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Chapter 7 - Best Thing I Never Had

What goes around comes back around...
There was a time
I thought, that you did everything right
No lies, no wrong
Boy I, must've been outta my mind
So when I think of the time that I almost loved you
You showed your ass and I, I saw the real you
- Beyonce 'Best Thing I Never Had'

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Brassed off - If you are brassed off with something or someone, you are fed up or pissed off perhaps.
Shag - Same as bonk but slightly less polite.

Chapter 7 – Best Thing I Never Had

~*~ Bella Swan ~*~

His lips were so soft and luxurious. I was trying to be strong and resist the temptation of returning the kiss but feeling his hands running all over my back I could not resist any longer. Oh snap! Was he grabbing my ass…? His hands were holding me in place by my ass pulling my body even closer to his. He started massaging my tongue with his and as the kiss got deeper, I started gently running my hands threw his hair pulling a little as our need started to grow.
"No, I can't," I said pulling away from him.
"Yes you can, and you want to so bad I can feel it," he said pulling me back towards him.
"No, this isn't real," I said taking a step back.
"Let me show you how real this is…" he whispered taking a step towards me and pulling me back into another heated kiss. I was definitely in trouble.
He picked me up and I wrapped my legs around his waist so that we were finally face-to-face. I was not sure if it was the lack of oxygen or if being this intimate with Edward was making me see things, but I could have sworn with every kiss I was seeing fireworks going off behind us. His lips kissed down my check and he started tracing my jaw with his lips placing small kisses as he made his way down to my neck.
I started unbuttoning his polo and pulling on it trying to get it off. Edward stopped kissing me long enough to lower us down onto the sand so that I was now cradling his massive erection in his pants that was waiting for me. I got his shirt off, reached up under my dress and ran his hands over my lace boy shorts I had on.
“Edward, wait,” I whispered into his ear.
“Isabella, what is it?” he asked leaning back on his elbows.
Looking down at his shirtless torso and his abs, I could feel my face start to heat as I started blushing.
“You’re not a virgin are you, because I am sure I could be gentle,” he said cocking an eyebrow up at me.
“Definitely not a virgin,” I said avoiding his eyes.
“Well, then if I wait any longer I won’t be able to control myself,” he said reaching back up my dress.
“I can’t do this, especially not here and with you. I have a boyfriend that I can’t do this to,” the moment boyfriend left my lips his hands froze on my upper thigh.
“Well, if that’s how you feel I guess I’ll have to respect that.”
Now that my brain was gaining back motor functions, I realized that the fireworks that I was feeling were actual fireworks going off over the island. My breathing was starting to stabilize and I realized I was still sitting on top of a very excited Edward so I was shifting to get up when he grabbed me by the thigh. I took one look into his emerald eyes and saw the lust in confusion.
“Oh, fuck it!” I yelled pushing Edward down onto his back and kissing him again.
“Are you sure?”
“No, not really…” I said placing several chaste kisses along his jaw line. “But this feeling can’t be wrong.”
“Isabella you’re right, we can’t do this.”
Now it was my turn to be confused. What was this, some kind of game to him? He wants me as long as he could not have me.
“What do you mean?”
Edward motioned for me to get off him and I obliged. I had a sneaking suspicion Alice, Bree and Kat would one day be talking about the sad American girl that threw herself at Edward only to be rejected by him.
I stood up and tried to dust off some of the sand that was sticking to my dress and I felt my eyes sting as the first set of tears lined the bottom of them.
“Well, I guess it’s for the best, I’d hate for us to do something you wouldn’t enjoy or feel comfortable with,” I said looking up the beach towards the bonfire.
“I think you’ve misunderstood me,” he said holding my hand in his.
“No, I am pretty sure I heard you loud and clear, we can’t do this.”
“We can’t just have sex on the beach, granted it’d be hot. However, there are just some places you do not want to bloody well, find sand. Not to mention my parents are right up there,” he said nodding towards the bonfire.
“So, what are you saying?” I asked getting agitated and taking a step away from him.
“I want you – I want you bad, just not here. Come with me,” he said grabbing my hand again and leading me up a different path towards the house.
We barely made it to the front door of the house without our hands being all over each other. Before you knew it, my legs were wrapped around his waist again and he was carrying me up the stairs and towards his bedroom.
He had my back up against his bedroom door and our lips had not been apart since we were outside. With the door helping hold me up, Edward used his free hands to unzip my dress before turning the knob and opening his door.
The door swung open and we stumbled in a few feet before Edward reached back and slammed the door shut. He walked us over to the bed and laid me down on my back with my legs still wrapped around him. He started kissing down my neck as I was trying to unbutton his shorts.
A man’s voice fake coughed from the sofa in the corner.
We both stopped what we were doing and looked over to a lean man who looked like he was in his forties wearing all black leaning up against the wall next to the sofa.
“Alec, what you are doing here?” Edward asked sounding confused trying to fix his shorts.
“Edward I need a word, in private.”
“Alec, as you can see this is kind of a bad time.”
“If I had to wait for that thing to have a good time, I’d never get any work done. Now I need to discuss something with you.”
“Isabella would you…”
“No – no, I understand. I’ll just be outside,” I said getting up off the bed.
I held my dress to keep it from falling, figuring I could zip it in the hallway, and walked towards the door stopping to look back at Edward before opening the door and walking out of the room. I pulled the door behind me leaving it only slightly ajar. I was outside the door trying to collect my thoughts when I heard Edward and Alec arguing I peeped around to make sure no one was coming down the hall and started listening to their conversation.
“Edward, what do you think you’re doing? I was in London cleaning up one of your messes and I get a call from Caius about another situation that took place here. Are you trying to make my job difficult or are you really that stupid that you keep making the same mistakes over and over again.”
“Alec I am not sure what you heard but…”
“I don’t have time for your buts; do you know how what you do affects your mother? Your parents have done everything in their power to give you all the best opportunities and you continue to waste them.”
“Alec I don’t need a lecture and I suggest you remember who it is you work for.”
“Trust me, I know who my services are for. My job is to protect your parents from anyone that can potentially harm them, and now that person is you. Get it together, you’re about to be twenty five years old, stop acting like a petulant child and be the man we all know you can be.”
“Damn it Alec, don’t you think I am aware of how my behavior effects them? I am trying… that’s all I can do, try to be a better person,” Edward said pounding his fist on the arm of the sofa he was sitting on.
“I am sorry Edward but I don’t give out “A’s” for effort. If you want to impress your parents or me, then I highly suggest you stop trying to change and just do it.”
“Yeah… okay Alec.”
“That’s not what I wanted to talk to you about anyway. That little situation that you created before you left London I took care of. I had and destroyed the original copy of the video as well as the copies that I found.”
“Thanks Alec,” Edward said running his hands threw his hair making it look even wilder.
“I also talked my sister into sending Tanya away for a while so that she can get herself together. I do not like having to choose between my job and my family Edward and I’d appreciate it if you’d stay away from my niece.”
“No problem, being around Tanya has done nothing but get me into trouble.”
“Yeah well, before she left, she wrote this letter and wanted me to give it to you. I have to go have a word with Marcus; I trust you’ll stay out of trouble for the remainder of your trip,” Alec said walking towards the door.
I backed away from the door just in time as Alec pulled it open and starred at me as he walked into the hall.
“Miss Swan, it was a pleasure meeting you, enjoy the rest of your evening,” he said as the ends of his mouth turned up into a sly smile and he walked away.
I waited until Alec was out of sight before I walked back into Edward’s room. He was still sitting on the sofa with his head cupped in his hands and an unfolded piece of paper lying on the table in front of him.
“Edward, are you okay?” I asked sitting down next to him.
“Yeah, I am going to be okay. It’s just been a real long night,” he said without lifting his head.
“Well, I’ll give you some space. I am sure Rose is around here somewhere and I am going to just go back to my suite and get some rest,” I said standing up.
“No!” He said jumping to his feet and grabbing me by the arm. “I don’t want to be alone. Can you just stay with me for now?”
“I uh… I don’t think we should… you know,” I said nodding towards the bed.
Edward released his grasp of my arm. “Isabella, please sit,” he said sitting down.
“Edward, I honestly think I should just go, the longer I am here the more I’ll want to…”
“Isabella stop, this has nothing to do with sex.”
I doubt he meant for that to hurt my feelings but somehow it really did. I was more than okay turning him down and going home, but knowing that he had no desire to have sex with me hurt a little.
“Isabella, I’ve done a lot of things recently that I am not entirely proud of. I am sure you’ve heard most of that discussion with Alec, and I can only imagine what you’re thinking of me.”
“Edward it…”
“No, let me finish,” he interrupted. “I’ve been with a lot of women in the past and they haven’t always meant as much to me as they probably should have. But you’re different, when I am around you I feel something deep inside of me that I’ve never felt with anyone else before and I do not want to mess that up by just having sex with you while on holiday and that being it.”
“Edward I have…”
“I know… I know you have a boyfriend and you have your own life back in Washington, and it is wrong of me to ask this of you knowing that. But I want to get to know you, I want to be around you, I want you… all of you not just sex.”
“I don’t know what to say…”
I could tell this was not what he wanted to hear. The twinkle in his eyes dimmed slightly and he looked away from me, and back down to the letter on the table.
“Edward the past few days has been a rollercoaster to say the least. I am not sure if what I am feeling for you is an effect of the fact that you saved my life or if I am having honest feelings for you. However, what I do know is that I would love to spend more time with you and get to know you better, in a platonic way. I don’t think I could look at myself knowing that I did something with you that would hurt Jake in any way,” I said finally sitting down next to him.
“Isabella, you cannot deny that there’s something between us. It is pure fire; it is as if we are drawn together by pure desire and lust. I know you feel it too because I can see it in the way you look at me. You want me just as bad as I want you.”
“Edward, that has nothing to do with it, and you know it. Up until a few days ago I had no idea you even existed and my life was going on just fine.”
I knew it the moment I said it that, I should not have. Who was I kidding? Every relationship I had ever had I always felt like something was missing and just being with Edward for a few days had showed me what life would be like with someone that ignites that fire deep inside of me. My life was not going just fine without him in it and I doubt it ever would again…
“Well, if that’s how you feel,” he said getting up and walking towards the door.
“Edward, wait… I am having a hard time dealing with this. Part of me knows that I should stay far away from you, but the other part of me is telling me to rip your clothes off right here and finish what we started on the beach. I just don’t know what to do and I don’t like not knowing what to do.”
“We’ll figure this out together, we have a connection and it’s not going anywhere,” he said pulling me into his arms and holding me tight against his chest. “It’s late, we should head to bed.”
“Fully clothed,” he sighed nuzzling his nose in my hair. “Don’t worry I won’t try anything, I just love how you feel in my arms and I am not ready for you to leave.”
With that, we walked over to the bed, laid down facing each other, and talked about any and everything until we fell asleep.
I was in the middle of a boring dream where I was walking down the beach towards a tall shadowy figure, when I was pulled back into consciousness by a tongue being inserted into my mouth. I was in shock before I relaxed and the kiss deepened. I ran my hands through their hair and let out a light moan as they kissed their way down my cheek and neck before placing kisses along my collarbone.
I felt a hand sliding up my leg and under my dress and another hand caressing my breasts.
“Mmm Isabella,” Edward moaned kissing his way up from my collarbone to my lips.
I turned my head slightly and leaned into his kiss.
I felt another set of lips kissing up my thigh, stopping on the outside of my panties.
“Bella your pussy smells so good…” Jake moaned licking the outside of my panties before pulling them down and wrapping my leg around his neck.
I ran my free hand through Jake’s hair as he began fingering and licking around my extremely wet pussy.
“Save some for me mate,” Edward said looking down at Jake and then back at me. “I can’t wait to get a taste,” he said licking his lips.
Edward and I started making out again while Jake ate me out, who knew having my cake and eating it too would be so fucking wonderful.
“Okay mate you’re hogging her pussy, it’s my turn,”
“I got here first, wait your turn.”
“But she wants me more, isn't that right Isabella?”
“Boys, really… there’s plenty of me to go around.”
“No, you have to choose one of us Bella,” Jake said getting up from between my legs.
“You can’t have both of us Isabella, so which one of us does you wants to be with?” Edward asked looking from Jake to me.
Fuck me…
“I can’t choose between the two of you, I want you both.”
“You have to pick,” they both said in unison.
“Uhh… I don’t know… how about we finish this up and then talk about it.”
“Fine if you won’t pick me, I’ll pick for you, I am leaving,” Jake said getting up.
“Jake no, wait…”
“Well Isabella, if you’re choosing him, I’ll leave,” Edward said getting up.
“No Edward, please don’t leave.”
Edward and Jake looked at each other shook their heads and both started walking towards the door.
“No, please don’t leave me,” I pleaded.
“Which one of us are you talking to?” Jake asked as he and Edward turned to look at me.
“I am talking to both of you; I am not ready to lose either one of you yet.”
“Wrong. Answer.” They both said walking out of the door and slamming it behind them.
I sprung up on the bed covered in a cold sweat. I looked around the room and saw Edward sleeping peacefully next to me. It was all a dream… That was the worst dream I have ever had. If I could not choose between the two of them in my dreams how in the hell was I suppose to choose in reality. I lay back down and tried to get back to sleep but it was useless, my mind kept weighing the pros and cons of being with Edward and Jake and I just could not pick. I, Bella Swan was royally fucked.
I had awoken the next morning to find myself spooning with Edward. I was not sure how or when I ended up in his arms, but I am not complaining. It felt good to have him holding me tight, and even better to wake up in his arms. But, then there is Jake… I just needed some time away from both of them to think, and figure out what my next move would be.
I slowly released myself from Edward and got out of the bed. I walked over to his desk and found a notepad; I quickly wrote Edward a note, before grabbing my shoes and bag off the floor and leaving as quietly as possible.
The house was very quiet, and it appeared no one else was up yet. I tiptoed my way down the hall hoping no one would hear me. I felt like I was doing the walk of shame, and shameful was exactly how I was feeling right about now.
I made it to the bottom of the stairs without running into a single person. I was turning the knob on the front door when out of nowhere Alice popped up.
“Morning Bella,” she practically sang. “What are you doing up this early? You’re not leaving are you?”
“Oh, good morning Alice, I just needed to get some air and clear my head.”
“Well, don’t take too long, breakfast should be ready soon if you’re hungry.”
“I am not really that hungry Alice,” I said opening the door. “Oh yeah I didn’t get a chance to tell you last night but, congratulations on the engagement. I’ll see you later,” I said walking out of the door and closing it behind me.
I practically ran down the path to the docks hoping to find at least one boat I would be able to drive back. Luckily, I found the next best thing.
“Morning Caius,” I said approaching the tall blonde man that always seemed to be around.
“Morning, Miss Swan, can I assist you with something?” He asked.
“Actually Caius you can, I need a ride back to the mainland if you don’t mind.”
“Oh well that’ll be no problem, is anyone joining you?”
“No, I am all alone. I am just going back to my hotel to – to get changed and spend some time alone.”
He did not respond but just looked at me a moment as if he could tell I was lying before proceeding to walk down the dock towards the boats. He helped me inside one of the smaller boats before we were off. It was a quiet ride but I had a feeling Caius wanted to tell me something. Every so often, he would just turn and look at me and open his mouth as if he wanted to say something but it just would not come out.
We arrived at the dock of my hotel and Caius helped me off the boat, told me to have a great day and was off back to the island. I walked into our suite, unzipped my dress and let it fall to my ankles before walking out of it, and climbed into the bed for the first time since I have been to Jamaica. It took all of ten minutes before I was sleep again; I hoped that it would be a dreamless sleep.
I awoke two hours later to the sounds of a phone ringing nonstop. I rolled over towards the ringing and picked up the hotel phone.
“Morning sleepy head,” a familiar voice said.
“Jake?” I asked half asleep and not really being able to focus.
“Oh shit Bella did I wake you? You can call me back later; I just needed to hear your voice.”
“Oh no, it’s no problem; I needed to get up anyway. What is going on? Are you ok?” I asked sitting up and trying to wake completely up and focus.
“Well, my dad’s not doing to good.”
“Damn it Jake, I should be there with you during this. I feel guilty that you’re going through this all alone.”
“Bella, don’t beat yourself up, there’s nothing anyone can do except sit here and wish for the best. I really wish I was there with you, at least then I could keep my mind off of this by keeping my hands on you.”
I could not help but laugh, only Jake would joke about sex to avoid being sad.
“Bella, I was thinking maybe I should come down for a few days and hang out with you and Rose. I know it won’t completely get my mind off my dad, but it might help to get out of this hospital for a few days.”
“Jake, do you think that would be a good idea, what if something happens and you can’t get back in time? I only have a little over a week left here and then I’ll fly straight there to be with you and your dad,” I half lied, granted it was true Jake should stay with his dad just in case something bad happened. However, in reality I just did not think I could handle both Jake and Edward together yet.
“You’re probably right; I just miss you so much. Charlotte flew back home this morning and Peter can only stay until the end of the week before he has to get back for work. I am really afraid he might die Bella and I could use my best friend right now.”
“Jake, why don’t I fly…”
I was interrupted by a knock at the front door.
“Jake that’s the door can you hold on one second?” I asked sitting the phone down on the bed before he could answer.
I opened the door not even bothering to ask who it was, which after the past three days I have had I probably should have.
“Edward, what are you doing here?” I asked shocked to see him at my door and nervous because I was on the phone with Jake at the same time.
“We need to talk,” he said walking into the room.
“Now really isn’t a good time, can you come back later?” I said looking from him to the phone on the bed.
“No, I cannot come back Isabella, do you know how it felt to pour your heart out to someone and fall asleep with them in your arms and to wake up and they’re gone and just left a bloody note? What was that? I thought you agreed we shared something.”
“I – I can explain, if you’d just come back later.” I said walking over to the bed.
“No, you’re going to explain now unless you have a bloody damn good reason why you weren’t in bed when I woke up this morning.”
I held up my index finger to Edward asking him to give me one moment and picked up the phone.
“Jake?” I asked to a dial tone he had hung up…
I hung the phone up and sat it down on the bed. I turned around to find Edward starring at me, fuck my life.

~*~ Edward Cullen ~*~

I knew Alec was just trying to help me just as he has always done for the past twenty-four years of my life. However, the last thing I needed right now was another lecture about how much of a disappointment I was to my parents.
I unfolded the letter from Tanya and read it.

Dearest Edward,
Looking back at my past behavior, I can see how my actions were pushing you away. I am not sure at what point I stopped loving you for being who you are and started loving you for what you are. Moreover, I want you to know I never meant you any harm and I really did/do love you. I remember when we first met how much fun we used to have, and how you used to look at me with that sparkle in your eyes. Lately when you look at me, all I see is disdain and resentment. Because of that, the best thing for the both of us I feel is if I take some time to get myself together and work on being a better person, I know I can be that person you once loved, the person who deserves to be loved by someone before trying to be in a relationship with anyone.
Edward, I hope you find happiness, with someone that truly deserves to have your whole heart the way I never did. Remember sex does not equal a relationship and if you find someone that you feel deserves your heart get to know her on a deeper level before you get to know her on a sexual level.
I wish you all the best,
Love, Tanya
P.S. I am sure you are aware of this by now, but Katrina is an amazing person and is definitely wife/princess material, so don’t mess it up or I will fly back and personally kick your ass.

The letter reminded me of the Tanya I was falling for back in school. The confident girl that had goals and a vision of what she wanted for her life other than just being a socialite that would marry rich. I threw the letter down on the table and covered my face with my hands.
Tanya was not right about many things recently but she was right about me using sex to be intimate with people instead of actually trying to get to know them. The only difference is instead of Katrina I allowed myself to be caught up in the moment with Bella. What could she possibly think of me, I knew about her boyfriend and just did not care and would have slept with her anyway? I could not allow myself to put her in that situation where she would end up kicking herself later. I had to tell her how I have been feeling about her and hope that she has been feeling the same about me.
I was relieved to have had an honest conversation with Isabella last night before going to bed. The best part was that she seemed to feel the same way about me that I felt about her. Nevertheless, she still had a little hesitation because of her boyfriend. I woke up in the middle of the night and she was lying with her back towards me so I pulled her close and she snuggled up next to me. I was in heaven…
I awoke the next morning to an empty bed. Where had she gone? I searched the room for any sign of her and her shoes and bag were both gone. I looked in the bathroom and nothing. Was last night a dream? Was it some sick joke my mind played on me? No, she was here I am not crazy. I was about to run out the door and see if she was downstairs when I saw the folded piece of paper on my desk with my name on it.

Last night was one of the most amazing nights of my life. The way it felt to wake up in your arms, I will remember and cherish for the rest of my life. Nevertheless, this is not real, when our vacations are over we will go back to our own lives and it will be as if we never met. We should not make this any harder than it needs to be, it was great meeting you and getting to know you.
Thanks for saving my life,

That is it… it was great meeting you, thanks for saving my bloody life goodbye…
I threw the note down on the table next to Tanya’s letter. I sat right here and poured my soul to her last night and she just left me. She woke up in my arms and just left, maybe it’s a good thing I didn’t sleep with her after all.
There was a knock at the door and a part of me wished it was here. But when I turned around and saw Riley my heart sank back down.
“Morning mate,” he said letting himself in and closing the door behind him.
“Hey Riley,” I said sitting down on the sofa starring at the two letters.
“Where’d you run off to last night, your parents were looking for you.”
“Isabella and I came up here and…”
“Enough said, so where is she? You didn’t get what you wanted and send her on her merry way did you?” Riley asked walking over to the sofa and sitting on the arm.
“No, actually we didn’t sleep together, we sat up talking and getting to know each other. And then she feel asleep in my arms, it was nice…”
“So you’re telling me, you Edward Cullen, Prince of England, slept in the same bed as a hot girl and didn’t try to sleep with her?”
“Wipe that smug look of your face, not sleeping with Isabella was the most intimate thing I’ve ever done with a woman, it was great getting to know her on a deeper level.”
“Sounds like you really like her.”
“I do, but she left before I got up and left me this,” I said grabbing the letter and handing it to Riley. “She has a boyfriend, and apparently what she has with him is greater than what she feels she’ll have with me.”
“That’s not what this is saying,” Riley said reading the letter. “Edward she likes you a lot, but she feels like there’s no point trying because you live in different worlds. Maybe if you showed her what you have is worth fighting for she’d feel differently.”
“Well Riley, since you’re the chick whisperer, what would you have me do, go barging over there and demand that gives us a try. Tell her to break up with her boyfriend who was supposed to be on this trip with her but his father got sick right before hand. That’d make me the biggest wanker of all time, I can’t do that to her.”
“Or you could just go over there and talk to her, clearly she’s confused, but Edward if you don’t go and at least try to talk to her, you’ll live to regret it.”
I knew Riley was right, but my pride just wouldn’t let me go over there and risk putting myself further out there only to get rejected again.
“Oh, I came to tell you your parents send their love but had to get back.”
“Figures, they wouldn’t come say goodbye themselves.”
“Well, your mum said something about not wanting to wake you. Oh yeah and Kat left with them, I am not sure why and Alice wouldn’t tell me.”
“Ugh, could this day get any worse?”
“If you don’t go and talk to Bella before it’s too late, I am going to say yes. She’ll think you agree with her, that you don’t think she’s worth fighting for and will leave to go back to America and her boyfriend and won’t think twice about you.”
“Ugh, okay Riley I get it. I am going after I shower.”
“Better hurry, according to the news there’s a storm brewing off the coast. Might want to hurry up before the thunder gets too bad.”
“Okay, I’ll leave now.”
“That’s more like it,” Riley said slapping my back and getting up. “Who knows if this works out you might be the next one to get engaged.”
“I’ll settle for actually being her only boyfriend at this point.”
“Yeah, well, that’s why we’re friends I’ll dream big and you can be rational”
Riley gave me a quick thumbs up and left. I better get going before I loose my nerve.
It had started drizzling on my way to see Isabella, I was really hoping that this was not some kind of omnious precursor to the way this conversation was going to go. I walked into the resort and asked the older woman at the front desk which way was Miss Swan’s room.
“I am sorry sir, but we don’t just give out information about our guest,” she said without even looking up from her crossword puzzle.
“Well I know she’s staying here, couldn’t you just point me in the right direction?”
“Again, I am sorry sir but for all I know you’re coming to kill this Swan girl,” she said circling the word she’d be searching for and finally looking up at me. “Now, if there isn’t anything else.”
“Actually there is…” I said trying to think of something to get me into that room. “I am her boyfriend and I just flew down to surprise her. So you see, if you call and have her meet me down here it’ll ruin the surprise however, if you point me in the right direction I can properly surprise her, yeah?” I gave her my biggest smile and mentally gave myself a pat on the back for my quick thinking.
“Aw, well, why didn’t you say so? It’s so nice to see that romance hasn’t completely died with your over-sexed generation.” She sat her crossword down and started typing something into the computer. “What did you say her name was again?”
“Isabella Swan.”
She typed some more and clicked around the screen before smiling. “Oh yes, Mr. Black I see you made the reservation. One of the private villas, how very romantic. She’s staying in Bungalow 4, since it’s raining you’ll probably want to take the dry route,” she said pulling out a map of the resort and giving me directions to stay dry.
“Thanks so much, you’ve made my day,” I said taking the map and laying a rather large tip on the counter for her trouble.
“The pleasure was all mine to help out young love,” she said waving to me as I walked away with a big smile on her face.
I followed the directions that the sweet ole lady gave me outside. The rain had picked up significantly in the short time I was inside. Luckily for me the path I was following was covered. As the bungalow numbers started to count up my heart beat started to speed up as well.
Bungalow 2
What the hell was I doing here? Why in bloody hell did I let Riley talk me into this rubbish…
Bungalow 3
I mean she had a boyfriend that she clearly loved and this thing with me clearly had to be a mistake why else would she have just up and left like this. I mean she just up and left with no consideration of how it would make me feel, who does that...
Bungalow 4
I was officially brassed off with Isabella and I needed answers now. I stood outside of her door a moment, until I heard a voice on the otherside she was defintiely here. I knocked firmly on the door. I was relieved that the door didn’t have a peep hole, I was sure she’d take one look at me and pretend she wasn’t here.
“Edward what are you doing here?” She asked opening the door and looking annoyed to see me.
Oh hell, she was in nothing but her underwear, this was just going to be smashing, I could feel it.
“We need to talk,” I said walking past her trying not to stare at her lack of clothing.
I refuse to leave her without getting answers or getting into her knickers… I needed to focus on getting the answers first and then I can focus on getting into… her.
I refuse to leave her without getting answers or getting into her knickers… I needed to focus on getting the answers first and then I can focus on getting into… her.
“Now really isn’t a good time, can you come back later?” She asked following into the room.
“No, I cannot come back Isabella, do you know how it felt to pour my heart out to someone and fall asleep with them in your arms and wake up and they’re gone and just left a bloody note? What was that, I thought you agreed we shared something special.”
“I – I can explain, if you’d just come back later,” she said as all the color drained from her face and she looked from me towards the bed.
“No, you’re going to explain now unless you have a bloody good reason why you weren’t in bed when I woke up this morning…” She held up her index finger cutting me off.
She walked over towards the bed and picked up the phone that I had not even noticed was sitting there.
“Jake,” she said picking the phone up.
I could tell from the look on her face that he had hung up, she sat down on the bed and just stared at the phone. Fuck, this was defintiely going to be a long day.
“Look Isabella I am sorry, I didn’t know you were on the phone.”
“Yeah well maybe if you didn’t feel the need to barge in here like you fucking own the place,” she snapped looking up at me. “What do you want Edward?”
“I came to tell you that I am not accepting your note. You can’t just come into my life and then decide to leave and expect me to be okay with it.”
“Edward, you’ve known me all of three days, I am sure your world won’t end if we go our separate ways,” she said pulling on the robe that was on the bed lying next to her dress from last night.
“How can you even say that? How can you act like the past three days weren’t as amazing for you as they were for me?”
“Edward, I am being real. In ten days this trip will be over I am going back to Washignton and Jake and you’re going back to London and your countless women. It’s just easier to just let go now before either one of us becomes too invested in something that’ll inevitably end.”
“That’s complete rubbish Isabella and you know it. This isn’t about the trip ending and us going our separate ways, this is about you being afraid to choose between the known and the unknown. I can see it in your eyes, you want me.”
There was a loud crack of thunder, as we just looked at each other.
“Okay, fine I can admit that I am not comfortable throwing away a relationship with someone that I know loves me to jump into what a long distance relationship with a known player.”
That hurt... a lot.
“So you aren’t even willing to give us a chance then…” I said sitting down next to her on the bed.
“A chance to what? Never see each other, talk on the phone, skype and email each other. That’s not a relationship Edward that’s a penpal.”
“It’s clear I am not going to change your mind, so I’ll just leave.”
As soon as I stood up there was another loud crack of thunder and the wind blew her patio doors open sending rain into the room. We ran over towards the doors and got soaked trying to push them closed. The wind had definitely picked up, we finally got the doors closed, making sure to lock them.
“Thanks for the help,” she said walking into the bathroom.
“No problem.”
She came back out wrapped in a towel with another folded up in her hand. “You might want to get out of those clothes before you catch a cold,” she said handing me the other towel.
“I am just going to get even wetter when I go back to the island,” I said walking towards the door trying hard not to think about the fact that Isabella was standing in front of me in only a towel.
“Edward wait, it’s storming too bad you shouldn’t be out on the water like this. You should just stay here until the storm lets up.”
“I think I wasted enough of your day, I’ll wait in the lobby or something.”
As soon as I opened the door to leave the power went out. Someone was definitely trying to send me a message. I just was not exactly sure what that message was. There was another loud crack of thunder followed by a flash of lightening.
“Please don’t leave me here alone… in the dark, worried that you didn’t make it back home safely because of the storm.”
The backup generator must have kicked in because the lights in the hall came back on. I closed the door, and stepped back into the darkness. I could hear Isabella moving around the room but my eyes hadn’t adjusted to the darkness enough to see what she was doing. I heard a click and then was blinded by a bright light.
“Sorry,” she said moving the light from my face and looking around the room.
She sat the light down on the desk illuminating the entire room. She picked up some candles and started lighting them. The soft flickering light from the candle added to the fact that she was wearing nothing but a towel was sending a message to my dick.
“You know you’ll probably be here a while, might want to reconsider those wet clothes.”
“If I didn’t know any better I’d think you were trying to get me naked.”
I had my fingers crossed she really was trying to get me naked, I know I was thinking about getting her naked.
“Maybe I am… maybe I am not. Guess you’ll never know now.”
I couldn’t see her face, but I could definitely tell that she was smiling.
I unbuttoned my shirt that was now clinging to my skin for dear life, followed by my jeans. Sadly my black boxer-briefs hadn’t gotten wet so they had to stay on. The room was now glowing softly as candles all over the room flickered.
Isabella walked over to me smiling looking at me from the neck up which I appreciated because my cock was now tenting my underwear. She handed me the spare towel again and took my wet clothes to hang in the bathroom.
“Edward,” she called walking out of the bathroom. “I want you to know…”
She was cut off by the sound of a phone ringing. She walked over to her bag and pulled out her cell phone.
“Hi Rose,” she said answering the phone.
“Yeah, he’s here with me.”
“The power just went out, I lit some candles and we’re going to just wait it out.”
“Rose!” she yelled before bursting out into giggles.
“Yeah, well, I am sure you and Emmett will…”
“Ok I’ll let him know”
“As soon as the power comes back on, okay stay safe,” she said hanging up.
“What was so funny?” I asked.
“Oh just Rose being Rose, nothing worth sharing,” she sat down on the bed with her legs tucked under her.
“Oh come on, I could use a good laugh,” I said sitting down at the foot of the bed.
“It’s stupid really,” she said looking down to her hands in her lap. “Rose just said that the man upstairs was trying to tell me something, and that I should use this blackout to seduce you.”
“I am really starting to like Rose,” I said with a smile.
“Good, because apparently she and your brother have gotten extremely close.”
“Eww, I don’t want nor need to hear about Em’s sex life. I would however, love to hear more about this seduction plan.”
She gapped at me with red cheeks completely speechless.
“You’re really not good at this whole friends thing are you?” She said with a little laugh.
“I mean not really, but I am willing to let you teach me.”
“You’ve got to stop saying stuff like that, making me swoon is completely unfair,” she said punching me in the chest.
“This coming from the person that’s sitting here naked.”
“Excuse you perv, I am not naked. But if it’s bothering you I’ll get dressed.”
As she was scooting over to get off the bed I grabbed her by the arm and pulled her body towards mine. Our lips met and just like on the beach, kissing her was the most amazingly pleasurable feeling I’ve ever had.
“Edward,” she said pulling away.
I pulled her back to me and I kissed her again.
“We shouldn’t…”
And again…
She stopped resisting the kiss and started running her hands through my hair. I slowly undid her towel pulling if off of her. I grabbed her by her lower back and rolled her her onto her back. Our bare chests were pressed up against each other and my errection was ready to get inside of her pussy.
I started kissing down her jaw making my way down to her collarbone and then her amazingly perky perfect breast. I cupped one in my hand and started licking and sucking on the other one. Her nipple poked up in anticipation and I played with it, with my tongue.
Bella let out this cute little moan that made my dick push harder against the restraint of my boxer-breifs. I continued to play with her amazing tits as Isabella pulled my underwear down releasing my cock from his cotton prison.
“I shouldn’t do this,” Isabella said running her hands along the shaft of my cock.
I stopped kissing her and looked her in the eyes. “If you want to stop, we can.”
I sure as hell did not mean that, but it seemed like the appropriate thing to say.
“I didn’t ask you to stop, I said I shouldn’t do this, not that I am not going to do this.”
That was all I needed to hear and my lips were back on her soft skin. I kissed my way down her stomach towards the motherland. I pulled one of her legs up giving me better access. I placed a quick kiss on her opening before inserting my tongue and giving it a quick lick.
“Oh fuckin A!” She moaned shifting under me.
I slipped in one finger… and then another… moving them in and out of her slowly. God she was so wet. I pulled my fingers out sticking them into my mouth tasting her sweetness, before inserting them back inside of her moving them in and out quicker while I sucked her clit at the same time.
She was moving her hips and thrust her pussy on my fingers in rhythm with my hands. I felt the walls inside of her start to tighten around my fingers…
“Oh fuck Edward, I think I am about to cum.”
I continued rhythmically stroking the walls of her pussy with my fingers and started licking and sucking enjoying every last drop of her juices.
Her pussy walls around my fingers got real tight as the wave of her first orgasm rolled in.
“Holy… fuck…. EDWARD!” She panted running her hands through my hair.
I continued to lick and suck on her savoring all her sweetness.

~*~ Bella Swan ~*~

Oh. My. Fucking. God. I can’t even… that was the best fucking orgasm I’ve had in who knows how long. Clearly all those years of being a manhoe has taught Edward how to use that fucking tongue of his. I kept my eyes closed trying to enjoy every sensation coursing threw my body.
My eyes shot open the moment I no longer felt him touching me.
“What are you doing?” I asked seeing him standing next to the bed, hard as a fucking rock. I’ve seen a handful of penis in my life and his by far was the best one. “Why did you stop?”
“I… Fuck this is such rubbish. Believe me I want to keep going, I really want to fuck you senseless. But, karma is a ruthless bitch and I don’t want something like this to happen once we’re together.”
“You’re in a relationship, even though we both know we belong together it just doesn’t feel right. Not yet anyway. When we make love I want it to be just the two of us in a relationship. I mean how would you feel if you found out that bloke of yours was shagging someone else while you were out of town?”
Fuck he had a point, and the only point I wanted right now was clearly not about to be inserted into me.
“You have a point, I’d be pissed. Hell, I was pissed,” I said rubbing the palms of my hands against my eyes.
“He cheated on you, how could he have shagged someone else when he has you at home?”
“No… no… it was nothing like that. His ex popped up at the hospital the other day to check on him. I got pissed that she was there and I wasn’t and told him to kick her ass to the curb. So I get it…”
“We should probably get dressed or something. Sitting around naked only leads to one place.”
I am not feeling him making much sense right now… why couldn’t he just fuck me senseless like he did all those whores back in London? I watched him as he pulled his underwear back on trying to force his cock to stay down. It defintely wouldn’t stay down and Edward finally got tired of trying and let the tent stay.
I walked over to the closet and pulled on a pair of sweats and a t-shirt. I was walking back over towards Edward when the power came back on.
“Well, I am going to head back, don’t want Caius or anyone to worry,” he said walking into the bathroom to get his clothes.
“You don’t have to leave, you know, I mean we could just hang out without you hanging out.”
“To be honest, I don’t think I can stay any longer and keep my hands off you. Every fiber in me is begging me to rip those clothes off you and fuck you all over this place,” he said pulling his jeans back on.
I just stood there speechless, I mean what do you say to that? He buttoned his shirt back up and walked over towards me grabbing me behind the neck.
“You’re too fucking sexy for your own good. I want you to pick me Isabella, I want you to pick me and love me, and be with only me. I know there’s history between you and him, and that it’s not an easy thing I am asking you. But I believe in this, this electricity between us isn’t a fluke and we shouldn’t ignore it. I’ll try to be patient but I want you to know that I want you and I am not giving up,” he said before pulling my lips to his and kissing me.
I melted, literally melted as his tongue massaged mine, kissing him was better than chocolate. Like the really expensive kind that gives you an orgasm just by eating it. His kisses were that fucking good.
“When you make a decision, you know where to find me,” he said releasing me and walking towards the door. “Oh and Isabella, if I was you I’d start looking for a sorry I dumped you gift. I don’t imagine Jake is going to take it too well,” He gave me a quick wink before walking out of the door.
Cocky bastard… who said I was going to pick him anyway? Oh who am I kidding, I wanted him in every way imaginable and that fucking tease licked me all good and proper trying to sway me in his direction. How is a girl suppose to choose between to extremely sexy guys? No really, I need someone to tell me cause I have no clue.
The rest of the day went by uneventfully, the storm slowed down and I ordered roomservice and just sat around in my sweats eating and watching movies. Watching Sandra Bullock blackmailing her hot as hell assistant into marrying her was definitely more relaxing then thinking about my own relationship problems.
Several hours and a tub of chocolate fudge brownie ice cream later, I was on the verge of sleep when my cell beeped. I grabbed it off the sidetable and checked the message.

Hey B, sorry hanging up on you earlier the doctor wanted to talk to me.
I heard about the storm on the news, I’ve been trying to call you but apparently all of the circuits are busy. I really hope you’re safe call me when you can.
~Love you, Jake
Fuck me… while I was getting the best tongue action I’ve ever had, and I mean ever. Jake was in the hospital with his father worried about me. Jake and Edward are not making this an easy decision. Where the hell is Rose? I could really use my best friend right now… and another thing of Ben & Jerry’s. I sent Rose a text telling her I really needed to talk to her and then called room service. Might as well continue to drown my sorrows in more chocolate fudge brownie.
I laid in bed eating my second carton of ice cream trying to make a decision when it hit me. I was actually thinking about throwing away a relationship and friendship with someone I’ve known for someone I met three days ago… who does that??? This was crazy…

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