Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Chapter 10 - One and Only Pt 2

I dare you to let me be your, your one and only
I promise I'm worthy to hold in your arms
So come on and give me the chance
To prove that I'm the one who can
Walk that mile until the end starts
I know it ain't easy
Giving up your heart
Nobody's perfect, trust me I've learnt it
I know it ain't easy, giving up your heart

One and Only ~ Adele

Authors Note: Sorry the wait for part two took so long. The ending had to be rewritten a few times and I am currently out of town for a work-training thing so I've been busy to say the least. I am going to keep this pretty brief and just thank you all for loving Princeward & Co. You guys rock my socks and I am so happy that you come back update after update.
I love you all. D. A. Walls

~*~ Bella Swan ~*~
"Bella are you coming, the pilot has the okay for us to take off," Rose asked from behind me.
I turned and nodded. "I'll be just one minute."
I stood there and watched as Rose walked away from the open door and slowly turned around to see Edward walking away. I ran down the stairs nearly falling face first onto the runway twice, towards Edward and calling out for him to stop. I ran up to him as he was turning around, threw my arms around his neck, and pulled him into a hug.
"It is you too." I whispered into his mouth before giving him a deep kiss.
"Isabella I love you so much," he said wrapping his arms around me and holding me tightly against his body, kissing me as if it would be the last time. Now nothing else mattered and I just wanted to stay in that embrace for as long as possible.
"Bella… Bella… ISABELLA!" Rose yelled snapping me out of my daydream.
I turned around and looked up to her before turning to see Edward slowly walking away.
"Yeah, I am ready to go," I said walking up the stairs and boarding the plane.
I took my seat in the back by myself, and watched as Edward took one longing look towards the plane before getting inside of his waiting car with Caius and pulling away. I cannot believe I let him leave without telling him exactly how I felt about him. Well I can look back on this trip and know that I met an amazing person, and had a fucking awesome time with him regardless of how it ended.
I turned and looked across the aisle from me and saw Rose and Emmett cuddled up together. Even though my love life was a disaster, it was great to see Rose completely smitten and happy with someone for the first time in forever.
I grabbed my purse from the seat next to me and fished out my cell phone. I sent Jake one quick message letting him know we would be landing in about three hours. We had reached cruising altitude and the fasten seatbelt sign turned off. I stood up to stretch my legs and realized couples surrounded me. Feeling like the seventh wheel surrounded by all the happy couples I decided to go to up to the next cabin where Laurent and Marcus were playing some sports game.
"Ms. Swan, can we get you anything?" Marcus asked as I took a seat next to him.
"No Marcus I am fine, I just needed to be in a room where you cannot feel the love in the air; I was starting to feel suffocated."
"Well you're more than welcome to sit up here with us, although I doubt Marcus would want you to see me kick his arse." Laurent said as his team scored the winning goal.
"Oh sod off, I want a rematch you lying cheat."
"Oh don't be such a bloody sore loser, you lost fair and square."
Watching two men that were so stoic the entire time we were in Jamaica arguing over a soccer game was hilarious. I pulled my legs under me and watched as they re-picked their teams and started a new match. Being around these two overly competitive guys and watching them play video games was the best. I sat back and spent the next hour laughing and drinking a beer without a care in the world.

~*~ Jacob Black ~*~
I had been watching my dad lying lifeless in this bed for almost two weeks without him even moving an inch. Every day I would come here as soon as visiting hours started and sit in this stupid ass uncomfortable chair all day watching him. Waiting for him to wake up and laugh at me for wasting an opportunity to be with my girl in the Caribbean because I was sitting by his bedside instead. I just knew that any moment now he would wake up, laugh that loud obnoxious laugh of his and tell me to get my ass to Jamaica. Instead of laughter, the only sound that could be heard was the slow beep of his heart monitor and the clicking of high heels walking towards the door. I did not even need to turn around to know who had just walked into my dad's hospital room. I knew that walk anywhere, I was so ashamed that I had given into the grief of this situation and actually had sex with Charlotte the other day. The grief was so bad that I had not had the courage to actually talk to Bella because I knew she would be able to hear the betrayal in my voice over the phone. It was not until the situation with my father got worse that I realized how big of a mistake I made with Charlotte and that I actually needed Bella here with me.
"Charlotte, I need you to leave. Bella will be here in less than two hours and you are definitely the last person she'll want to see."
"Jakey, I don't give a rat's ass what Bella wants. You're about to do the hardest thing you will ever have to do in your entire life and that heifer could not even be here for you. When will you see that she's not girlfriend material and that we belong together?" She asked walking up behind me and placing her hand on my shoulder.
"Char, stop it," I said standing up and stepping back away from her. "I do not want you here. There is nothing left between us and I think you should go before my girlfriend gets here."
"You deserve so much better than her. We have a connection that you and she will never have and you know it. When we made love the other day we connected on a level that I know you have never connected on with her."
"Charlotte I am asking you nicely to leave, please leave, before I have to call security."
"Whoa, what's going on here?" Paul asked walking into the room followed closely by Angela. "Jake is everything okay?"
"Yeah," I said looking from Paul back to Charlotte. "Everything's fine, Charlotte was just leaving."
"Char why don't I walk you out, that way Paul and Jake can have some time alone," Angela said motioning towards the door.
Charlotte just stood there staring at me with tears pooling the bottom of her eyes. "Yeah okay, but when she hurts you, and we both know she will I'll be here for you to help put the pieces back together."
I watched as Charlotte and Angela walked out of the room arm in arm. Charlotte was wrong, there was no way Bella would ever hurt me the way I knew I was about to hurt her, to know that I cheated on her with Charlotte would definitely put an end to us. I just hoped she would be able to find it in her heart to forgive me. I do not think I can stand to lose my dad and Bella in the same week.
"Dude what was that about?" Paul asked sitting down in the spare chair at the end of the bed. "What was she still doing here? I thought you said she flew back home days ago."
"Yeah, I did," I said sitting back down and looking at my father's lifeless body. "If she would have just left when I – I asked her to none of this would ever have happened."
"What wouldn't have happened exactly?"
"Paul I fucked up… I fucked everything with Bella up and now she's on her way here and will probably end up leaving me just like I left Charlotte."
"Yeah right, are we talking about the same Bella… Bella Swan? The same Bella that stood in line for seven hours to get you the iPad last Christmas, and missed an entire week of class to take care of you when you got the flu two months ago? We can't be talking about the same B. Swan cause that girl loves you more than you know."
"Paul I am serious, I did to Bella the same thing that I fucking left Charlotte for. What does that say about me, that I was so hurt and pissed that Charlotte cheated on me that I dumped her, turned around, and cheated on my next girlfriend with the last one… It says that I, Jacob Black am a complete and utter asshole that doesn't deserve someone as awesome as Bella."
"Okay I was expecting a pity party when I got here but this isn't the one I had in mind. Bella is one of the most understanding people I have ever met and if you explain to her how this happened she'd understand."
"Dude it's not like I forgot to feed her dog or water her plants while she was gone, I cheated on her. Bella asked me to get rid of Charlotte because she was worried something like this would happen."
"You're under estimating her, and I think you're wrong."
I really hoped Paul was right and I was under estimating how much Bella loved me and that she will somehow be okay with this. If she did not understand, I'd have to find a way to get her to understand because I couldn't lose Bella, she meant too much to me not to mention she's all I have left now. I just cannot let a stupid mistake with someone that does not even matter to me get in the way of that.
Paul and Angela went back to their hotel about an hour later to get some rest after flying across the country. I was just about to leave to go and meet Bella and Rose at the airport when my dad's lawyer stopped by to discuss his Living Will with me. Apparently, with his death pending my decision there were some legal things we needed to discuss.

~*~ Bella Swan ~*~
We landed in Wilmington around 4:30 and went right to the hotel that was down the street from the hospital. It was great to be out of Jamaica; no it was better than great it was amazing. The flight back from Jamaica was not that bad, but who can complain about being on a private jet and not having to deal with airport security. I spent the majority of the flight off by myself thinking. Rose was absolutely right; being in Jamaica with Edward was a nice fling. There was no reason what happened there needed to effect anything with Jake. Being in Jamaica was clearly doing something to my common sense I was not thinking like the sane rational adult that I usually am. Luckily, now that I am back around Jake I can get Edward completely out of my system.
Alice, Bree and the boys decided to find different accommodations since they were traveling with a posse. Alice promised to call me as soon as they were settled and would meet me at the hospital since she and Bree were dying to meet Jake. The cab Rose and I took from the airport pulled up in the front of the hotel that Jake had suggested. As the driver was helping Rose lift her oversized suitcase out of the trunk, I noticed a man standing across the street, behind a light pole staring in our direction. The closer I looked I noticed he had a small camera in his hand as well. This is so weird.
"What are you looking at?" Rose asked.
I turned around to look at her trying to gather all her bags and drag them to the door. I looked over my shoulder and the man was gone.
"I could have sworn I saw someone back there, with a camera. I must be more jet lagged than I thought."
"B, it's a little late for you to be getting jungle fever maybe you need to take a nap before you go visit Jake," Rose said as the doors slid open.
"Um, Rose… jungle fever is when… oh never mind." I said rolling my suitcase to door and walking into the lobby of the hotel. "Besides, I would feel bad knowing that I flew all the way here to be with Jake and didn't go and see him the minute I landed."
"Well, look whose back from their getaway," Paul said getting off the elevator and walking over to us.
"Paul! Oh. My. Gawwwd. You have perfect timing, you strong, helpful, sexy man you." Rose said laying the charm on a little thick.
"What do you need Rose?" He asked rolling his eyes.
"Paul would you be a dear and help us poor, weak ladies with our bags. Please and thank you," Rose said flashing her seductive smile.
Paul looked Rose up and down for a moment before smiling and agreeing. He walked over, grabbed our bags quickly, before leading us to the counter to check in.
We checked in and with Paul's recommendation, we made sure to get a room on the same floor as him. We grabbed our room keys off the counter and headed towards the elevators
"So Paul where is that bitch of a girlfriend of yours?" Rose asked as the elevator doors opened revealing Angela who rolled her eyes the minute she saw us.
"Well if it isn't the whore of the floor. I'd say welcome back, but I am assuming your back is still sore from you laying on it for the past two weeks." Angela said to Rose before turning to me. "Oh… and look if it isn't the girlfriend that chose to vacay instead of being with her man, while his father is on his death bed. Guess your failure as a girlfriend is Charlotte's blessing in disguise."
"Ang… please," Paul hissed.
"Angela, Jess isn't here to defend you so why don't you crawl back into the hole that you came out of and die," Rose said pushing past her onto the elevator. "However, if you must know, Bella and I left Jamaica and flew right here and Bella has been nothing but the perfect doting girlfriend during Jake's grief, even if she couldn't physically be here with him."
"And you can be sure to tell that slut of a friend of yours that she can hover all over Jake all she wants, but I know he wants me, so she might as well back off," I said following Rose into the elevator.
"Yeah well I don't need Jessica to defend me, and from what I heard Jake couldn't keep his hands off of Charlotte and that's why she's still in town."
"Angela, stop it, now!" Paul said before walking to the elevator.
"Paul where do you think you're going?" Angela asked as he followed us into the elevator.
"I am just…" Paul started before being interrupted.
"Oh haven't you heard he's bored with you and wants a real woman," Rose said pushing the button for our floor and holding onto Paul as the doors closed.
"I am gonna have to hear about this all night, thanks Rose," Paul said with a smile.
"Well, let's be honest you could so do better than that harpy," Rose said.
"Rose, stop. Paul if you're happy then that's all that matters," I said giving him a reassuring look.
"Thanks Bella, that's why I've always liked you, unlike that high maintenance Charlotte, Jake's real lucky to have you."
"Are you serious? This coming from the man that's dating the equally high maintenance Angela," Rose said rolling her eyes.
"Yeah well I wanted you but you wouldn't give me the time of day, so…"
"That doesn't mean you had to downgrade. I mean Jessica is one of my closest friends next to Bella but why she's still friends with Angela I'll never understand, no offense."
"Anyway… Bella, I know Jake is going to be glad to see you."
"Thanks, Paul. Although I know for a fact Jake has been enjoying his time with Charlotte while I was in Jamaica."
"What? You didn't tell me anything about that." Rose said looking shocked.
"Bella don't worry, Jake's a good dude and he loves you like… well like a fat kid loves cake. I am sure once the two of you are back together none of this other stuff will matter."
"Yeah well people do all kinds of out of character things sometimes without meaning them," I replied looking down at my feet.
"Yeah people do, but Jake would never intentionally hurt you and I would know he's my best friend after all."
"Yeah well, Jake pocket-dialed me the other day, I heard him talking to Charlotte and I know something happened, so… yeah," I said walking off the elevator and pulling my suitcase down the hall towards our room.
As I stopped at our door, trying to get the stupid keycard to work, I could hear Rose and Paul up the hall whispering about something. Knowing Rose, she was trying to find out what was going on with Jake and Charlotte. I on the other hand did not care to know any more than I did, at least not at the moment. I left my bags by the door, walked over and fell down on my bed in exhaustion. Hotel beds are nice, but nothing compares to being in your own bed, sadly, I won't be able to sleep in my own bed until after my trip to New York. I got a text from Alice letting me know that they found a house to rent by the river and wanted to meet up for dinner. The last thing I remembered was Rose and Paul's voices from the other side of the door before I fell into a dreamless sleep.
My eyes popped open and judging by the lack of light coming in from the window, I had slept a lot longer than I had anticipated. Once I was fully awake, I realized I was no longer in bed alone. I slowly rolled over and came face to face with Jake's sleeping face. I sat up slowly hoping not to disrupt his sleeping.
"It's about time you woke up, I was starting to think you were sleeping to try and avoid me," he said as a smile spread across his caramel face.
"Yeah well everyone doesn't wake up Rose beautiful some of us require beauty rest," I said laying back down and snuggling against him.
"Please, you're plenty beautiful Rose doesn't have anything on you B."
I could feel the embarrassing warm sensation coursing through my cheeks and I just knew I was as red as a fire engine. It was great to be back with Jake, I almost forgot how easy it was for us to just be us around each other.
"Speaking of my vastly unattractive best friend, where is she?"
"She said something about going to see some guy and having an itch scratched. I am assuming it's this guy she met in Jamaica you told me about. What was his name… Edward right?"
I sat up abruptly breaking off all contact with Jake. Hearing Jake say Edward's name seemed… wrong on many levels. Laying here in Jake's arms made me feel dirty; I didn't deserve to feel comfort in his embrace knowing that I spent the past week canoodling with a perfect stranger. A perfect… copper haired, green eyed, crooked smile, Adonis body having sex on a stick stranger.
"Emmett his name is Emmett." I said playing with my hands in my lap. "Jake I know this isn't the best time but we need to talk."
"I've talked to Paul, so I figured this was coming," he said sitting up and exposing his twelve pack, granted it was more like eight, but boy was it fun to look at. "B, I know you over heard Charlotte and I talking and I know you have an idea of what happened but I need to explain."
I had to force myself to bring my attention back to his face and away from his abs. If he didn't put a shirt on this was going to be the hardest conversation I've ever had to have.
"Jake this isn't just about you hooking up with Charlotte, although that pisses me off, but I don't really have room to complain because…"
"No… no… you're wrong. You do have room to complain Bella. I was supposed to be faithful to you. I came here to be with my dying father not to sleep with my crazy ex-girlfriend. I was just so caught up in my grief over my dad essentially never waking up that I wasn't even thinking clearly. I love you so much Bella and I would try to understand if you didn't want to be with me anymore. But you have to know that I would never intentionally hurt you like this, I would never willingly cheat on and hurt you like this. I don't deserve to be with someone as great as you."
"Jake stop, you're not the only one that's made some mistakes. If I had only left Jamaica earlier or not even have gone to begin with everything would be different."
"I can't let you take responsibility for my mistakes. But I need you Bella, spending time with Char… with her… has shown me that she's not my soul mate you are. Being with you is so easy and fun, and that's what I want… no that's what I need, an effortless love that is just all consuming and makes life worth living."
"Jake… I…"
There was an unsettling feeling running through my body and before I knew it I was dry heaving trying to reach the waste basket before the contents of my stomach came back up. I made it to the basket just in time, as I kneeled in front of the basket I felt Jake come up behind me and pull my hair out of the way before rubbing soothing circles on my back. It was moments like this, that I remembered how much he truly meant to me.
"B, are you feeling okay? Do you want me to go and get you anything for your stomach?"
"No… no I think I am fine," I said wiping my mouth with the back of my hand.
"This isn't exactly how I had planned this but, our love isn't fancy and it isn't perfect but it is ours," he said reaching into his pocket. "Isabella Marie Swan, will you…"
"Jake stop, I cheated on you…"
The moment the words left my lips all the color drained from his face and he fell backwards on his butt and just stared at me as if I had two heads. But, I couldn't have him propose to me and not know the entire truth, I just couldn't live with myself knowing he'd been honest with me and I was still lying.
"You… you did what?" He managed to ask pulling his hand back out of his pants pocket.
"After you pocket dialed me and I heard you and Charlotte talking about sleeping together, or what I assumed was you two sleeping together I was so pissed and angry that I… I slept with Emmett's brother Edward."
"You let me go on and on about how big of a mistake I made with Charlotte and didn't say anything? What were you going to keep this a secret the rest of your life?"
"Jake, I was trying to tell you but you… well you kept cutting me off so I figured maybe it was for the best."
"For the best… really Bella I've been feeling so guilty and torn up about what I did and you can sit here and so casually tell me you cheated on me as if it isn't a big deal."
He stood up and started pacing the floor. "Be honest with me for a second B, were you ever really planning to tell me about him?"
I looked everywhere but in the direction of Jake's face. I tucked my hair behind my ear and took a deep breath. "I had every intention of telling you when I got back. I spent the entire plane ride back from Jamaica trying to figure out how I was going to tell you. But when I woke up with you next to me and you started talking about Charlotte and how guilty you felt… I don't know, I took the weak and cowardly way out I know this and I am sorry. But I don't think either of us really has the right to be that angry considering we both cheated."
"Do you have feelings for him?" he asked stopping right in front of me.
I looked up silently, not really knowing what to say to that. I did have strong feelings for Edward. "Yeah, I do," I said as our eyes met.
"I can't…"
"Knock, knock," Rose said walking into the room hand in hand with Emmett. "Oh good, you're both up and semi decent. Looking extremely good Jake," she said winking at him.
"Rose this really isn't a good time," I said standing up wiping the tears from my eyes.
"Well we can come back, we just wanted to know if you two wanted to come to dinner with us, you know a proper double date," said Emmett as he wrapped an arm around Rose's waist pulling her into him.
I turned to look at Jake who'd barely looked in my direction since I told him about Edward. I just needed any clue to decipher how he was feeling.
"You three go ahead, I need to get back and check on my dad," he said grabbing his shirt off the floor next to the bed and pulling it on. "Rose, Emmett it was nice… meeting you," he turned and gave me a pained look before walking out of the room.
The door clicked shut and all eyes were on me. "What the hell was that about?"
"Rose I can't talk about it, not now." I said willing my tears to find another home because I refused to shed another tear over this situation.
"Why don't I give you two a moment alone, I'll wait for you downstairs," Emmett said kissing Rose on the cheek and leaving the room.
"Okay B, spill it what's going on?"
Before I could say anything, the remaining contents of my stomach decided to make an appearance and my head was back inside of the wastebasket.
"Bella you need to relax, all of this stressing you're doing isn't healthy," Rose said walking over and pulling my hair back. "I know this doesn't happen often but maybe I was wrong. Maybe you should just tell Jake what happened with Edward and be done with it. I'd rather you deal with that fallout then have the stress of keeping the secret kill you."
"Rose, I…"
"I mean granted Jake is probably going too severely over react and he'll probably get all sulky and depressed… oh my god Bella you told him?"
I pulled my head out of the wastebasket and wiped my mouth on the back of my sleeve. "Yeah I told him, right after he admitted he cheated on me with Charlotte. I figured I might as well confess as well since he was."
"Wow I am proud, you know how I feel about expressing yourself and not repressing things."
"Oh really… so are you planning to tell Peter that you have a boyfriend now, especially since you just told him two weeks ago that you don't do relationships?."
"Look here Isabella Swan, this isn't about me. It's about you and the fact that you have two amazing guys fighting over you and you're juggling them horribly."
I pulled my hair up into a messy ball, walked over and sat down on the bed. "Rose I honestly don't know what I am doing. I love Jake, I really do, but at the same time, I'd be lying if I didn't admit to having feelings for Edward as well. I just… I just don't know."
"B, let's be honest. What you and Edward had was nice, while it lasted, in Jamaica. Now he's back in London and you're back to your life here. A life that was pretty fucking amazing before Edward walked into it and I am sure it'll still be pretty fucking amazing without him in it."
"I doubt that," I said mainly to myself.
"Please… please… tell me you didn't really start to fall in love with him. What happened to it just being a nice little fling while on vacation? You can't turn a fling into a relationship Bella, it doesn't work that way. It's like a man trying to turn a hoe into a housewife; specific relationships are designed to do specific things."
"Rose I didn't mean to fall for him, and honestly I didn't think he was serious about me until he came to the airport. When he showed up he told me I was the one, his one and only and that he'll never love another woman as much as me."
"Oh wow… please excuse my lack of excitement but what crappy romantic comedy did he get that from?
"You don't think he meant it?" I asked starting to doubt what I thought was true.
"Yes of course, he always means it. Come on Bella he came to Jamaica to get away from one woman he loved and left, with his newest plaything, and left her the moment he got bored and wanted you. I just don't want you to get hurt, Jake's an amazing man that up until recently has never hurt you and I strongly believe he's who you should be with."
As much as it pained me to hear, what Rose was saying about Edward, a small part of me knew it was true. Edward has been with many women, and it's foolish of me to think that I am going to be the one that he'd finally settle down for. No, I needed to be with a man that treated me like a queen and not just a number. Whether that was Jake or Edward had yet to be determined.
I was sitting there deep in my thoughts processing everything that has happened over the last few weeks when Rose sat down next to me and pulled me into a hug.
"B, I am sorry for butting in. I mean you are a strong, smart, and extremely loving person and I know that you do not need my advice to make the right decisions about your life. It's just that you've been there for me during all the good times, every break up and all the other losers in between so I just wanted to be there for you for a change."
"Rose you're the best friend I've ever had, you don't have to change a thing. But I appreciate it."
"Good, so the bigger question is what are you going to do?"
"Rosie," the voice on the other side of the door said followed by a knock.
"Oh damn, I forgot we were supposed to be going on a dinner date," Rose said hoping up and getting the door.
I was surprised to see not only Emmett at the door but Jake too.
"Hey babe, Jake needs a minute with Bella but if you're ready he said they'd meet us at Fat Tony's and of course Alice insisted that they join us as well, so they're there waiting for us."
"Oh well… Bella are you going to be okay?" Rose asked grabbing her jacket.
"Yeah you two go ahead, I'll meet you all in a little while."
Rose gave me a reassuring glance and walked out with Emmett. I looked down at the floor for a moment to gather what little strength I had left for this coming argument I was about to have with Jake.
"Bella I am so sorry, I had no right to be mad at you for doing something I did. Especially when you only did it as a reaction to finding out that, I was not faithful. I was downstairs angry and ready to do something stupid when I had a conversation with Emmett that made a lot of since."
"Wait… Emmett? Rose's Emmett, the one that was just here?"
"Yeah, he's pretty insightful, and made a good point. He reminded me no relationship was perfect and people make mistakes that hurt each other. However, you have to decide if a relationship is worth fighting for and if so, is the problem something you can try to get over and work through."
"Do you want to work through it?" I asked butterflies in my stomach flying around like crazy.
"I do, I really, really do. First, I have to know if I should be worried at all about Edward. I mean I can assure you that I want nothing else to do with Charlotte. However, knowing that you have real feelings for Edward changes everything."
I just stared at him not sure how to answer that question. I mean I am pretty sure that I was starting to fall in love with Edward. But, how realistic was that when he lived in a completely different country on a completely different side of the world than me. What was I talking about, sitting in front of me was a man that loved me for whom I was and didn't care about my past. How fucking dumb would I have to be to pass this up for a fantasy I have about a man I'll never see again.
"He's not an issue; in all reality unless Rose and Emmett end up getting married I'll never see him again. What I have with you is real and I love you enough to want to try and fix things," I said pulling him into a kiss, as much as it's going to hurt I have to just suppress my feelings for Edward and enjoy my life with Jake.
"Earlier before you told me about you and him I was going to ask you something pretty important and life changing," he said as we sat there forehead to forehead.
"Jake, I can't marry you."
Jake just leaned back looked at me with a huge smile on his face before bursting out laughing. I wasn't sure if I should be offended or just pleased that he wasn't upset that I was turning down his marriage proposal.
"I am not asking you to marry me, not yet anyway so don't worry. But, I do believe this is the next best thing. Isabella, I love you more than I ever thought possible. After recent events, I feel like this is a perfect time for us to start over and start fresh, especially since after tomorrow when I pull my dad's plug you'll be all I have left. So I'd love it if you'd do me the pleasure of moving in with me," he said pulling the little black box out of his pocket and opening it to reveal a shiny gold key.
I couldn't believe it… after everything we've done with Charlotte and Edward he still wanted me to be a part of his life and move in with him. If Edward wanted to be with me, he'd be here right now fighting for me the way Jake is. I know it's stupid to expect him to fly all the way here and ask me again to be with him but a girl can dream. Luckily, my decision was made for me the moment Jake came back and told me that he wanted to work on our relationship and not end it.
"Yes, Jake I'd love to move in with you."

~*~ Edward Cullen ~*~
I sat in the car as it pulled away from the jet about to take my girl back to her loser boyfriend. What in sodding hell was I doing not going with her, fighting for her, doing what it takes to make her mine. I know it'd be selfish since that poor bloke is about to lose his father but still, she was mine. She belonged with me and any and everyone knew it.
"Caius you have to turn around. I have to get on that plane."
"No can do, I gave Vikki my word that I'd make sure you made your flight to London tonight and that you would not get held up for any reason."
"I can handle Victoria; this media tour can wait a day or two. I have to see her again, I can't let her just leave like this."
"Well it's too late, the jet has already taken off," Caius said as the roar of the jet's engines could be heard overhead.
It only took a few minutes for my future to just fly away from me and out of my grasps.
"Fine, let's just go and check in and get off this stupid island," I said looking out of my window and watching the jet and Bella get smaller as they flew further into the sky.
We drove around to the main airport in complete silence. We arrived at the airport and Caius parked the car while I checked in. We had about a thirty-minute wait before the plane was set to take off. I sent Alice a few texts asking about Isabella and she kept responding back with one word bloody messages. It was so infuriating. So I decided to text Em, who told me that she was fine and playing video games with Laurent and Marcus. Going through the priority security checkpoint took no time at all and before I knew it, I was sitting in my first class seat back to London next to Caius.
"Your Highness welcome back, I have a full schedule set for the next few days so I'd appreciate as much cooperation as possible. But first I need to discuss this current issue with you," Victoria said throwing a copy of Gossip in my lap.
I looked down at the cover and was mortified to see a picture of Isabella and me taking up the entire cover the night of my birthday party under the headline. 'New Royal Couple, Will We Get An American Princess?'
"Now I do recall when I spoke with you prior to your birthday, I asked… no I pleaded with you to stay out of the spotlight. I do not know about you, but this isn't what I had in mind when I told you that."
"Vikki, look I didn't mean for this to happen, I was just so happy that she came to the dinner that I couldn't help myself but to kiss her. Granted, I probably could have waited until there was not a mob of photographers outside."
"Do you have any idea how many calls we've had about who the girl in this picture is? I hope you know, word has leaked about who she is, and where she lives. So I pray she doesn't do anything stupid that'll cause any more of a scandal."
"Vikki, I know this is important, but I've been on a plan for nearly twelve hours and I am sleepy. Is there any way we can discuss this later?"
"No, I need to have you briefed and ready to go for your Good Day London appearance at 9:15 and that only gives me roughly thirty minutes. Not to mention I need to get you changed into a presentable suit, get that stubble off your face and find someone that can tame your hair."
Victoria finished going over her list of what I can and cannot talk about during my appearance and I in turn proceeded to tune her out and daydream about what it'd be like to bring Isabella to London for the first time and have her get to know me in my natural environment. We arrived at the Good Day London studio and I was whisked into a dressing room where I was dressed, shaved, and groomed for my appearance.
The interview went well, I discussed the upcoming charity work I had planned not to mention the upcoming BAFTA Awards in Los Angeles this coming July. Of course, once I brought up my trip to America the flood gates opened spawning question after question about the mystery American girl that I photographed with at my birthday dinner. I told the reporter that I respected her privacy enough not to broadcast her name to the entire United Kingdom and that I hope that the media will respect her privacy as well.
The interview ended and I was ushered off to another one and another one after that. By the end of the day I was so tired and ready to go to bed I would have slept any bloody where at that point.
"Edward you did great today, I am going to clear your schedule for tomorrow because I understand you're tired from your trip. However, we are starting fresh bright and early Monday, so get plenty of rest this weekend," Victoria said as the car pulled up outside of Clarence House so that I could get some rest.
"Thanks Vikki, I'll see you bright and early Monday," I said getting out of the car and closing the door behind me.
I walked up the walkway greeting the guards outside the front door before walking in. It was weird being in the house alone. Usually there are at least two of us home at a time or none of us at all. I do not think I've ever really stayed here alone before. I walked through the foyer and up the marble staircase leading to the second floor. I looked down the corridor towards Emmett's apartment before heading down the opposite direction towards my study.
I walked over to my desk and turned on my laptop, I went to the first travel website I could think of and tried to find the first flight to Wilmington, I had to fight for Isabella, and I could not just let her go. The earliest flight leaving Heathrow was at 7:45 in the morning and I would arrive in Wilmington around 4:10 that afternoon. This would give me plenty of time to track down Isabella, convince her to return to London and live the rest of her life with me. I made the necessary arrangements, called, and made sure a car would be here around 5:45 to take me to the airport.
I went to bed that night extremely happy to know that I would be reunited with the love of my life in less than twenty-four hours and then we would hopefully live happily ever after. Nothing and no one would get in my way of making Isabella mine forever.

~*~ Bella Swan ~*~
Jake's father passed away early this morning after being off the ventilator for nearly 24 hours. I wish I could say that Jake was handling this better, but he has just been overcome with grief ever since he pulled the plug. When he got the call that Billy had passed away, he just up and left my hotel room and I have not seen or heard from him in the past seven hours, I was worried to say the least.
I took a cab to meet Rose at the house the Cullen's were renting where she had been staying with Emmett since Jake and I recommitted to each other. I pulled up and was in awe of the miniature Victorian house that was apparently historical like all of the other houses in this neighborhood.
"Afternoon Bella, any luck finding Jake?" Jasper asked as he opened the front door.
"No not yet, I've been calling him and Paul all afternoon and both phones are going straight to voicemail. I want to take comfort in the fact that they're together but I am afraid what kind of trouble the two of them are getting into," I said walking into the foyer.
"Well Riley and I are about to go to a few bars… you know for observation."
"It's cool Jasper, I wouldn't ask you to derail your vacation any more than you guys already have following me here to begin with."
"Well I'll go get Alice, she's been dying for you to get here," he said climbing the stairs to the second story.
"I don't care why you came, I told you not to come and that this wasn't a good… I'll have to call you back," Emmett, said walking around the corner into the foyer. "B. Swan what a pleasure it is to see you here, in our house, now."
I hesitated for a moment not sure how to answer that. "Thank you…"
"Well it's just that it's nearly 4:30 and I assumed that you'd be looking for that boyfriend of yours. Far, far, far away from here," he said looking rather nervous.
"Em, are you okay?"
"Yeah, I just think you and the girls should like go to the beach, on the other side of town and look for Jake there. You know, I've heard people find beaches very therapeutic in times like this."
"If I didn't know any better I'd think you were trying to get rid of me," I said eyeing him suspiciously.
"Who's trying to get rid of you?" Rose asked walking down the stairs with Alice and Bree in tow.
"Emmett is just being weird; I am starting to think he's trying to get me as far away from this house as possible."
Emmett gave Alice a knowing glance and she nodded quickly before turning towards Rose and I. "You know Bella, maybe we should go and stop by the hospital on our way to the beach."
"Umm, okay…" I said looking from Alice to a smiling Emmett.
Something was definitely going on with these two but I am too concerned for Jake right now to investigate any further. Alice asked Bree, Rose and I to wait outside while she grabbed her purse from the kitchen. As we were standing on the porch, I could hear Alice and Emmett faintly arguing about something in the background. However, they weren't close enough for me to make it out clearly enough.
"Bella I've been meaning to ask you, have you told Jake that you might be moving to New York so this whole living with him in Tacoma thing might be a nonstarter?"
"No Rose, he's been sort of distracted. Not to mention I really didn't want to add any more uncertainty to an already difficult situation and make him even more depressed."
"Um, I am pretty sure he's going to figure it out when you run off to New York next week for your job interview."
"You're thinking about moving to New York Bella?" Bree asked
"Well I have an interview for a job there next week, so we'll see what happens. Keep your fingers crossed for me," I said crossing my fingers.
"What are we crossing our fingers for?" Alice asked walking outside with her purse on her arm and phone in hand frantically texting.
"Bella has a job interview in New York next week, which I am sure she'll do fine but a little extra luck has never hurt anyone," Bree said in her usually bubbly tone.
"Oh well I am sure you'll do fine Bella, you're amazing and I am sure they'll be dying to have you teach at their school," Alice said finishing her text and throwing her phone in her bag with a smile.
The cab arrived and we all hopped inside and headed towards the hospital in search of Jake and Paul. With any luck, I'll find Jake and get him to pull it together before the funeral tomorrow.

~*~ Edward Cullen ~*~
I arrived in Wilmington a little earlier than anticipated because of the good weather. I texted Emmett when I landed to let him know that I had come to surprise Isabella and he was not as excited as I'd hoped. I could not be sure, but I had a feeling he was hiding something. I was all set to meet him at the house they had been renting when he texted me at the last minute and asked me to meet him at a pub not far from where he is staying.
I arrived at the pub early since it was not that far from the airport, which that was not far from the hospital. I guess I should not be surprised since this is a small city I was more surprised that it actually had an airport. I walked into the crowded pub and took the only available seat at the bar next to two blokes that were clearly pissed already.
I asked the bartender for whatever was on tap and got comfortable for my wait for Emmett. After about five minutes, I got a text from Em letting me know that he was running a little late and should be here soon. Typical Em, couldn't be on time to save his life, a problem I never had the luxury of having.
"Excuse me, 'an you pass me da nutz?" The man next to me slurred, leaning in my direction.
"Sure mate, no problem," I said sliding the bowl of nuts down to him.
"So watchu drinkin so early fo?" He asked me in between a handful of nuts.
"I am here to win back the love of my life," I said taking a sip of my beer. "She left me to go back to her boyfriend, so I came to fight for her."
"Ohh of course, I know how you feelz dude."
"Jake maybe we've 'ad enuff, we should go Bella find before she worries."
What the man next to him said had piqued my interest. What are the odds that out of all the bars in Wilmington I'd end up meeting Emmett in the one bar where Bella's Jake was getting pissed in the middle of the afternoon.
"I loved her so much you know, and then she went and – and fuck that dude in Jamaica."
"I know Jake, but it's over with him yah know, and she's movin in with you."
"Can you believe that man, she loves me and wants to be with me but she was with him and said she had feelings for him," he said leaning in my direction.
My brain was slowly trying to process the new information being thrown at me. Isabella was planning to move in with Jake. That cannot be true; she would not do that not after the time we have spent together. Especially since she told him, she had feelings for me, which means I was not out of the game just yet. I had turned around to get up and leave when I saw Emmett walking in. I waved at him to let him know I was here, and he froze when he realized who was sitting next to me.
"Ohh looksie who's it is, Emit hows ya doing?"
"Hey Jake, Paul, are you aware Bella has been driving all over town looking for you two, she's pretty worried," Emmett said walking up behind Jake.
"Emits, tis herez my new friend, what's ya name again?" He said turning to introduce me to Emmett.
"Edward, my names Edward," I said watching as the realization dawned on him.
He turned to Emmett for what I am assuming was confirmation, when Emmett slowly nodded his silent confirmation. "You somova bitch," Jake said as he turned towards me looking like he wanted to punch me clear across the face.
"Mate, I am so sorry about how things went down, but I am not going to apologies for loving her."
Jake's eyes bulged out of his head and for his skin to have been so tanned he turned an odd shade of red. He took an unsteady step back before wobbling out of the bar followed by Paul. I turned to Emmett who was looking half-mortified and half-amused by what just transpired.
"Well that didn't turn out at all the way we wanted it to…" Emmett said walking towards the door. "I should probably go and make sure they make it back to the hotel okay.
"Whose side are you on little brother? Last time I checked blood was thicker than water, and at the moment you aren't acting like it."
"You know I'll support you no matter what Edward, don't give me that shit, but I can't sit by and watch you destroy all of their lives. I've seen how they are together and how happy Bella is with him. If she was miserable or he wasn't a decent bloke I'd completely understand your campaigning for her affection but she's happy Edward so unless she's given you some sign that she wanted you I'd back off," Emmett said turning to walk back out the door.
"How dare you just walk away from me," I said following him outside. "I'll have you know that Isabella does have feelings for me she even told that Neanderthal of a boyfriend of hers that."
"Well you arrogant asshole that was before she agreed to move in with me. I don't see her rushing to run off to London to be with you."
"Well, that doesn't matter; I came all the way here to be with her. Beside's she's not moving in with you, you idiot she's moving to New York for her new job."
"You're lying, if Bella was moving to New York she would have told me, she wouldn't just make a decision like that without saying something to me," Jake said poking me in the chest with his index finger. The closer he got to me the strong the scent of beer became.
"You're just a jealous bastard that can't take no for an answer she doesn't want you anymore get over it and move on," he said before shoving me against the brick wall of the bar.
I stumbled forward for a moment before decking Jake across the face. To be honest I knew hitting him wasn't going to solve anything I was just sick of hearing his sodding voice talking about my relationship with Isabella as if he was a bloody authority on the matter. Jake took a step back touching his face where I had hit him, before rushing towards me like an angry bull seeing red.
"Emmett! What in the hell is Edward doing here?" Rose asked looking over her shoulder as she jogged towards Jake and I fighting.
"Look that's not important at the moment, the important thing is that Bella doesn't see these two idiots fighting on the street corner," Emmett said trying to get between us and break up the fight.
"Yeah well that's going to be a little hard considering she's checking out the other bar up the street and should be here soon."
"Why? Why is everyone trying so hard to keep her away from me?" I shouted from the ground. I had Jake pinned under me and was punching him in the face, while Emmett was keeping Paul away from me.
"Well for starters I don't believe you're good enough for her, secondly…" She started before turning an odd shade of green and running over to the trashcan next to the bar's door and throwing up.
"Rosie are you okay? That's the third time today, I honestly think you should see a doctor," Emmett said releasing Paul and running up next to her.
"No… no I am fine and hate doctors. Besides it is just a 48-hour bug, Bella has it too. We'll be fine."
"I still think both of you should see a doctor, we've all been together the past few weeks and none of us have caught this bug, maybe you two got something in Jamaica."
"Okay if it'll get you off my back I'll go to the doctor, but first we need to keep Bella from seeing your brother and Jake fighting."
"I think you're a little late." Came a voice behind us, we all turned around to see Bella standing there staring at me on top of Jake with his face all bloody.
"Isabella, it's so nice to see you. I really need to speak with you," I said getting off Jake and walking over towards her.
"What are you doing here?" She asked looking confused and angry. "And what in the hell would possess you to attack him like that?"
"Your boyfriend wasn't too happy to see me and one thing lead to another." I said with my nicest please don't be mad at me smile. "But don't worry I let him get in a few cheap shots before I kicked his ass."
Paul helped Jake to his feet and Isabella ran over to him and held his face in her hands.
"Bella I can't believe you didn't tell me about New York but you told him. Guess that answers my question about whether I should be worried." Jake said walking over to the curb with Paul still supporting his weight and getting into a cab.
Bella turned to me and the pain in her eyes was unbearable to see. She marched over to me and get right in my face. "What are you even doing here?"
"I came to fight for you, literally in this case and I am pretty sure I won."
"Yeah well, I am not some goddamn trophy that you can win and then sit on your mantle Edward. I have feelings and desires of my own and right now I am so mad at you that I can't even look at you."
"Isabella, do not be that way, I came here to tell you that I care about you and I want you. I don't care about Jake I want you in my life," I said grabbing her wrist and pulling her hands to my mouth for a kiss.
"Want to know what's funny," she said pulling her hands away from me. "Not once in that sentence did you mention or even ask who it is that I wanted. Yes, I have feelings for you Edward but the way you acted today… I just… I just can't deal with this right now, I have to go," she said turning around and walking over to the corner to hail a cab.
"Bella wait for me," Rose said giving me a dirty look before walking over to the cab that was pulling up and getting in after Bella.
Emmett and I stood there motionless watching as the cab pulled away from the curb and drove away.
"Well this was an utter disaster, I wasn't planning on you creating this colossal mess," Emmett said pulling his phone out of his pocket.
"Who are you calling?" I asked watching as Isabella's cab turned at the next intersection and drove out of sight.
"Alice, you've completely ruined our plan of getting you and Isabella together and now that she's pissed it's going to take some reinforcements to get her to calm down."
"What plan? What were you and Alice planning exactly and how do Isabella and I fit into this?"
"Well when you texted me earlier saying you were on your way Alice and I planned to get you and Bella to meet here at this pub, we were hoping you'd talk and maybe work something out. However, we were not anticipating Jake being here and you getting into a fight with him where Bella would see. I should have texted Alice the moment I saw Jake so that she wouldn't have sent Bella here to look for him."
"Hold the bloody phone, are you telling me that you let me blow up at you about not being on my side and the entire time you where?"
"Just because I am not obvious like you are doesn't mean I don't want Bella to be a part of this family. Alice and I love Bella and think you two are meant to be together but Bella has to see that for herself and after today we're probably going to be starting at square one all over again," Emmett said finishing his text and walking towards the door of the pub. "Might as well grab a pint and drown our sorrows in ale, nothing left for us to do until Bella calms down."
I took one final glance up the street the way the cab took off before turning towards the pub. "I'll probably need something a little stronger than ale, but why not, this situation can't get any worse," I said walking into the pub followed by Emmett.

Four Weeks Later
I have always hated coming to doctors offices, sitting on these cold table-bed things were always uncomfortable and these paper gowns are so tacky. Nevertheless, this couldn't wait, I had to know for sure if… if all the passion and love ended up creating a new life. I had been feeling sick for a couple of weeks and when I missed my period, I knew I had to come and see a doctor to find out if it was one hundred percent true. I mean am I ready to be a mother? I mean ready to deal with the constant dependency of another person for the next 19 years. I guess it wouldn't be too bad, at least his or her father would be amazing, and I really couldn't ask for anything better than that.
I was sitting in the quiet room, which was forcing me to think about every bloody possibility there was in this situation. I mean aside from him being a perfect father, would he want to have my baby, I mean he's never really talked about having kids. I reached in my purse and pulled out my phone. I had been debating for nearly four weeks about whether or not to let him know that I might be pregnant. I mean it made since at the time to wait until I knew for sure, but now I am not too sure. What if he wanted to come with me to this appointment, what if he'll be pissed to find out at the last minute. What if it isn't his…
"Well, Miss I hope the wait wasn't too long, but I have your results," Dr. Sheraton said walking into the room reading the folder in front of her.
"Well it appears your hunch was correct, congratulation you're definitely pregnant, I'd say you're somewhere between six to eight weeks along. But I won't be able to know for sure until your next appointment."
"So… I am really pregnant?" I asked rubbing my stomach.
"Yes, you're really pregnant. Now I am going to give you a prescription for some prenatal vitamins, and I want you to come back in, in about four weeks for a follow up."
I didn't hear anything past him confirming that I was really pregnant; this was definitely going to change everything… I picked my phone back up and looked at the name in my contacts of the man I was hoping was my baby's father. Now for the hard part, how the hell was I suppose to break the news to him, especially if he wasn't actually the father…

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