Saturday, October 8, 2011

Chapter 9 - One and Only

You've been on my mind
I grow fonder every day,
Lose myself in time
Just thinking of your face
God only knows
Why it's taking me so long
To let my doubts go
You're the only one that I want

I don't know why I'm scared, I've been here before
Every feeling, every word, I've imagined it all,
You never know if you never try
To forgive your past and simply be mine

I dare you to let me be your, your one and only
Promise I'm worthy to hold in your arms
So come on and give me the chance
To prove that I'm the one who can
Walk that mile until the end starts
-Adele 'One and Only'

A/N: In the event the chapter name doesn't give it away, this is a two part chapter. Which means this chapter ends in a cliffhanger, which I apologies for ahead of time. But believe me it's definitely going to be worth the short wait for the next half.
The next bit of news is going to probably upset you, unless of course you're a fan of Surfward, which I strongly hope you are. Princeward and I are going to be taking a short break from each other after I post Part 2, so that Surfward can stop being so jealous. Not to mention my real life is getting a little hectic these days.
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~*~ Edward Cullen ~*~

Kissing Isabella was definitely worth the media shit storm I would have to face when I got back home. However, to be honest it is hard to care about any of that with her in my arms and our lips together.
"Maybe we should take this somewhere more private," I said shielding my eyes with my hand.
"How about we join the others, I would hate for you to miss the party especially since it's for you after all," she said.
"Yeah, but I've had 25 years of birthday celebrations and will possibly only have one night with you."
"What are you saying?" She asked with a flirtatious smile before sucking her bottom lip into her mouth.
"I am saying I am taking you somewhere where we can be alone before you change your mind," I said grabbing her hand and pulling her towards the back door of the restaurant.
"Why are we going out the back?" Isabella asked following me into the ally where Caius, Laurent, and Marcus were waiting with the cars. "Oh well, never mind."
I asked Caius to take us back to Isabella's resort and to step on it as we climbed in the back and shut out the outside world. My lips were back on hers and all was right in my world again.
"Edward wait."
Fuck. I should have thrown her over my shoulder and ran back to her suite as fast as possible when I had the chance.
"Isabella what is it love?"
"This feels weird with…," she said motioning to the front where Caius was driving.
"Oh, yes right okay then," I said readjusting myself.
We sat their staring out of the window for a brief moment before turning to look at each other. She smiled that heavenly smile and just like that, we were back in an embrace.
We arrived back to her suite and stumbled our way to her room our lips never leaving each other. The throbbing pole between my legs was dying to be inside of her. However, my conscious was telling me to stop. Nevertheless, I did what Jasper and Riley said I let her come to me, why shouldn't I get to enjoy this sudden turn around.
"Isabella, I have something I probably should tell you," I said as her lips were gliding down my jawbone.
"Trust me, it can wait. I need this, now!" She whispered against my neck, sending chills down my spine.
"It is sort of important," I said trying to prepare myself for her initial shock of hearing I am a Prince.
"Edward, really… Now is not the time unless you're married with kids or have some kind of disease I should know about," she said walking into her room and turning on the light.
Well I did try to tell her… and she had a point it really could wait until later. I was snapped out of my internal monologue as her hand found its way in my pants inches from my erection.
Her gesture was fierce and determined and it was just enough to do it for me. I picked her up, her legs wrapped around my waist instinctually, and I shoved her roughly against the door. Her movements were almost animalistic as she sucked me in and took greedy nips at my lips. I kept up with her licking and pecking back with dissipating nerves, she clutched onto my arms with trembling fingers. I cupped her cheeks in my hands and pressed myself against her, dragging my fingers down her neck, shoulders and ribs only to settle possessively at her sides. She combed her fingers through my hair, catching a sensitive spot at my spine that sent a shiver through me in a wonderful way. Our hot breaths clashed between kisses and at that moment, I decided I needed more; craved more.
I tore our lips apart and moved to her throat, happy when she lolled her head back and sighed in apparent bliss. Her grip on my bicep tightened and I found her sweet spot near her ear that made her blood rush, and she was mesmerizing under my tongue.
"Tell me to stop," I whispered into her ear before planting a kiss on her sweet spot.
I felt her suck in a breath but did not utter a word to break our contact. She grabbed my face in between her two hands and stared at me a moment before pulling our lips back together. I was lost in our contact, the passion and rush I was feeling was slightly, foreign to me. I moved my hands down her side and slowly unzipped her dress, any thoughts of stopping being pushed to the back of my mind. I stepped back from the wall letting her dress fall to the floor with her feet.
She looked down at her dress on the floor and I thought I saw a moment of hesitation in her eyes when she looked back up to me. She walked back into me and leaned up to steal another kiss, her warm hands slid under my shirt and rested on my chest.
"We don't have to do this, tell me to stop," I said in between impatient urgent kisses.
She stood there in her bra and panties and just looked up at me, but this time instead of hesitation, I just saw need and passion. My hands found their way back to her stomach and slowly grazed upward until my thumbs were stroking the underside of her lace-covered breast. Her hands moved down my chest and my cock jumped with excitement as she went lower. That is when the reality of this situation hit me again. If we keep going she'd be cheating on her boyfriend and I don't want that for her.
"TELL ME TO STOP!" I screamed knowing that I could not end this without her telling me she did not want it. I took a step back and immediately felt cold and empty without her touch. "I cannot just be your one off; I care too much about you to just be a one off."
"Edward, I…" she chocked out positioning her hands to try and cover her practically naked body. "I – I do not think of… I don't want this to… that's not what this is for me," she slowly got out.
She sauntered over to me slowly, and reached up and placed her hand softly on my cheek. "I have no doubts about what I want, and right now… all I want is you."
I reached up and placed my hand on top of hers. "What about him?" I asked looking her in the eyes.
Something flashed in the back of her eyes briefly before she blinked and pulled her hand away and started unbuttoning my shirt and sliding it off my shoulders.
"We're done, he's moved on and now I am moving on…," she said as she unhooked my belt, unbuttoned my pants and pulled them down so that I was standing there in my black underwear just like her. She grabbed my hand and led me over to the bed. She sat down on the bed and slid over to the middle.
I realized how much of herself she was willing to give me at that moment and how her walls were finally falling down. The lusty throbs of my heart felt like it was about to burst out of my chest. Seeing her like this made me want to be completely gentle and unselfish with Isabella. Instead of making sure I got my rocks off and being done, I would do everything in my power to make sure she, no we would have the best orgasm together so she'd completely push that Jake bloke out of her mind, for good.
I pulled my underwear off and climbed up on the bed hovering over her. She smiled up at me and reached behind her back unhooking her bra pulling it off and throwing it on the floor. I reached down and slowly pulled her underwear off leaving us both naked and extremely ready to get it on.
"Are you ready?" I asked immediately feeling stupid for having to ask.
The corners of her mouth turned up into a smile and her cheeks turned a light shade of red before slowly nodding her agreement. She craned her neck to steal a quick kiss and I instantly intensified it, as my hand ghosted down her stomach and dipped in between her legs to see if she was ready. She was more than ready, as if I did not already know, from the lusty look of her eyes and the heavy breathes she kept releasing.
She was perfectly wet and silky beneath my fingers. I stroked the pad of my thumb over her most sensitive spot, earning me the pleasure of her soft moan, before I slipped two fingers inside to prepare her for me.
"Oh… more," she said between pants.
After a few more minutes and several throaty moans as I was rotating my digits, I, well my penis, decided we had waited long enough.
"Are you sure about this?" I asked positioning myself appropriately. She bit down on her bottom lip and nodded her answer. I leaned down and stole a kiss as she softly bit down on my bottom lip and her fingernails scratched lines across my shoulder as I slowly slid inside of her warmth. I slowly pulled out and slid back in with a little bit more force causing her to choke on a whimper, before dragging me into a velvety kiss. She was tight and warm and felt bloody amazing; I wanted to stretch this out as long as possible so we could both fully enjoy it.
The size of my erection caused her to stiffen beneath me and her grip on my shoulders was bordering on painful. The fact that she needed time to adjust to my… girth made me smile. Guess the ole bloke back home was not working with much. I wiped the smile off my face and rested my forehead on hers giving her time to accommodate to me, so that the pain would subside.
"Relax, I won't hurt you," I murmured against her mouth.
"I know," she said before leaning up kissing me, releasing her hold on my shoulders. I carefully eased out of her and then filled her again, repeating this painfully slow moment until she started to rock her hips with my rhythm. I lowered my head to the crook of her neck teasing her sweet spot with my tongue as I quickened the rhythm.
Isabella's eyes rolled to the back of head as she lost all concentration and her pants grew heavy. I lifted my head hovering over hers, our lips barely touching as my pants fell into her mouth. We stared at each other with glazed stares as a throaty moan rumbled out of her chest.
I snaked my arms around her back and sat up, pulling her up with me as I rested on my knees. Her body was flushed against my sweaty chest, and I held her firmly as I planted another deep kiss on her lips and she returned it with more passion and lust than before.
"You know I've wanted you since the first moment I saw you in that marketplace," I whispered in her ear.
"Oh really…" she said letting out a little chuckle.
I pulled her in for a kiss as I adjusted us to the new angle, knowing that this position was rubbing against her receptive spot; this would definitely send her over the edge. I rocked my hips in purposeful patterns, ripping my mouth away from hers and kissing and sucking along her neck, chest and breasts.
Her whimpers and moans were coming quicker and more fervent, and I could feel her muscles starting to tense up around my cock as she started to quiver in my arms. The hammering of her heartbeat against my lips told me she was getting close, and I was willing myself to hold in the bliss ready to burst out of me.
"Oh… holy shit," Isabella moaned throwing her head back and let out another loud moan as she started to unravel around me.
I clutched her tightly to my chest as I started to slowly come undone, I grabbed her face rubbing back stray hairs that were sticking to her forehead and watched the passion rolling around her eyes.
I thrust my hips against her a few more times, as her snatch pulsated around me; I felt my build up finally burst, releasing my seed inside of her. I wrapped my arms around her clinging to her body not wanting this feeling to end. She stroked her hands through my hair and sighed against my neck placing small kisses on it. The buzz from our lovemaking started to fade and my limbs became heavy.
That was amazing; I have never experienced an orgasm that intense ever. We laid there with her head on my chest breathing heavily enjoying our post euphoric state. Her breathing slowly started to slow down to her normal rhythm and I was just about to fall asleep when she spoke barely above a whisper.
"Edward, I have a confession to tell you as well."
"Whatever it is, it can wait until morning," I said stroking her stray hairs behind her ear and placing a kiss on her forehead.
"I…," she started before sucking in a shallow breath.
I felt moisture on my chest and looked down to see her eyes were full of unshed tears.
"Isabella what is it?" I asked stroking her hair.
She let out a half moan, half sob that sent daggers threw my heart.
"Whatever it is, it can't be that bad but let's just deal with it tomorrow."
She nodded her agreement and wrapper her arms tightly around my waist.
After she regained her composure, she climbed on top of me and we made love for a second time that night before falling asleep in each other's arms completely and totally relaxed and happy as if nothing else in the world mattered.
The light filtered in from the patio and gradually woke me up. I was more than a little happy to see that Isabella was still in bed snuggled up on my side. Although, since this is her suite I am guessing she had nowhere to run off to this time.
"Morning," she said rolling over and smiling up at me.
"Good morning, love," I said kissing her and pulling her into my arms. "About last night…" I started.
"Let's not ruin the moment, last night was magical and I don't really care about anything else right now. Let's just enjoy this moment before it's over," she said snuggling against my chest.
I laid there taking in her scent and enjoying the feel of her body on mine, when her phone started ringing on the nightstand.
"Do you want me to get that?" I asked.
"No let it go to voicemail," she said
"It might be Rose or Alice wondering where we disappeared to last night, maybe you should get it," I said reaching over and grabbing the phone.
When I saw the name on the screen, every ounce of happiness that had been flowing through me from waking up with her in my arms felt like it was drained out of me.
"It's your boyfriend," I said slipping her the phone and sitting up.
She looked from the phone back to me and I could see the conflict in her eyes. She answered the phone and I slipped out of the bed and started gathering my scattered clothes from the floor. I turned around to look at Isabella and she was laying back, facing the ceiling have a hushed conversation with him. I pulled my clothes on and silently slipped out the door and left.

~*~ Bella Swan ~*~

Last night with Edward was amazing, and the best part was after it was over he stayed. Waking up in his arms was possibly the most amazing feeling in the world. Edward was still peacefully asleep with a crooked grin on his face and I did not want to disturb him so I just laid there with his arms wrapped around me. In that moment wrapped in Edward's arms with his scent all around me all the decisions I needed to make in regards to Jake and Edward were so clear, I was making the right decision to leave Jake for Edward.
I felt Edward start to stir behind me. I rolled over, immediately looking into emerald green eyes, and could not imagine another morning where I did not wake up to them. Everything was going perfectly and I was definitely ready for morning sex when my soon to be ex-boyfriend decided to ruin the moment. Edward handed me the phone and before I knew it, he was dressed and out of the door.
"Jake what do you want?" I asked officially annoyed he ruined my morning with Edward.
"Bella, I…" he said in between a sob.
In all the time, I have known Jake, I have never seen him shed a tear let alone show any type of pain in any way, so this was off putting.
"Jake what's wrong?" I asked sitting up. "Is it Billy? Is he okay?"
Jake let out a deep sigh. "They don't think he's going to wake up from the coma and apparently his organs are eventually going to start to shut down and they want me to take him off life support and I honestly don't think I can do it. What should I do Bella? I can't be the one to pull the plug, I can't kill him Bella I just can't," he said without taking a single breath.
"Jake, you need to calm down."
"Bella how can I calm down, I just… I just do not know what to do. I need your help, I really do you always know what to do, and you always make the right decisions and you have to tell me what to do Bella you just have to."
"Jake, I know this is a hard decision but, what would Billy want you to do? You have to ask yourself what would your dad want, would he want to live his life hooked up to a machine and never be his old self again, or would he rather you let him go and remember him as the strong man that raised you."
"B, I know he'd want me to pull the plug, but honestly I don't think I can. I don't think I can be the one to end my father's life."
"I know this is going to be hard to hear, but Jake his life ended a week ago when he got into the accident, now he's just on borrowed time. You're going to have to let him go, and now the only real decision is when you'll do it."
The line went quiet for a moment before I vaguely heard Jake sniffling in the background. Hearing the amount of pain that Jake was in was literally breaking my heart. I cannot break up with him now. That would do nothing but add to the grief he was already in and make me feel like the biggest bitch there ever was.
"Bella do you think you could come here and be with me for the funeral and everything?" He asked sounding so defeated.
"Of course, whatever you need Jake."
"Thanks Bella, you're the best I don't know what I'd do without you right now."
Hearing how much Jake needed me had me overcome with guilt. After the night, I had with Edward making love… twice. I knew I was about to hurt one of these two amazing men the question is which it will be. Which one of them can I go on living without?
"Bella are you there?"
"Yeah I was just making a note to call the airline and change my flight, I also need to talk to Rose and see what she'll want to do but I can't imagine her not wanting to be there for you. Jake this is going to be one of the hardest things you'll ever have to do and I want to be there for you anyway I possibly can."
"I knew I could count on you B, that's why I love you so much. You're such a warm and loving person and honestly I don't deserve you," he said breaking out in another fit of sobs. "B, I did something… something that I really hope…"
"Jake look, don't worry about it, whatever it is we can talk about it later. I just want you to be okay," I said cutting him off, there was enough going on without him adding his tryst with Charlotte to the mix, that can wait for another day. "I am going to try and make some arrangements to leave as soon as possible; I'll give you a call when I have more information."
"Thanks Bella, you have no idea how much this means to me. I love you."
"You too Jake, I'll talk to you soon," I said hanging up.
I sat on the bed for a good twenty minutes just trying to absorb the information that I had received from Jake. I had just gotten out of bed and was slipping on my clothes from the day before when I heard someone coming in the front door.
"Rose?" I called out.
There was no response but I could hear someone moving around in the sitting area.
"Rose is that you?" I asked walking towards my door slowly. "I have some bad news."
I peeked through the door and saw Edward standing by the dining room table with a breakfast.
"What… I thought you left," I said walking into the room and licking my lips as I eyed the breakfast spread.
"I did, I was hungry and figured you would be too so I ran down to the restaurant and got us some breakfast," he said turning to me and kissing me on the forehead.
"I am not really hungry, but thanks." I lied.
"Isabella after the work out we got last night you have to eat something, so sit and if nothing else keep me company," he said pulling the chair out for me to sit down.
He walked around to the other side of the table and sat down. He placed his napkin in his lap and pulled several pieces of French toast, sausage, and egg onto his plate.
"Are you really not going to eat? I'd hate to have to sit you on my lap and feed you myself," he said with a crooked smile.
"I… can't. Edward I have to leave. I have to get on the next plane out of here and go to Jake he needs me because…"
"Are you serious Isabella, after – after everything we've gone through together you're still going to run back to him knowing he doesn't make you happy? I just cannot believe you right now, I thought when you came to my birthday dinner last night it was because you picked me. If I would have known it was just a one off I damn sure would not have been so – so bloody… intimate."
Between the harsh tone Edward was now speaking to me in and holding in my sadness about Billy trying to be strong for Jake something inside of me snapped and I could feel the first tear breaking free from my left eye and falling down my cheek. I tried to wipe it away quickly but of course I wasn't quick enough and Edward caught me and was immediately at my side pulling me up into a hug.
"I am so… so… sorry love. I just thought… it does not matter what I thought, I had no right to raise my voice at you and talk to you that way. I am so sorry, I didn't mean to make you cry, it's just now that I have you I don't want to lose you. I cannot go back to life without you in it, you complete me in ways that I was not even aware were missing."
That was it, the flood gates exploded and I was now engaged in full-blown bawling in his arms. All the emotions that I had been trying to keep bottled up inside of me from the attempted rape, my feelings for Edward, my guilt over sleeping with Edward, Jake cheating with Charlotte and now the death of Billy Black had finally reached their limit and were just pouring out of me.
"Edward I – I am so… so… sorry but I have to go, J – J – J – Jake's dad is about to die and he needs me there to help him through it." I tried to get out all at once between my sobs and gasping for air.
"What…? Who is dying? Isabella you need to remember to breath," he said pulling me away from the warmth of his chest and looking me in the eyes.
When I didn't calm down and my sobs started coming more frequently Edward bent down, pulling an arm under my knees and picked me up taking me to the couch. He sat me down on his lap, held me close to his chest and rocked me back and forth trying to comfort me. I took a deep breath, and tried to focus on the way I felt safe in Edward's arms.
"Isabella it's going to be okay, please stop crying," he said placing a kiss on my cheek.
He held me like that the rest of the day, when I started to get uncomfortable he shifted so that we were both lying down. After crying all afternoon, I was completely drained of tears and energy by early evening. I just laid there with my head on Edward's chest wrapped in his warmth trying not to think. I fell asleep in Edward's arms feeling completely relaxed and safe for the first time in days.
I woke up the next morning to a dry mouth and eyes not to mention an extremely angry stomach judging from the noises coming from it. I opened my eyes and looked around. I was alone, I had either dreamed the whole thing with Edward or he had left.
"Well it's about time you woke up." I heard coming from behind the sofa.
"Good morning to you to Rosalie Lillian," I said sitting up and seeing her sitting at the table near the kitchenette.
"Right back at you Isabella Marie, I am happy you decided to grace me with your presence. Now what is this emergency that he had to summon me for so early in the morning?"
"I am sure Edward didn't summon you, but we do need to talk," I said motioning for her to come and sit next to me.
"Look Bella, I was all for your whole Stella getting her groove back tropical getaway sex, but you need to remember that Edward doesn't do long term." Rose said walking over towards me. "I don't want you to read anymore into him and this fling than that's there. I know I give Jake a hard time from time to time, but he loves you; a lot and would never hurt you. So, I hope you remember that.
"Rose… shut up!" I said as she sat down and gaped at me.
"I don't have time for that right now. My relationship and lack thereof with Edward is not currently an issue, nor should it be. Jake's father is about to die and Jake has asked us to come to North Carolina and attend the funeral."
"Oh… Bella I am so sorry. But Jake doesn't even have to ask of course I'll come and attend the funeral. When is it?"
"Jake called yesterday and he's going to pull the plug soon so the funeral should be at the end of the week. I know it'll suck that I'll have to cut our vacation short but he needs me there."
"It's no problem really... a part of me was actually ready to leave. Although Emmett has been trying to distract me, I have not really wanted to be here since what happened last Monday. Not to mention I am hoping to have heard back from any of the PR firms I've interviewed at."
"You know I haven't even thought about what I am going to do for work since I've been here. I have been so distracted that working has been the last thing on my mind. I am nervous though what if I am not offered a job anywhere."
"Oh Bella please, you were at the top of the graduating class with your degree and let's be honest. How many people are really willing to work for such little pay and around such annoying, bad, irritating, obnoxious, tiring children all day?"
"Gee, tell me how you really feel about my career path… But, we need to call the airline and see if we can move our flight up a day or two. I really don't want to leave Jake alone for much longer and I definitely don't want to leave him with that penis fly trap Charlotte."
Just because I was possibly moving on with Edward does not mean I want Jake to be with that harpy. God, when did I become so selfish…? Just then the door to the suite opened and Edward walked in with food.
"Morning love, so happy you're awake. I trust your conversation with Rose went okay."
"I am sorry Edward, when did you move into this room?" Rose asked turning to look at him.
"Oh… I haven't…"
"Exactly, so why are you just walking in like this is your suite, I mean really… I could have been indecent or something."
"I'd love to have walked in on that, although your indecency is clearly what draws me to you," Emmett said walking in behind Edward.
"Emmett, hi I didn't know you were coming over," Rose said completely thawing off her ice queen personality at the site of Emmett.
"Well, I figured, a day would be boring without you around to keep me on my toes, so I decided to come to you," Emmett said pulling Rose up into a hug and winking at me.
I didn't know what it was but being around Emmett was definitely changing Rose and for the better.
"Well my teddy bear…" started Rose before being interrupted by my laughter
"Rose!" Emmett hissed prompting me to laugh even harder.
"Just ignore her, she's going through the stages of grief and clearly today is the insensitive stage. But, unfortunately I'll be leaving your big strong arms a little sooner than expected," she finished.
"Yeah, I heard its complete and total rubbish but I understand that you have to do what you have to do," he said kissing her on her forehead.
"Isabella I brought you some breakfast, I figured since you didn't eat anything yesterday you would be especially hungry when you got up." Edward said interrupting the PDA display in between us.
"Thanks, I am really hungry," I said getting up and sitting down at the table.
He had brought me french toast, perfectly fried bacon and scones. I had never had a scone before but there is always a first time for everything.
"Oh my god, I just had the most brilliant idea ever. Em darling, why don't you come with me to the funeral as my date? That way we won't have to cut our time together short and you can console me when I inevitably break down."
"Rose, I am pretty sure it'll be a bit odd for me to go to the funeral for some bloke I don't even know."
"Well that and it's a funeral and not a singles mixer, you don't need a date." I said biting one of the pieces of bacon.
"Besides, I can't leave Alice we're supposed to be on holiday together and celebrating her engagement."
"What am I invisible? You're on holiday with me too Em," Edward said between sips of his tea.
"Well you know what, life's short; yes I'll go with you to the funeral. It'll give me an opportunity to meet some of your friends."
"Oh well Emmett that's so nice of you, I know Rose will definitely enjoy having you there," I said swallowing a piece of bacon.
"So I probably should have asked but whose funeral is it anyway?" Emmett asked walking over and grabbing a piece of bacon off the plate.
"Oh Bella's boyfriends father," Rose said somberly.
"Oh Bella, that's horrible I am so sorry. I am sure he'll really appreciate you dropping everything and being there for him, your boyfriend, whom I hear loves you dearly," Emmett said with a mouth full of bacon and giving Edward a weird look.
If I did not know any better I'd honestly think Rose and Emmett had something against Edward. Which is weird since Emmett is his little brother… there definitely was something going on that I did not know about and I was sure as hell going to find the underlying cause of it.
"You know we should just take the jet up to the States, I know Alice and Bree have been dying to go to New York for a little shopping and I am sure Riley, Jasper and Edward could find something to keep themselves busy. Sounds like a plan, I'll go and call the pilot and make sure everything is ready. What do you say, we'll leave late tomorrow that way Bella can have the whole end of the week and weekend to be with…"
"Jake," Rose said finishing his sentence. "But honey bear I don't think everyone should have to cut their trip short just for us, so you can stay if it's going to be a problem."
"Rosie, we have a private jet, it's anything but a problem."
"Actually it is a problem; I need to head back home to take care of some stuff so I don't think I'll be able to make it. But don't worry I'll take a commercial flight so it won't be a problem," Edward said looking directly at me but talking to Emmett.
I guess it would have been a little much to expect my lover to come with me to my boyfriends, dad's funeral. This has the making of a Jerry Springer special and I definitely don't need that sort of drama in my life.
"Well I guess I should go and inform Alice and everyone about the change of plans. Rosie do you want to go and get frisky on the boat… again," Emmett asked grabbing another piece of bacon and heading for the door.
"You know it, later Bells."
With that, both over the top personalities exited the room and left me with the very silent Edward. I looked over at him and he was staring into his tea cup as if he expected it to sprout wings and fly out of his hands.
"Edward, say something."
"What's there to say, my siblings and friends are all going with you to your boy… to his father's funeral and I can't even be there for you because… it's fine. I have to go and make some arrangements. I'll talk to you later," he said standing up and placing his napkin on the table.
"Edward, stop, where are you going?"
"I need to go and make some travel arrangements and figure out how I am going to possibly be able to say goodbye to you."
"Edward it really isn't goodbye, it's… it's see you later."
"Yeah… well, I'll see you later," he said walking out of to door.
The door slammed closed behind him and I could not get Rose's words out of my head… 'remember that Edward doesn't do long term' was that it already had the spark and fire that we had when we were together died already. He barely looked at me the entire time… maybe Rose was right. I never should have assumed like every other loser that has had a night with Edward that I will be the one to change him for good. Edward would only change when he was ready to and clearly, he was not.
I finished my breakfast and went in my room to get dressed and to start packing. Being in Jamaica was not that memorable but the people I met definitely were. I was definitely going to keep in touch with Alice and Bree; they were definitely a highlight of this trip. I was nearly finished packing when I heard Rose returning with Alice and Bree.
"Bella, I hope you're ready for a farewell celebration," Alice said walking into my room followed by Bree and Rose. "I remember how Jasper was when he first lost his parents and honestly I am not sure what would have happened to him if he hadn't met Riley and Emmett."
"Oh I know Jasper blamed himself and it took him a long time to let go of the grief enough to move on. Luckily, he also had Alice by his side which I am sure helped a lot," Bree said sitting down on the bed next to my suitcase.
"I am going to go and check my email and start packing, I'll be back," Rose said leaving.
"Yeah well Billy was Jake's best friend, I am not sure if he'll be able to come back from this especially since he's the one pulling the plug."
"Bella at a time like this it's all about his support system…" Alice said being cut off by my cell phone ringing.
"One sec," I said answering it.
Hi, is this Isabella Swan?
"Yes it is whose calling?"
Oh well good afternoon; this is Kate calling from Waldorf School for Girls. Headmistress Forbes would like to schedule an interview with you within the next two weeks.
"Oh well this week I am going out of town for a funeral, but I could definitely try to make it in Tuesday of next week."
Ok I can get you in Tuesday around 11:30, oh please hold for…
Ms. Swan it's Irena Forbes, I do not mean to interrupt but after reviewing your resume and looking over your proposal for teaching completely with media emersion I have to say you have me interested. I'd love for you to come in as soon as possible to discuss this further, and I do believe we could have a place for you right here at Waldorf School for Girls this fall.
"I'd be honored to come in and discuss that with you further. I was just letting Kate know that I can be there Tuesday at 11:30, I'll fly straight there after the funeral I am attending."
Excellent I cannot wait; I think you are going to fit in here just perfectly Ms. Swan. I must ask though, if you are hired, are you prepared to relocate to New York?
"Yes, my lease on my apartment is up at the end of July so it really won't be any trouble what so ever."
Wonderful, well then, I will see you next Tuesday, and I send my condolences for your loved one. Goodbye.
I hung up the phone and proceeded to do my happy dance, followed by jumping up and down and yelling boooyah! I was in the mist of the cabbage patch when I remembered that Alice and Bree were sitting behind me. I turned around and could not help but to blush when I saw the giant smiles on both of their faces.
"Excuse me, I just got some really good news," I said trying to regain my composure.
"So what happened?" Alice asked.
"Oh well I have an interview at this school I applied to work at next week. And I am so excited because it's my first real job, at a really amazing school."
"Sounds like an excuse to break out some bubbly…" Alice practically sang jumping up. "I am going to run to the house and grab some bottles and we'll celebrate."
"Alice, I really need to pack and get ready for tomorrow," I said hoping she would get the hint.
"Oh you're so right, while I am at the house, I'll get someone to come over and pack for you and Rose and then we can all go out to celebrate your new job as well as our last night here. Bella you think of everything," she said with a smile walking out of the room followed by Bree.
I am really starting to learn that you do not tell Alice no, and if you do she will just ignore you. I threw a few more items into my suitcase before Rose walked in with a giant grin plastered all over her face.
"What's or should I ask who's gotten into you?"
"I am going to ignore that innuendo and just let you know that I have amazing news," Rose said.
"Oh, me too you can go first."
"Well remember that job I interviewed for before we left. Well they emailed me the other day and apparently, the hiring manager loved me enough to offer me the job."
"Oh Rose that's amazing, I am so happy for you," I said hugging her while jumping up and down with her in my arms.
"Well… here's the thing. They only have offices in Los Angeles or New York City so I'd have to decide where I'd want to move to. I think I might turn them down, I cannot move that far away from you; you're my best friend B. I am sure another job will turn up closure to you."
"Well that's funny, you might not have to turn them down. I have an interview Tuesday, in New York for a teaching job at Waldorf School for Girls so we might both be moving to the Big Apple."
"Oh. My. Fucking. Gawd!" Rose yelled pulling me back into a hug and jumping up and down giggling again.
The two of us finally settled down and I informed her about Alice sending someone over to pack our things much to Rose's delight and the goodbye dinner Alice was throwing together. Rose left to go and change and get ready for the night and I just stared out at the night sky. In this past week, my entire life has changed so significantly and I cannot help but wonder how things would have turned out if Jake's dad had not gotten into that car accident and I was on this trip with Jake right now.
"Okay B, I am ready whenever you are," Rose said popping her head through the door.
I grabbed my bag and headed to the door; it was our last night in Jamaica and was sure to be unforgettable.
We arrived at the island and everyone was having a good time for the most part. We had an amazing dinner followed by the most delicious red velvet cake I had ever had. We all went downstairs to the media room to watch a movie and just relax except Edward who would not leave the bar. In fact Edward had barely said two words to me all night, aside from bringing me breakfast earlier it was as if nothing we did this past week had happened. I watched as he downed half a bottle of tequila by himself before moving on to vodka. What was even weirder is that no one, not Emmett, Riley, Bree, Alice or Jasper even acknowledged the fact that Edward was drinking himself silly. I walked over to him and sat down at the barstool next to his.
"Don't you think you've had enough?" I asked pulling the bottle towards me.
"What do you care, you're going back to your boyfriend tomorrow."
"Edward… please. It's our last night here, please don't ruin it by getting drunk."
"I am not the one that ruined this, you're the one leaving and going back to him. But that's okay there will always be another whore to replace you."
"You don't mean that; let's just get you up to bed."
"Sodd off Isabella, you've gotten what you wanted from me. A nice little shag before you go back home to boyfriend."
"Edward I don't know why you're being like this, but I don't like it and I won't sit here and listen to you making an ass of yourself."
"I am making an arse of myself? No, you're making an arse of me. You have me fall completely wholeheartedly in love with you only to brush me aside for some other bloke and a fancy new job. What about me, what about us."
"How dare you put all the blame on me as if I seduced you. If I remember correctly, you were well aware of the fact that I had a boyfriend from the first time we've talked. Not to mention you were here with Katrina and kicked her to the curb the moment you decided you wanted me. Just like, you kicked Tanya to the curb before her. With your track record who knows how many more came before Tanya. So don't you dare sit there and act like I did you wrong, when we both know as soon as the next shiny woman that gains your attention comes along it'll be like I never existed."
We were both standing by this point facing each other completely lost in our own little argument to notice that everyone was now staring at us, their free entertainment for the evening. This was a side of Edward I was not very fond of and I knew I had hit a nerve when I mentioned Kat and Tanya. However, you had to admit it was a valid argument given his history.
"You know what, at least Tanya and Katrina were honest about what they wanted from me, and didn't pretend they wanted me only to use me for sex and then go about their lives like it never happened. You cheated on your boyfriend and now that you're feeling guilty and want to run back to him to ease your guilt. Be a bloody woman for once, make a decision, and stick to it. Either you want to be with me or you do not it's that simple."
"You know it's not that simple, it's never been that simple there's too many people involved and I really don't want to hurt anyone."
"Yeah well you're a little late for that, but it doesn't matter while your off with your pathetic boyfriend and new job, I'll be back in London shagging Katrina senseless and will forget this whole bloody week happened," he said slamming his glass down on the bar and storming off.
A part of me wanted to chase after him, finish this argument, and maybe have hot angry sex, followed by hot make up sex. But, I was so hurt and so blindsided that I ended up kneeling on the floor sobbing like a lunatic while Alice, Bree and Rose rushed to my side to console me. I was always afraid that I was nothing more to Edward than a challenge. I wanted our last night in Jamaica to be memorable but this was definitely not, what I had in mind.
Alice and Bree spent the night with Rose and me last night. We spent most of the night in our pajamas watching more chick flicks and eating ice cream. The next morning we all met up at the airport, well everyone except Edward whom Riley and Emmett said they had not seen or heard from since our argument. Everyone was walking down the runway towards the private jet, yeah I said it, private freaking jet I am actually about to fly to North Carolina on a jet. This has truly been the most interesting week of my life and honestly, even though I am not sure where I am leaving things with Edward or even sure I care to know. I am actually ready to get back to my real life, and this new job. I handed my luggage to the man waiting and was about to walk up the steps behind Jasper when I heard someone calling my name from behind me. I turned around to see Edward running towards the plane at full speed.
I just stood there in shock, I could not believe I was living out one of those romantic comedy moments where the man comes chasing after you at the airport after a nasty fight. Although knowing my luck he just wanted to hold us up to tell Alice or Emmett something.
"Isabella, I am so… so happy I," he started trying to catch his breath. "I am so happy I caught you before you boarded the plane. I couldn't leave things the way we left them last night."
"Edward, I don't know what's left to say."
"Isabella I want you to know I am sorry for everything I said, I didn't mean any of it. I was just hurt that you were leaving me to go back to Jake even if it is just for the funeral. Not to mention Alice told me about your interview and I just freaked out. I am sorry. But at the same time I know you're feeling this too, I know you want me just as bad as I want you, and I know that deep down you're just afraid I'll hurt you. But before we're separated I have to let you know that it's you."
"What's me, what are you talking about?" I asked turning to glance up at the plane and back to him.
"Isabella you're my one and only, no matter how many women come into my life none of them will ever mean to me what you have in this short time. I know we cannot be together now, and I am trying to accept that. Nevertheless, I will not rest until I can hold you in my arms again and know that it is just you and me. We will be together at some point and I just wanted to let you know that before you left."
"I don't really know what to say to that…" I said as my eyes started to fill with tears.
"Just say 'Okay Edward' give me a kiss goodbye and walk away before I keep you from getting on that plane."
"Okay, Edward," I said leaning in and placing a quick kiss on his lips before turning around and boarding the plane. Every instinct in me especially in my lower stomach was telling me to turn around and run back into his arms. I was half way up the stairs when I just stopped and turned to face him as he stood there wiping the tears from his perfect face.
"Bella are you coming, the pilot has the okay for us to take off," Rose asked from behind me.
I nodded my answer and took a step…

To Be Continued…

Coming Up
~ Alice and Jasper start planning their wedding.
~ Entertainment shows and magazines start speculating about the new royal couple.
~ Edward and Jake end up in the same bar together and a certain woman is the main topic of discussion.

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