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Chapter 3 - I'll Drink to that

Cheers to the freaking weekend
I drink to that, yeah yeah
Oh let the Jameson sink in
I drink to that, yeah yeah
Don’t let the bastards get you down
Turn it around with another round
There’s a party at the bar everybody put your glasses up and
I drink to that, I drink to that
(Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah)

‘Bout to hop on the bar, put it all on my card tonight, yeah
Might be mad in the morning but you know we goin hard tonight
It’s getting Coyote Ugly up in here, no Tyra
It’s only up from here, no downward spiral
Got my Ray-Bans on and I’m feeling hella cool tonight, yeah
Everybody’s vibing so don’t nobody start a fight, yeah (yeah yeah) 

-Rihanna 'Cheers (Drink to That)'


Chapter 3 – Rock the Boat

~*~ Bella Swan ~*~

Ladies and gentlemen please put your seats in their upright positions as we prepare for our landing. The current temperature is a beautiful 89 degrees and the current local time is 10:18 am. On behalf of the pilots and flight crew, welcome to beautiful Montego Bay, Jamaica.
“13 days of men, beaches, massages, men, relaxation, sun, fun… did I mention men?”
“I am sure this is a rhetorical question, but Rose do you think about anything other than men?”
“Well B, not all of us want to settle for Mr. Wrong when Mr. Right is out there somewhere. Just because Jake is currently rocking your boat doesn’t mean he’s the last boat to be docking in your harbor.”
“Wow, I can’t even validate that with a response.”
I turned and looked out the window, and watched, as the ground got closer. I didn’t think I was settling for Jake, things with him just seemed to be so easy and until recently there wasn’t any drama involved. I turned and looked over at Rose out the corner of my eye, she had her iPod turned back on and was flipping through the Skymall magazine without a care in the world. Maybe she was right… maybe I was settling for Jake because it was easy, but Prince Charming doesn’t exist and I can’t go around kissing a bunch of frogs, can I?
Before I had too much time to ponder whether I was with Mr. Right or Mr. Right-Now, as Rose would call him, the plane jerked as the wheels touched the ground and again when the plane started to slow down as it pulled into the gate.
I am very excited to finally be in Jamaica after what felt like three days on the plane. In reality, it’s only been a day and apparently Jake had made sure that we had a layover in Phoenix so I could see my mom for a few hours before we flew to Charlotte where we spent the night in this nice suite before flying to Montego Bay this morning.
How can being with someone that thoughtful be settling…? I have to stop letting Rose get to me. Jake is a wonderful man and I am lucky to have someone as loving as him as a boyfriend.
“Earth to Bella, are you paying attention?”
“Yeah… no… sorry.” I said pulling my bottom lip into my mouth and tucking a stray strand of hair behind my ear.
“God Bella I hope you aren’t going to have your head in the clouds the entire trip, I don’t want to have to have all the fun by myself.” Rose said with a wicked smile looking out the side of her eye at these two guys two rows up she’d been eye fucking the entire flight out of Charlotte. “I don’t know about you B, but Rose is definitely trying to get her groove back over the next two weeks.”
“Talking about yourself in the third person is just pretentious, and when aren’t you trying to get your groove back?” I tried as hard as I could to stifle the laugh that followed, but with no luck. Rose gave me a quick dirty look before pulling on her sunglasses grabbing her carry-on bag and strutting towards the door like the statuesque goddess, she is. I pulled on my strap to get my bag out of the overhead compartment but it would not budge. I gave it a quick tug and I stumbled backwards and fell into the arms of one of Rose’s flight flirt-buddies.
“Oh my God I am so sorry I am such a klutz.” I said trying to regain my footing and picking my back up from the floor.
“It’s my pleasure; a pretty woman like you shouldn’t have to carry her own bags anyway.” He said grabbing my bag and pulling me to my feet and wrapping his arm around my waist to help me regain my balance. “I am James and this is my friend Royce.” He said motioning over to his slightly shorter friend with brown hair with his free arm.
“Oh well hi, I am Bella, it’s really nice to meet you.” I said looking down at his arm still wrapped around my waist. He followed where my eyes were going and quickly pulled his arm away. We both laughed and I looked up into his beautiful blue eyes and started blushing. I don’t know what it is but as beautiful as this man in front of me was I had a nagging feeling that I should get as far away from him as possible. This must be what guilt feels like…
“Well it was really nice to meet you James, maybe I’ll see you around.”
“Trust me Bella you’ll definitely be seeing me around.”
His lips turned up into the most devilish smile I’ve ever seen and for a brief moment I saw something dark as I looked into his eyes. He handed me back my bag and I thanked him again before walking out of first class and off the plane. The nagging feeling in my gut was telling, no urging, me to get as far away from him as possible and to find Rose.

~*~*~ ~*~*~ ~*~*~
The cab drove through an archway and down the palm-tree-lined driveway pulling up to the front of the resort leaving Rose and I speechless. Jake had said he had booked a nice resort but I had no idea he meant this nice. The cab pulled up to the front of the main building that had four huge columns and a large wooden door that opened to the reception area and lobby of the resort.
“B I know I am always giving Jake a hard time, but he did good, I have nothing bad to say, this resort is absolutely beautiful.”
“I hope you remember that, the next time you tell me that I am settling…” I said giving her a smirk and getting out of the cab.
“Miss Swan and Miss Hale I am so happy you both made it safely, I am so sorry to hear about Mr. Black’s father.”
Rose and I stood there speechless staring at the timid girl in front of us. She couldn’t have been any older than 20 about 5’0” tall with long black hair, yet her face seemed so rigid with distress aging her decades.
“Oh please forgive me I am being so rude, my name is Renata and I will be your personal valet throughout your stay at the resort. If there is anything you need or anything I can do to make your stay more pleasurable please let me know”
“Wait… let me get this straight… not only do we get to luxuriate in this tropical paradise for the next two weeks. But we also have our own personal valet?”
“You must be Miss Hale.” She said with a warm smile. “Yes, I am here to make sure your stay is as enjoyable as possible. Charles and Corin will take your things to your suite and I’ll give you a quick tour of our grounds.”
I turned around and saw two men, one clearly in his mid to late 40’s and the other in his mid 20’s, stacking our luggage on the back of a flatbed golf cart.
“Well hello handsome. I am Rosalie and you are…” Rose said reaching out her hand daintily towards the younger of the two men.
“Good morning Miss Rosalie, I am Charles it’s a pleasure to meet you.” He said placing a quick kiss on the back of her hand, looking up at her seductively.
“Trust me Charles by the time I leave here I’ll make sure it’s your pleasure as well…”
“Oh my God! Rose really? The first guy you see… the very first one?” I said pulling her away from Charles so he could finish taking our things to our suite.
“I mean look at him, he’s cute in an island hook-up kind of way.” Rose whispered to me.
“Renata honestly after spending the past day flying and sleeping in that cheap motel in Charlotte, I really just want to go to the room shower, change into something cute, and maybe have lunch by the beach. Can we do the tour later?”
“Oh that’s fine Miss Hale, I’ll show you to your suite and then make arrangements at the Beach Café for your lunch.” Renata said leading us through the beautiful lobby, out the back patio and down the beach to the private villas.
As we were walking down the beach, I notice an island maybe ten miles out with a large house surrounded by palm trees."Renata is that island part of the resort?" I asked prompting Rose to stop and stare.
"I can imagine how much it must cost to rent that place, it looks huge." Rose said holding her hand up to block the sun from her eyes.
“Well actually that island is a private residence.” She said looking around before leaning in closure to us. “Word is it belongs to a super wealthy family from Europe. But aside from security guards I’ve never seen anyone over there in the year I’ve worked here until two days ago.”
“OMG Bella what if that island belongs to a celebrity, like Posh and David, Sir Elton John, or Gwynth and Chris Martin. B do you know what this means… we could be vacationing with pop icons, Adele or Amy Winehouse could be hiding out on that island for all we know.”
“Or it could belong to some stuck-up socialite that has more money than time.” I said dryly rolling my eyes.
Rose spent the rest of the walk to our villa speculating about who could possibly own that island with Renata. Hearing the names of various celebrities, they suspected of wanting to own a private island was hysterical. After a few more minutes of speculation, we had arrived to our suite.
“Ok we’re here, Miss Hale your things have been put into the room on the right and Miss Swam you things in the room on the left.” Renata said unlocking the door and handing Rose and I our key cards to the room.
Rose and I looked at each other both grinning from ear to ear before running to our respective rooms. The room was absolutely breath taking, in the center of the room was the most comfortable looking king sized bed, next to that was a little sitting area with a flat screen TV. The wall next to the sitting area lead out to the patio were a round table with two chairs and another sofa were and…OMG the patio stepped right into the pool out back.
“Miss Swan, I do hope you’re finding everything to your liking. If you need anything do not hesitate to pick up the phone and press “0”, you will be connected to me day or night. I also left a business card on the kitchen counter with my cell phone number in the event that you aren’t in the room and need something.”
“Everything is perfect Renata, thank you so much.” I said turning around and seeing her standing at the door with her hands clasped together in front of her.
“Very good, I’ll make the appointment for lunch for maybe an hour from now that way you and Miss Hale will have plenty of time to freshen up.”
“Oh that’s perfect, thank you.”
Renata excused herself from the room and I turned back around to look out at the pool. I still felt bad that I was enjoying this island paradise while Jake was at home with his dad in a coma. What kind of girlfriend goes off on vacation at a time like this?
“The worst kind…” I said to myself
I walked over to my purse and dug around it looking for my cell phone. I turned it back on to find five new voicemails and eight text messages. I listened to my messages the first one from my dad wishing me a safe trip followed by ten minutes of useful safety tips while here. The next message was from my mother letting me know she had a great time with Rose and I in Phoenix, the other day and how she wished we lived closure. The next message was from Jake, he wanted to let me know that he landed in Wilmington, and that he was waiting for Seth to pick him up from the airport and take him straight to the hospital. The next message was also from Jake, this time you could hear the excitement through the phone. He called to let me know that although he was still unconscious his dad moved his fingers, which the doctors said was a positive sign. The next message was from my dad this morning, asking me to call and let him know I made it safely and to remind me and Rose to stick together because there is strength in numbers, and not to drink anything from anyone unless it’s in a sealed bottle. I loved my Charlie dearly but he definitely worries too much.
I sat down on the sofa and called Jake back but his phone when straight to voicemail. I left him a message letting him know that we arrived safely, the resort and suite was beautiful, and that I wished he was here and that I was praying for his dad. I hung up the phone and threw it down on the table when Rose popped her head in the door.
“Bella I am having a slight dilemma, I am not sure if I want to wear this dress or this dress to lunch, I mean Bono might be there.” Rose said with a laugh, standing in her purple swimsuit holding up a purple tunic dress in her left hand and a short blue one-shoulder dress in the other hand.
“Rose it’s just lunch, and I highly doubt Bono owns that island, but I really like the purple one.”
“Perfect, that’s the one I really wanted to wear anyway. I’ll just save this little number for when we go out later.” She threw the blue dress down on the bed and pulled the purple one on. “Ok I’ll definitely be ready in like ten minutes.” She said grabbing the other dress off my bed and walking back out of the room. “You know what, let’s just make it twenty to be safe, I still need to put on make-up and figure out this hair situation.” She yelled from the living room. I put on my pink swimsuit and then my blue cover up, I walked over to make sure I looked ok before pulling my hair up in a ponytail. Thirty minutes later we were off for lunch, Renata had a car waiting out front to take us to the Beach Café.
We arrived at the Beach Café and the Hostess seated us outside, on the back patio that faced the beach. I had just checked my phone for what Rose would tell you the umpteenth time, waiting to hear back from Jake about his father’s condition.
“Bella, I understand this situation with Jake’s dad is serious but look at this view…” She said gesturing out towards the ocean. “If something serious was to happen there is nothing you could do about it from here, so put the Blackberry down, and just enjoy the moment.”
I slipped my phone back in my purse and looked out at the ocean. “It is truly breath taking to look at, ok I’ll only check my phone every few hours or so.”
“Twice a day or not at all, I don’t even know where my phone is that’s how it’s supposed to be on vacation.” Rose said pulling her sunglasses down and giving me a stern look over top of them.
“Three times a day and you’ve got a deal.” I said holding out my hand to shake on it.
Rose pushed her glasses back up and we shook on only checking our phones three times a day. I am going to continue to carry mine around just in case of emergencies but I don’t need to constantly check it for messages from Jake, Rose was right if something happened there’d be nothing I could do about it from here.
We ordered an appetizer to share and a pitcher of margaritas, it was official we were on vacation. About twenty minutes later Rose and I had drank half the pitcher and finished two plates of mozzarella sticks. We made our way off the patio and down to the lounge chairs on the beach, the waitress brought us a new pitcher and we were gossiping about which celebs were cheating on who, when a bear of a man came walking out of the ocean. He had to be at least 6’5” with short blonde hair, and muscles for days. We were both practically drooling when we noticed he wasn’t alone coming out of the water behind him was two other guys, neither one was as tall or muscular as the first but they were all nice to look at.
“I don’t know which menu I have to order off of, but I want me a piece of that.” Rose said pulling her glasses all the way off so she could get a better look.
We watched as the three guys walked over to three girls sitting under a cabana down the beach, some girls clearly have all the luck.
“Wait… I don’t think the tall one is dating that blonde girl and the other two are obviously together.” Rose said sliding her glasses back on so that the group wouldn’t notice she was staring at them.
“Good Afternoon ladies, it’s so nice to see you two again.” A male voice said from behind us.
We turned around to find James and his friend Royce, smiling down at us.
“James, Royce, it’s… nice to see you two as well.” I said ignoring the negative feeling in my gut swelling up again.
“Well if it isn’t our flirty flight buddies, if I didn’t know any better I’d think you two were stalking us.” Rose said with a devilish grin.
“Well I assure you, with two goddesses like you on the loose; it’s hard to stay away.” Royce said grabbing Rose’s hand and placing a kiss on the top of it.
“So Bella what are you two sexy ladies up to this afternoon?” James said sitting down at the end of the lounge chair near my feet.
“Um… well…” I could feel my cheeks burning as I started to blush uncontrollably. “Rose and I were just going to hang out and try to relax.” I said trying hard not to look into his piercing blue eyes. I couldn’t put my finger on it but all of a sudden I felt completely uncomfortable around these two.
“Actually we were just leaving, we’re going to stop in town and maybe do a little shopping before we go out later.” Rose said obviously noticing my discomfort “So I guess we’ll see you two later…” she said grabbing her purse and standing up.
“Well until we bump into each other again.” Royce said pulling Rose’s hand back up to his mouth before she pulled it away from him with a smile.
“Yeah, I am sure we’ll be seeing more of each other so until next time.” James said with a wink as I grabbed my purse and stood up next to Rose.
We walked away leaving the both of them there. I wasn’t sure if Rose felt it too but those two are starting to really creep me out.
“Do you think we’re really going to keep bumping into them the entire time we’re here?” I whispered once we were far enough away I felt they wouldn’t be able to hear. “Something about James and especially Royce really creeps me out.”
“Yeah I noticed that, James seems fine but there is definitely something about Royce that doesn’t feel right to me either.” She said as we walked around the side of the Beach Café and into the first cab, we saw.
We asked the driver to take us back to the resort. We arrived back to our suite and we both decided to shower to wash the sand off our legs, but really I just wanted to shower because I felt dirty after seeing James. Being around him makes me feel like I’m disgusting by association.
I dried off before slipping into the hotel’s plush white robe to blow-dry my now wavy hair. After I finished blow-drying it, I pulled the top half into a ponytail allowing the rest to cascade around my shoulders and back. I walked out of the bathroom, put on my under clothes and then my multi-colored one-shoulder wrap dress and a pair of yellow wedges.
“Bella I just realized something.” Rose said walking to my room in the blue one shoulder dress from earlier. “Do you think it’s just a coincidence that we keep running into James and Royce, and every time they always say until we bump into each other again. Do you think they’re planning to run into us?” She said walking over to the full-length mirror and pulling her wavy hair into a ponytail.
“I am not sure, but if we ‘bump’ into them again we should definitely tell someone.” I said walking up next to Rose to give myself one last once over before we left for the market.
“Well I have my pepper spray your dad gave me and I am not afraid to use it.” She said taping lightly against the side of her purse.
I switched my purses and was getting ready to throw my cell in it when Rose gave me a dirty look before taking my phone.
“I think you’ve checked this enough for today don’t you, I’ll hold on to it for you.” She said dropping the phone in her purse.
I shook my head and we left the suite and went to the lobby to wait for a cab. Renata offered to have one of the resorts drivers take us to the market but I declined because I didn’t want to draw unnecessary attention to Rose and I especially with the possibility that James and Royce could be stalking us.
We hopped in the first cab to arrive and asked the driver to take us to the closest marketplace so we could get some souvenirs for our friends and family. After a super quick ride into town, we pulled up at the most picturesque marketplace. It was as if it was out of a movie or something. Rose paid the driver, we got out of the car, and we crossed the street to the market.
We went from stand to stand looking at all the merchandise; we had decided that we would do a full lap and mentally decide what we wanted before going back and getting it. We were at the fifth stand and it was starting to get dark. Rose already had four bags to my one, when I got my first glimpse of the most untamed head of beautiful copper hair.
“Bella, please inform this guy that we saw that same necklace six stands down for a cheaper price.”
“I… uhhh… yeah we definitely saw that same necklace at that other stand.” I said having missed Rose’s entire negotiation effort. I turned back towards the crowd and the copper hair was gone.
“See sir, you’re trying to cheat me over a necklace that clearly doesn’t cost that much. I’ll give you $5 dollars for it and that’s my final offer.
“This necklace is worth $20 dollars and I won’t accept a penny less.”
“Ok fine $9.50 and not a cent more.”
The man looked at Rose for a minute before a quick smile passed his lips. “$15 dollars and I am not going any lower.”
Rose stood there cupping her chin with her hand for a minute while she thought about his offer. “You know… I’ll give you $10 dollars for it and you can throw in the matching earrings and we might have a deal.” She said pulling the $10 dollar bill out of her purse and showing it to him.
“You know what… I like you… it’s a deal.” He said with a chuckle
Leave it to Rose to negotiate her way into paying half price and getting him to throw in the matching earrings. I turned back around and that’s when I saw him, I mean really saw him. He was the most beautiful man I had ever seen. He must have felt me staring at him because his eyes met mine instantly and it was as if we were the only two people in the entire marketplace. As I was staring into his amazingly beautiful emerald green eyes, I didn’t even notice that I had started walking in his direction but there was something about him it was as if my body was being pulled to him like a magnet.
I was almost to him when I felt someone grab my arm and whip me around; I looked up to see James towering over me.
“A pretty little thing like you shouldn’t be wondering around all alone. We’ll have to fix that, now won’t we.”
“Actually… I am not alone.” I said attempting to pull my arm out of his grasp.
“Well you look pretty alone to me, but I am sure I have an idea what’s keeping that friend of yours.” He said turning his lips up into a wicked smile. That’s when I saw it again, that darkness clouding his eyes, and at that moment I knew my instincts were right and I should have stayed far away from this man.
I turned around and the emerald eyed god was gone, I turned back towards James and looked around him for Rose and I could not see her either. I was completely alone and defenseless against this man that could easily throw me over his shoulder.
“What do you… what do you want from me?” I said trying to think of a way out of this situation.
“All I want is you Bella; from the moment I saw you inline boarding the plane I knew I had to have you one way or another.” He said pulling me against his body and I could feel the gun in his waist band. “And now that I’ve gotten you alone, I am going to finally have you.” He whispered into my ear before sniffing my hair and neck. “You smell as good as I thought you did, I can’t wait to see what you smell like down there.”
It was at that moment that I knew my life was in danger. I had a few options that my father had taught me to get out of this situation unhurt. But at this moment I couldn’t think of any of them. Oh shit…
James was leading me down a deserted alley and away from the market and I could feel the tears flowing down my face. I don’t know if it was from my eyes being blurred with water or my natural clumsiness but all of a sudden I felt my knees scrapping against the pavement and I was laying flat against the ground.
“Oh you’re making this too easy Bella, if you’d rather do this here than back at my hotel that’s fine with me.” He said bending down over my body, at that moment I blacked out completely.

~*~ Edward Cullen ~*~
I had been with many women in my 24 years on earth but none of them had ever made me feel the way that she had. Looking into those big chocolate brown eyes it was as if she could see me, the real me. My body obviously knew this before my brain could catch up because I was already walking towards her.
Then he arrived and turned her away from me, and it was as if the trance was broken. I walked down to the next stand when it occurred to me she didn’t look happy to see him.
“Mind you business Edward, if that’s her boyfriend it’s none of your business.”  I said to myself, as I was getting ready to leave when the voice in the back of my head told me to turn around.
I turned around and saw them hugging, well he was hugging her. That was all the confirmation I needed, I needed to mind my fucking business. However, the way she made me feel for those brief moments when our eyes locked was proof I needed to make her my business. So I decided I was going to follow them.
I can see the bloody headlines now, Prince Edward, Heir to British Throne, Arrested for Stalking Local Woman, but I can’t deny there is something about her and the way her expression changed when she saw him. He was leading her to an alley and I could tell that she had started crying, I definitely need to do something.
The next thing I knew she was laying on the ground and he was bending down over her. The moment I saw him running his hand up her dress, I had to step in and save her.
“What do you think you’re doing?” I said walking up behind him.
“Dude you need to mind your business, this has nothing to do with you.” He said standing up and pushing me away from him. “Bella just fell down, she’ll be fine.”
“That was a big mistake.” I said regaining my balance and punching him across the face.
He stumbled backwards a little before jumping up and charging at me. The next thing I knew Marcus had him in a headlock and Cauis was making sure I was ok.
“I am fine he didn’t hurt me, but I am not so sure about her he was about to rape her.” I said bending down to pick her up. “I don’t care what you two have to do to him, but he needs to pay for what he was about to do. I’m going to take her back to the house, hopefully she’ll wake up soon.
“What did you… what happened to Rose… don’t hurt…” She whispered into my chest. Her eyes were still closed so I wasn’t sure if she was dreaming or if she was semi-conscious of what was going on.
“Cauis she was with a friend when I saw her earlier, she’s about 5’10” slender with brown hair in a ponytail I am pretty sure she was wearing a blue dress. Can you see if you can find her as well and bring her to the house?”
“Yes your highness, we’ll make sure he learns that no really means no.” Cauis said exchanging a look with Marcus. “Then we’ll find her friend and we’ll meet you back at the house within the hour.”
“I’ll call Emmett and Alice and let them know they don’t have to wait for me and that they can go ahead to dinner with everyone.”
I looked down at the beautiful girl in my arms and I was instantly angry that he was about to take advantage of a creature so pure and innocent. However, I would make sure nothing bad would ever happen to her again.


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