back later today,” I said stepping away feeling slightly defeated.
“Oh… um yeah… I’ll call him back when I get back to the resort,” she said hitting the ignore button and walking over to the nightstand and dropping the phone into her bag.
She stood there for a moment looking down clearly deep in thought. I would give anything to have just a small peek at what was going through her mind at this moment. I sat down on the couch and just watched her fidget with her bag before turning around. I tried to hold in my smile but the brief look of disappointment she had when she noticed I was sitting down was mildly entertaining.
“Edward! Stop distracting Bella we have to get going,” Alice said popping her head in the door.
“Don’t worry Alice, I am not the one doing the distracting,” I said as I got off the couch and walked to the door kissing Alice on the cheek before walking out of the room. That sister of mine had horrible timing; then again, I am sure that Jake bloke would say she had excellent timing.
What am I doing, I have never been this infatuated by someone like this before. I stood outside my room contemplating my current state of insanity when I heard her say what I had already known but secretly been avoiding. Jake was her boyfriend, she admitted it to Alice, and clearly wants to talk to him but did not want to do it around me.
I could not stand to hear anymore so I continued down the corridor towards the stairs. I was passing the guest room that Kat was staying in when I heard singing. I stopped and leaned closer to the cracked door for a better listen. I had no idea Kat could sing, and definitely not this well. I slowly pushed the door open some more to get a visual and boy did I. Kat was standing in front of the full length mirror holding up too dresses and she’s was wearing nothing but her bra and panties.
“I am no expert or anything,” I said without even thinking. “But I think you should wear the pink one.”
Without even trying, I had succeeded in scaring Kat half to death. When she turned towards me, she was beet red. I was not sure if it was the fact that I had snuck up on her or the fact that I had now seen her half naked.
“Oh! Edward you scared the life out of me,” she said dropping one of the dresses and using the pink one to cover her body.
So it was the seeing her half-naked part that was causing her to blush. It was somewhat cute, but she has seen me naked so I would say we were even.
“Didn’t mean to scare you, I was going downstairs and I heard you singing. You’re voice is very beautiful,” I said pretending to cover my eyes for her to get dressed.
“I know you’re peeking,” she said laughing. “I am guessing this is pay back for what happened back at the manor,” she said pulling the dress on.
“You could definitely look at it that way,” I said walking over to her to zip the dress up in the back.
As my hands slowly caressed the bare skin of her back as the zipper went up and my other hand held the dress at the tip of her arse, the movement betrayed me again in my shorts. Damn penis is definitely going to get me in trouble over the next week and a half.
“Thanks,” she said turning around and making eye contact.
What was wrong with me, Kat was beautiful, had an amazing personality and was available yet I could not keep my mind off Isabella. I am sure some head doctor somewhere would tell me that I am suffering from a serious case of wanting what I cannot have. Although, I am sure, if I wanted Isabella I could definitely have her.
However, Katrina was here and more than willing; maybe a quick snogging session will help me get my mind off her until she goes back to enjoying her vacation off the island. I knew what I had to do and without a moment to second-guess myself, I had pulled Kat into an embraced and kissed her.
After the initial shock wore off she had her hands running through my hair and mine where caressing her plump arse. Her lips were definitely softer and plumper than Tanya’s was yet I could not stop thinking about the softness that was Isabella’s lips. I used my tongue to open her mouth for a deeper kiss and her tongue instantly found mine. I walked her over to the bed and we both fell back on it. I hovered over her body and started sliding towards the middle of the bed.
She started unbuttoning my polo, and I was pulling her dress up all without taking our lips off each other. It was so odd her lips tasted like pure sugar cane, kissing her was like kissing candy. I stopped kissing her long enough to pull my polo off while she worked on unbuttoning and unzipping my shorts. It was almost unnecessary since I was so turned on I was practically bursting out of them.
“Edward I’ve wanted this for so long,” she said in a throaty voice that only made my throbbing erection even harder.
“Kat,” I said trying to regain my senses. “Kat I don’t think we should do this.”
“Don’t be silly, I want you, and you clearly want me,” she said running her hand down the length of my shaft.
“Katrina I am serious, I can’t… you shouldn’t… we can’t do this.”
I could not stand to look at the sheer look of disappointment on Kat’s face so I lay down on the bed next to her staring up at the ceiling. Her breathing became more regular and I could see in my peripheral vision that she had pulled her dress down in the front.
“It’s because of her isn’t it?” She whispered and I was sure I would not have heard it if I was not lying next to her.
“I am sorry her…?”
I mean there was no way she could have noticed anything between Isabella and me. I mean that is insane. She has never been in a room with us together.
“Tanya… this is because I am friends with Tanya isn’t it?” She asked trying to mask her disappointment.
I know this was probably the worst time to laugh, but I could not help but laugh at the fact that Katrina thought Tanya had anything to do with my thought process.
“Kat believe me when I say, Tanya has nothing to do with anything. I just feel like if we rush into something. I do really fancy you, and I don’t want us to get caught up in the moment and later regret it.”
“I can’t say I am happy about this, especially not now,” she said sitting up and motioning to our disheveled appearances. “But I can respect the point you’re making. This would be more special if we didn’t rush into it.”
Oh blarmy, I almost forgot about the spa, Alice is going to kill me if I am late,” Kat said getting off the bed and fixing her dress in the mirror. I gave Kat a kiss on the cheek as I stood behind her getting myself together before we both left to meet the others downstairs.
I was turning the corner to the stairs when I heard the end of a joke Emmett was making about me being the one that was holding Isabella up. Aside from it being disrespectful to her because of her relationship not to mention it was also insulting to Katrina.
“Emmett Dale McCarty, watch it,” Alice snapped trying to slap him on the back of the head but hitting his shoulders instead.
“Calm down it was just a joke Mary-Alice…”
“How about you both settle down? If Isabella was preoccupied with someone it most certainly was not me,” I said walking down the stairs with Kat at my side.
I made it to the bottom of the steps and Emmett and Riley were staring at me whispering and laughing like gossiping schoolgirls.
“Well let’s not linger, I have a round of golf to win,” I said walking right past Isabella and to the door. I could not stand looking in those innocent brown eyes knowing that I was about to have sex with Kat only moments ago.
“Last one to the dock, buys the first round!” Emmett yelled darting out of the door.
“You bloody cheat.” Riley said running after him with Jasper.
I grabbed my sunglasses out of my pocket and could feel her staring at me. I could feel her eyes penetrating the skin on the back of my neck. It was as if she was willing me to turn around and look at her. I glanced in her general direction slid my glasses on to avoid making eye contact and walked out the door.
I was walking down the path that leads to the docks when I noticed Caius and Laurent having a conversation with someone else whose face was hidden behind a branch of a nearby tree. As usual, Caius turned and saw me coming, as far as bodyguards goes he is the best since it is practically impossible to creep up on him. However, when you are trying to eavesdrop it is not that helpful.
“Good afternoon Edward,” Caius said when I walked down to them.
“Afternoon gentlemen, is everything ok?”
Caius and Laurent both looked at the third person they had been talking to who I now knew was Marcus. This was becoming very reminiscent of last night.
“Well Sir, I went with a few of the other guards to the hotel that Royce was staying at and there was no sign of James. At this point we aren’t sure if he’s still in Jamaica or if he left,” Marcus said avoiding eye contact with me.
“Caius how could he have escaped, you said you took care of him?” I asked getting annoyed.
“Trust me, he may be alive, but he’s in no condition to cause anyone any harm. He’s not going to be a problem,” Caius said trying to reassure me.
“Alice is taking them off the island today and if it’s possible he’s out there somewhere and could potentially go after them for revenge then there is a problem,” I said running my hands threw my hair. “Caius I want you and Marcus to go with Laurent and take a few extra guards and go with the girls to the spa and make sure they make it there and back safely. Marcus I’ll let Emmett know why you’re not coming with us to the golf course.”
“Yes sir,” they all said without hesitation.
“Well the girls should be out soon, I better catch up with the guys before we miss our tee time,” I said looking up towards the house before walking the rest of the way down the path to the docks.
The four of us arrived at the golf course just in time for our tee time. I decided to share a cart with Jasper so that we could finish going over the plans for tonight’s party; which left Emmett and Riley to share a cart, which I probably should have considered, was a recipe for disaster.
After about an hour, five rounds of beer, and Emmett getting into a fight with a sand trap and losing effectively quitting, the rest of us decided to head to the driving range so we could continue to drink without having to worry about driving a golf cart into well… anything.
We drunkenly made our way up to the driving range, I paid the other golfers, and the staff a nice amount to make sure everyone would leave us alone. Well except the waiter that got a nice tip to make sure that he kept the drinks comings.
After hitting a few balls and switching from beers to Moscow Mules, I had enough liquid courage to say aloud what I had been thinking for most of the past 24 hours.
“I am in love with Isabella,” I said taking a sip of my drink nonchalantly.
“You are what?” Jasper asked hitting his ball to the side and staring at me as if I was mad.
“I love Isabella,” I said again more confidently than the first time.
“Are you flipping mad? You just bloody met her yesterday,” Riley said sitting his club and drink down.
“Look, I am not mad, and I know this sounds positively ludicrous but I genuinely believe I am in love with her,” I said downing the rest of my drink and gaining more resolve.
"Well, well, well… leave it to my big bro to be pulling double duty, Katrina yesterday Bella today. I'd be careful if I was you, you might lose all feeling in your cock from over use," Emmett said putting his club down and taking a sip of his beer.
"Edward not to take away from your moment of – of clarity if that’s what you want to call it. However, how can you be in love with someone you just met? "Jasper asked before hitting his ball.
"Look I cannot explain it but there is just something about her and its driving me mad."
"There's definitely something about her I believe his name is Jake and lives back in Washington," Emmett said shaking his head before taking another drink.
“How do you know…?”
"Well Rose and I have been getting better acquainted,” he said with a little smirk. “And I know all about her boyfriend that paid for the trip but couldn't be here because his father is in the hospital." Emmett said putting down his beer and teeing up his ball.
"I... I didn't know," I said feeling slightly guilty.
"Well while you're off trying to shag her remember she's taken yeah?" Emmett said hitting his ball.
"Yeah Edward, how would you feel if you was the poor bloke at home with an ailing parent and some wanker was trying to make a pass at your girl?” Jasper asked in a way that I am sure was rhetorical. “I mean if it was Alice and I, and I found out that while on holiday she had some dude working overtime to get in her pants I’d be beyond pissed.”
“Whose bloody side are you on anyway? You’re supposed to be my friends and brother,” I said looking at the bottom of the empty glass wishing I had more vodka.
“We are your friends and that’s why we’re trying to make sure you don’t do something with her, that you both will eventually regret,” Jasper said walking over to me and patting me on the shoulder. “Edward none of us would ever think of telling you what to do because we all know you wouldn’t listen to a thing we said anyway.”
“That’s for sure,” Emmett and Riley, said at the exact same time.
“We’ll always have your back Edward; and we’ll support you in whatever you decide. We just don’t want you to – to jump into anything without fully thinking it through,” Jasper said finishing his thought.
I knew in the back of my mind they were all right, but I was not quite ready to accept that the moments I spent with Isabella did not have a deeper meaning. I mean how two people can have that much chemistry and burning desire between them and it mean absolutely nothing.

~*~ Bella Swan ~*~

By the time, we started to head back to the island the sun was starting to set. Rose was down in the cabin listening to music with the girls and I was sitting at the back of the boat staring at the beautiful sunset when I decided to call Jake. It was not fair to him to be avoiding him like this especially while he is dealing with his dad’s health.
I fumbled around the inside of my purse for my phone. I finally found it and turned it back on. As soon as it powered back up I was bombarded with voicemails and text messages that I would check letter. I had to call Jake now or I’d lose my nerve.
I hit the speed dial button and the phone started ringing. I took a deep breath and on the second ring, he answered. It was now or never.
“Hello,” a female voice said.
“Hi, is Jake around?”
“He’s a little busy at the moment, can I take a message?”
“Umm, ok. Can you let him know that Bella called and ask him to call me back when he gets a chance?”
“Oh, it’s you. He’ll probably want to talk to you then. Hold on.”
I had no idea who this chick was but she clearly knew who I was because the disdain was dripping from her voice the moment she answered the phone. Acting as if she was surprised, it was me on the phone, as if he didn’t have a caller id.
“Well Ella, he said hold on he’s coming.”
“Thanks, so much… oh wait I didn’t get your name.”
“Oh, how rude of me, I am Charlotte.”
I was in shock what was she doing with Jake? Jake told me he had not talked to her in months and now she was with him in North Carolina.
“I am assuming that, that silence is a realization that unlike you his girlfriend, and I used that term loosely, I am actually here for him during his time of need. But I am sure the spa and beach couldn’t have been kept waiting.”
“I am sorry Charlotte; you’re confusing me with someone that gives a damn about your opinion. The only reason I am on this trip instead of being there with Jake is that he insisted I come and not waste the tickets since they were non-refundable. Nevertheless, I do not have to explain that to you because like you said I am his girlfriend and you’re nothing but a desperate ex that cannot seem to let go. Now run along and put my man on the phone, thanks.”
I could have sworn I heard her call me a bitch before hearing footsteps and mumbling in the background.
“Hi B, how’s the trip going?” Jake asked when he got on the phone.
“Today was definitely better than yesterday, but the better question is what is Charlotte doing there?”
“I honestly have no idea,” he said in a sigh. “She just popped up this morning with no warning, and refuses to leave until my dad is out of the hospital.”
“I am sorry I am not there…” I whispered into the phone.
“Don’t sweat it B, no point letting the trip go to waste. Although, it’s nice to have someone here to help with things but luckily Paul will be here in the morning and he can help me get rid of Charlotte.”
“Well I can leave tomorrow and meet you there as well; I should be there with you instead of her anyway.”
“Bella don’t be ridiculous, my dad is improving a little bit everyday and hopefully by the time you’re back from Jamaica I’ll be home too. I really miss you.”
“I miss you too, Jake.”
“I’ll get rid of Charlotte tonight, can I call you before I go to bed. Or maybe we can have a Skype date, if you know what I mean.”
“Oh my God, only you would be trying to have Skype sex. I am going to this party thing with Rose and some guys that she met but I’ll text you when I get back to the room.”
“Should I be worried about these island guys?” he said with a laugh. “But I’m really looking forward to when you’ll be back; I really do miss you Bella.”
“Ok lover-boy I have to go, but kiss your dad for me, and I’ll talk to you later.”
“Love you Bella,” he said before hanging up.
What nerve did I have being jealous about his ex being there for him in his time of need when I have spent the past two days thinking about someone else? What kind of girlfriend does that? I cannot allow myself to do anything that could potentially jeopardize my relationship with Jake just as if he would not do anything to hurt the relationship or me. I had to stay away from Edward as if my life depended on it.

~*~ Edward Cullen ~*~

The plan for the engagement was practically genius and it should go off without a hitch. Caius called to let me know that the girls should be back any minute now. I was walking down the beach looking for more wood for the fire, while Riley tuned his guitar, Emmett was operating the grill, and Jasper was uncharacteristically nervous and pacing back and forth by the giant heart, we dug into the sand.
I threw the few pieces of wood I found into the fire, it should definitely last most the night without needing any more wood. I sat down on the chair next to Riley and played a few cords on my guitar.
Cauis and Laurent had explicit instructions from Jasper to make sure the girls went straight into the house and did not come down to the shore for any reason. I had to admit that deep down the romantic in me thought this was the perfect way for Jasper to propose to Alice. Not to mention the other surprises he has in store for her tonight.
I walked over to the grill and watched as Emmett finished grilling all the meat and kabobs. I am not sure where Emmett learned to cook since we have always had a chef but put Emmett in front of a stove and he could definitely whip up something delicious.
“The girls just arrived back, so we probably should start heading up,” Jasper said slipping his phone back into his pocket.
“Guess this is it mate, are you sure you want to marry into this family, we’re quite the handful,” Emmett said with a laugh taking the last turkey burger off the grill and putting it on the platter to his side.
“I don’t think I’ve been surer about anything else in my entire life. I love Alice more than life itself, and I can’t imagine going any further without making her my wife.”
“Well it’s about time we made you an official member of the family anyway,” I said wrapping my arm around Jasper’s neck and catching him off guard with a noogie. “I mean you have been shagging with my little sister for five years bought time you’ve made an honest woman out of her, yeah?”
“You’re one to talk mate, you’ve slept your way through almost every woman in the UK and now you’re working on America,” Jasper said punching me in the side, forcing me to let him go.
“Well I just hope this doesn’t give Bree wedding fever, if she starts looking at me with that I want to get married next look I’m getting pissed on the spot,” Riley said sitting the guitar down in the chair he was sitting in and walking over to us.
“I am pretty sure getting plastered isn’t going to keep Bree from wanting to get married, so you might want to think of another approach,” Emmett said closing the grill so the flames could suffocate and grabbing the platters with the food.
“Hmm, you’re probably right then, well I’ll think of something.”
“What would I do if you three didn’t find a way to make this night all about you,” Jasper said dryly. “I think we should head before someone comes looking for us.”
Emmett, Riley and I all looked from each other to Jasper before we all burst out laughing. Jasper rolled his eyes and started walking up the path to the house, which only lead to us laughing even harder.
Jasper has known he wanted to marry Alice for as long as I can remember, why he was all of a sudden nervous I could not fathom. However, there was no way Alice would ever say no to marrying him, and as far as I know, my parents gave him their blessing so there was really nothing for Jasper to be worried about.
We went inside and ate dinner with the girls. I am not sure how Alice did not know something was going on since Jasper was constantly staring at her from across the table with this weird contemplative look on his face. It was at that moment that I realized that Isabella had not only been ignoring me but she had not looked in my direction the entire night. She made polite conversation with everyone at the table but me, and whenever I was talking, she would look away and she was clearly texting someone the entire night.
“We actually have a surprise that we need to go and get ready for. Caius and Laurent have blindfolds for you and will bring you down to the shore in about 10 minutes,” Jasper said getting up from the table.
“What kind of surprise?” Alice asked looking from Jasper to Emmett to me skeptically.
“If we tell you, it wouldn’t be a surprise now would it,” Emmett said ruffling Alice’s hair as he got up from the table.
“Emmett!” Alice yelled punching him hard in the side.
“Blimey Alice have you been working out,” Emmett said rubbing his side.
“Mess up my hair again and you’ll find out how much I’ve been working out.”
As we, where walking to the door Caius walked in with five blindfolds and handed one to each of the girls.
It was show time.
We made our way back down to the beach in relative silence. Riley and I grabbed our guitars and Jasper went and stood inside of the giant heart while Emmett sat down next to Riley and me. Jasper got the message that the girls were on their way down and you could practically feel the excitement rolling off him.
I finally saw some movement in the shadows coming down from the house followed by Caius walking down the path followed by Alice, Bree, Kat, Rose and Isabella. As the girls walked close enough to be able to hear, Riley and I started playing For You I Will on the guitar.
Once the chords sunk in and Alice realized that it was, her and Jasper’s song, she had this huge smile on her face and started whispering something to Bree. Seeing her smiling like that shortly had me feeling like a romantic.

Wondering the streets, in a world underneath it all
Nothing seems to be, nothing tastes as sweet
As what I can't have
Like you and the way that you're twisting your hair
round your finger
Tonight I'm not afraid to tell you
What I feel about you.

Once they all made their way down. Emmett helped Bree and Kat to their seats and then Isabella and Rose. Jasper grabbed a giggling Alice by the hands and slowly pulled her over to where she was standing inside of the giant heart and the surrounding rose petals.

Forgive me if I stutter
From all of the clutter in my head
Cuz I could fall asleep in those eyes
Like a water bed

“Ok you can remove your blindfolds,” Jasper said smiling at the beaming Alice.
“Oh. My. God!” Bree said looking from Riley and me playing the guitar to Alice and Jasper in the heart.
“Jasper love, what is this?” Alice asked with tears forming in her eyes.
“Mary-Alice, I’ve loved you from the first moment I saw you five years ago. For the past five years, you have brought so much happiness into my life when I thought I would never he happy again. When I moved to London after the death of my parents, I felt alone and like I no longer belonged. You’ve made me a part of your family and have helped me love again. I can’t imagine spending another day on this planet without you. With your parent’s blessing, I want to know if…”
“Yes! Yes! The answer is yes, now and always,” Alice, yelled cutting Jasper off and jumping into his arms.
“Um Alice, it usually helps to actually let him ask you before you say yes,” Emmett said trying to coyly wipe a tear from his eye.
“Mary-Alice will you do me the pleasure of becoming me wife?” Jasper asked getting down on one knee and pulling out a little black ring box.
“Jasper wait…” Alice started causing a collective gasp from everyone. “Jasper as much as I want to marry you this just doesn’t feel right without my parents being here,” she said wiping the tears from her eye and putting her hand over the box before he could open it.
“You know love; I thought you’d say that.” Jasper said looking around Alice and smiling.
We all turned around and Alice let out a cry as she saw our parents walking down the path from the house. Seeing both of them there sent Alice into full-blown tears. My mum and dad walked over to her, and pulled her into a big hug.
“Alice darling, I think Jasper is trying to give you something,” my mum said wiping the tears from under Alice’s eyes.
“Buck up dear, we’re very proud of you and we already love Jasper like a son,” my dad said kissing Alice on the cheek and reaching his hand out to shake Jasper’s hand.
Of course, they will happily accept Jasper as one of their sons; he would never be a colossal disappointment to them as I am. Jasper slipped the ring onto Alice’s ring finger before picking her up and kissing her while spinning around. I looked around and Riley and Bree were holding hands and whispering to each other. Emmett and Rose had found their way to each other and were whispering and being all flirty with each other. Only Katrina and Isabella were left sitting on opposite sides of the bonfire taking in the engagement.
Kat got up and walked over to the happy couple to I assume give them her congratulations. I turned back to Isabella who had gotten up and walked down towards the water. I turned and looked at the happy couples celebrating with Alice and Jasper and decided to follow Isabella.
“You don’t seem very happy,” I said coming up behind her.
“Yeah well from what I’ve heard those two were made for each other,” she said without even turning around.
“Isabella have – have I done something to offend you in some way?”
“What?” She said finally turning around and I could see the pools of water in her eyes.
“I am not sure but I feel like you’ve been purposely avoiding me all evening. I was just wondering if I had done something to offend you in some way.”
She wiped her eyes with the palms of her hands.
“No you haven’t offended me.”
“So why do I get the feeling you’re avoiding me?”
She turned towards the ocean and just stared out at the moonlit horizon before answering.
“I can’t allow myself to be alone with you,” she finally said.
“But why, have I done something?”
“Look Edward, I appreciate everything you’ve done for me. Nevertheless, I have a boyfriend and the last thing I want to do is hurt him. Especially with someone that can be so callous towards women.”
“I don’t know what you’ve heard, but what I felt, no… what I am feeling for you I have never felt with anyone else before.”
“Is that what you told Kat early today as well, or what about Tanya before you left?” She said.
“Isabella I am serious.”
She turned around and it was as if she was looking right threw me and started to walk back towards the party. I had to do something and I had to do it quick. I spun her around and pulled her body towards mine and I firmly planted my lips on hers.
After the initial shock wore off her body loosened up and her arms found their way up to my neck. I used my tongue to, slowly, part her lips so I could deepen the kiss and she let me with no hesitation.
My hands were running up and down her back, and finally rested cupping her tight little arse pulling her body even closer to mine. I massaged her tongue with mine and she started gently pulling at my hair as our need started to grow.
“No, I can’t,” she said in a deep throaty voice pulling away from me.
“Yes you can, and you want to so bad I can feel it.” I said pulling her body back to mine.
“No, this isn’t real,” she said taking a step back.
“Let me show you how real this is…” I whispered taking a step towards her and pulling her back into a kiss.
It was becoming clear that this would be my last opportunity to show her how I felt about her in a way that I could not explain with words. If this did not work I did not know what would. Luckily, for me her lips and hands were practically begging me not to stop. 

A/N: Hello again, I wanted to wait until the end to add this update so it would not ruin the chapter. Nevertheless, several of my betas said they noticed that Bella wasn't as confident in this chapter as she was in previous chapters, and I completely agree. In Bella's defense, she was nearly rapped and physically attacked and being around Edward does something to her that she isn't ready to deal with.
I would also like to thank Ash, G, and Steph for dealing with my madness while writing, and letting me bounce ideas off you.

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