Thursday, January 5, 2012

Chapter 11 - Empire State of Mind

You made me want you
You made me leave you
You made me tumble
And fall
But if I…
Can't have you the way, I want you
I don't want you at all
Baby, I can take a lot
Cause I love
Everything you got
Though your kisses
Fill me
So if you got
Someone else
I gotta go
Oh, that you know
Ye that's it honey
I quit I'm movin' on

"That's It, I Quit, I'm Movin' On"~ Adele

A/N: I've been told that this hiatus was utter torture for some. To those people I apologize 100% for taking forever to write this chapter. I hope you all enjoyed the Christmas Outtake as much as I've enjoyed reading the comments from it. This Chapter will definitely clarify a few things but with answers often comes more questions.
Happy Princeward & Co Update Day
~D. Walls

Five Weeks Later
This is Ryan Seacrest with your E! News Royal Family Update. We broke the news last week that 21 year old, Princess Alice and her boyfriend of the past five years Lord Jasper Whitlock got engaged while celebrating Prince Edward's 24th birthday in Jamaica and are currently planning a New Years Wedding.
However, there are reports coming out that there is more news from Buckingham Palace... I'll send you over to our London correspondent Olivia Blackwell with the rest of our Hot Young Royals news. Olivia?
Thanks Ryan, there is word that the Palace is gearing up to announce… a Royal Baby.
That's right, word is that the palace is preparing for the birth of the first Royal Grandchild of Queen Esme and Prince Carlisle. Now, before you start speculating, our sources are saying that this is not a shotgun wedding for the fashionable Princess and Lord Whitlock, which leaves two randy royals, Prince Edward and Prince Emmett. Our sources in the Palace are staying mum however; eyewitnesses have spotted the one and only Tanya Voltera, ex-girlfriend of Prince Edward, leaving an OBGYN's office on several occasions in over the past week in Switzerland. The Young Royals are currently in Los Angeles for the BAFTA Awards, but are due back in London next week after they finish their North American tour. It's starting to look like we Brits might be getting two weddings and a baby. We'll have more as the story develops, back to you Ryan.
Thanks Olivia. We here at E have been on Young Royal watch since they arrived in the US last weekend for a star studded week of events surrounding the BAFTA Awards this Thursday. However, the question on everyone's mind is what happened to the mysterious American brunette Prince Edward was spotted with for several weeks last month? Rumors were circulating that he and the mystery woman were quite smitten in Jamaica. Pictures of the pair at the Prince's birthday dinner are all over the net, yet the identity of the mystery woman is still being kept secret. We're also hearing that the mystery woman was at the center of the disagreement resulting in a bar brawl between the rowdy Prince and a gentleman in North Carolina back in June.
We have more Hot Young Royals news… after this commercial break, only on E News.

~*~ Bella Swan ~*~
I stood there staring at the television on the wall, completely stunned by how much my life had changed in such a short amount of time. In a little over a month, I went from being in a safe and loving relationship with Jake, to an amazingly hot and fun fling with Edward, to sitting here packing up my bedroom alone and single.
I have not talked to Jake since we had our final fight right after his father's funeral. I really cannot blame Jake for being pissed considering my short fling with Edward resulted in me having feelings for him. If the tables were reversed I don't think I would want to be Jake's number two choice either. If I had known he had feelings for Charlotte, and was forcing himself to want to be with me I would have done the exact same thing. The only problem is now that we've broken up, I really miss having him as a friend. He hasn't returned any of my phone calls, text messages, or emails. I was starting to think he moved out of his apartment just to avoid seeing me in the hall when Paul let me know Jake hasn't been back from North Carolina.
Then there's Edward, oh my bad, Prince Edward. After the fight with Jake, Edward gave me a ride to the airport where he apologized profusely for being… well an ass and promised that we could start fresh now that Jake and I broke up and all of our cards were on the table... I was just about to forgive him when I spotted us on the cover of a magazine. I'll never forget the caption, 'The Real Cinderella, American Girl Lands Prince'. Imagine my surprise to find out that I have been secretly dating a prince. Edward explained why he didn't tell me from the beginning and how he wanted to make sure that I fell in love with him for him before finding out about his title. Being lied to about something this important wasn't my favorite thing but I understood, kind of. We kissed goodbye at the airport and promised to keep in touch to see where the relationship could go from here. Three weeks, six impromptu visits, and lots of sex later, Edward sends me e-mails letting me know that he found out that Tanya was pregnant and apparently, it is his baby, but that it changed nothing between us. I sent him an email back letting him know it changes everything. I can't be the reason his child grows up without a father and so I insisted that he try to work it out with Tanya.
"Hey B, these just came for you," Rose said walking into my room with another vase of lilies. "He may not know the proper use of a condom, but Edward sure knows how to pick out nice flowers."
"What… too soon for jokes?"
"Uh, yeah. Way too soon. But you can just set them anywhere," I said putting the books I had in my hand in the box in front of me.
"Bella… granted I am not the biggest Edward fan, and I know this whole baby thing is a lot to deal with but don't you think it was a little presumptuous of you to give up Edward? Emmett says none of them really think Edward is the father."
"It doesn't matter what anyone but Edward thinks and as far as he's concerned this is his baby. Besides once the world finds out for sure, I don't want to be the woman that broke up a happy family."
"Happy… we're talking about Edward and Tanya. The only thing happy about those two is what happened to create this baby. All I am saying B is, for once, doing the right thing, might not actually be doing the right thing to do."
"Look Rose, I know what it's like to have a parent leave you and go off and start another family like you never existed and I will do everything in my power to never be that woman."
"So we're just going to move to New York and pretend it never happened?" she said walking over and sitting down on the bed next to the box I was packing.
"Pretend what never happened?"
"Bella you can't just pretend you don't love him. I don't know why you do, but you do and let's face it, you'll regret giving him up for the rest of your life. Just talk to him, he has been in LA for the past few days and has been calling nonstop. You know he'd fly here in a minute to be with you if you said it was okay."
"Yeah well it's not okay. I don't want to see him Rose, please just let it go."
"But Bella…"
"Rose I am serious, drop it."
"Fine, consider it dropped. But, you know you can't avoid him forever. Might as well deal with it sooner rather than later."
"Yeah well I'll deal with him in my own way in my own time. I am not going to do this on anyone's schedule but mine."
"Okay B, I hear yah, you're a strong independent woman that doesn't need a man and blah, blah, blah. So I take it you'll be okay here if I go meet Emmett in California for the rest of the week? I mean it's been forever since we've seen each other and Skype sex just isn't doing us justice right now."
"Yes I am sure the five days since he's left has been complete and total torture for you and your sex life. But I don't care if you go, I have a few things I need to take care of here this week before the big move," I said taping up the box I had been filling.
"Bella all of that can wait, I mean it's a trip to LA with the men of our dreams… how on earth are you able to pass that up?" Rose asked walking back towards the door. "Face it B, if you don't get it together soon you're going to dry up and then no man will want to get it."
I grabbed a pillow off the bed and threw it at Rose as she darted out of my room. Sometimes her lack of subtlety was highly annoying. I mean couldn't she understand that I'd give anything to be with Edward the way we were just a few weeks ago. Nevertheless, he is going to be a father, and I'd be damned if I got in the way of his child having the opportunity to have a perfect family.

This is Phyllis Newman coming to you live from the BAFTA Awards Red Carpet in LA. The award show is set to begin in a matter of minutes and we are all awaiting the arrival of the royals. Word on the carpet is that they are on their way and should be arriving shortly.
[Camera pans down red carpet as long stretch limo pulls up]
Well folks the moment we have all been waiting for is here. Stepping onto the red carpet first is the always-stunning Princess Alice and Lord Whitlock, looking smashing as usual. The young Princess has been all smiles since she announced her engagement a few weeks ago and it's clear the engagement is definitely agreeing with her. She's practically glowing as she walks down the carpet posing with her handsome fiancé.
Next we have the dashing Prince Emmett, looking dare I say sexy as ever in his suit. Oh, wait… who is this getting out of the car with him. It appears the sexy Prince has brought a date, and she is quite the looker. Word on the carpet is that Prince Emmett is here with the same woman he was linked with a few months ago at his brother's birthday party. The beauty is wearing a red one shoulder Marchesa Asymmetric Silk-Chiffon Gown, with her dark hair curled down her back. You know what that means ladies the spare to the Heir might be officially off the market as well.
[Camera pans over crowd as they go wild]
That sound means one thing, the man of the night Prince Edward has arrived on the carpet. Apparently, it is date night because the future king is here with… oh my… It appears the Prince is making a statement to confirm the rumors that he is expecting his first child. His date is none other than Tanya Voltera his former girlfriend and the rumored mother of the next heir to the throne. Hopefully, we'll be able to get a quick interview with the Royals before the show begins.
[Camera follows as the Royal Heirs walk down the carpet towards Phyllis]
"Your Majesties I am so honored to make your acquaintances. The questions on the mind of everyone watching back home, aside from who are you wearing of course, is…"
"Phyllis… Phyllis before you even go there I am proud to announce publically that I am in fact pregnant and Edward and I couldn't be more proud," Tanya gushed rubbing her slightly visible baby bump under her flowing gown.
"Uh… actually the question all of our readers wanted to know was when Princess Alice and the good Lord Whitlock were planning to get married, but you heard it hear on Restless Style TV first. Prince Edward, heir to the British throne is expecting his first child."
[Camera gets reaction shots from all the royals, as everyone stands there speechless as Tanya gushes into the camera]

I turned the television off and wiped away the lone tear that had escaped my eyes. I am not sure why the sight of Edward with Tanya had me so emotional, it is not like I wasn't aware of the situation before hand. Hell, in the two days Rose has been in LA she's kept me informed, whether I wanted to be or not, about all the high jinks Tanya had been up to. However, seeing them… together in public… it was just too – too real. It was one thing to know mentally that Edward had gotten that bitch pregnant; it was another all together, to see her living the life I had hoped to live, on worldwide television.
Deciding that my Kardashian's marathon could wait, I got up and decided to go for a walk to clear my head. I was walking through the living room when my phone buzzed in my hand; it was a text from Rose.
Whatever you do don't watch any coverage of the awards until later.
I need to talk to you first. Rose
I considered responding and letting her know that it was too late and that I already saw the hot mess that was Tanya parading her mistake around like they planned to have that damn baby. However, I figured I should wait till after I calmed down a bit. I was in the hall locking our door, when I noticed movement out of the corner of my eye. I turned around and saw two men carrying boxes out of Jake's apartment.
I ran down the hall past the two men, who just looked at me as if I was completely insane, zipping past them and into Jake's empty apartment. I stood in the middle of the floor where his sofa used to be and stared at the bare apartment. Jake was gone… I ran out of the bare apartment and down to Paul's apartment. I banged on the door, dying for him to answer and give me a logical explanation why all of Jake's things were gone.
"Hey Bella, to what do I owe the extremely loud pleasure," Paul said opening his door.
"Where is he Paul?"
"Um… who?" Paul asked looking confused.
"Jake, Paul. Please don't treat me like I am stupid, you know what I am talking about. Where is he?"
"Sorry Bella, I can't tell you. I promised I wouldn't say anything," Paul said avoiding my eyes.
"Paul this entire thing is my fault, you have to tell me where he is so I can fix this. He is not just my ex, he is my best friend and I feel awful about how we ended. I need to fix this before I move to New York."
"I am sorry Bella, but I don't think you'll be able to," Paul said finally looking into my eyes that were filling with unshed tears. "Look Bella, all I know is that Jake asked me to let the movers in at night so that they could pack up his stuff and move it out without you noticing. As far as I know he's still in NC finishing up some stuff with his dad's attorney. Where he's going from there I have no idea."
I finally let out the breath I had been holding in and with it, released the unshed tears pooling in my eyes. Paul pulled me into an embrace and stroked the back of my head.
"It's going to be okay Bella. I know exactly how you feel, I am losing my best friend too, but Jake is a strong person and after he takes some time to lick his wounds he'll pop back up. So it's really not goodbye, it's see you later."
"I need to make things right with him Paul, I don't want him to end up hating me over this one mistake," I cried into Paul's chest soaking it with a mixture of tears and snot.
"Look B, Jake could never hate you. You don't have to take my word for it, he wrote you a letter that arrived today," Paul said walking away from our embrace and over to his coffee table grabbing a large white FedEx envelope off it. "I am pretty sure this will give you some closure B," he said handing it to me.
I stared at the envelope over come with emotions. I wasn't sure what was left for Jake to say to me other than he hated my guts and never wanted to see my cheating ass again. I hugged the envelope to my chest as if it actually contained the closure I needed on the friendship I had with Jake. I had convinced myself after our break up that I was fine not speaking with him but who was I kidding? Aside from Rose and Jessica, Jake is one of my best friends; failed relationship aside.
I walked back to my apartment opened the door and sat down on the couch watching the envelope sitting on the table as if it was going to actually move, or better yet read the letter for me. I pulled my hair up into a bun and decided there was only one way I was going to get through this. I got up from the couch and walked into the kitchen, grabbing one of the two wine glasses we left out and poured myself a glass of wine. I took a quick gulp before walking back over to the couch, sitting the glass down on the table and opening the envelope pulling out the smaller one inside.
The front of the white envelope simply had my name written out in Jake's neat-for-a-man handwriting. I tore it open and pulled out the piece of paper, unfolding it only to find one sentence written in the middle of the page.
I forgive you and will always love you
I sat the letter down and grabbed my glass of wine. The letter like Jake was sweet and to the point. I knew he would eventually forgive me for my indiscretion with Edward and someday in the future we would find our way back to being friends.
I curled up on the couch and turned on my favorite mindless reality show. Nothing takes your mind off your problems like watching an insanely rich family go on an amazingly lavish vacation to Bora Bora. Although, why anyone would date Frankenstein's twin is beside me, but that is rich socialites for you.

~*~ Tanya Voltera ~*~
A Few Weeks Ago
I slowly walked up to the office of my father's study; I was starting to feel like I did when I was in primary school and had to show my father my horrid marks. I stood in front of the massive oak doors for what felt like eternity. I had just gained enough courage to knock when the doors flung open.
"Tanya darling, great we've been expecting you, please come," My mum said ushering me into the massive second floor study.
I walked in and took the available seat in the chair across from my father. He did not acknowledge my presence, opting to continue staring at the papers in front of him. My mother closed the door to the corridor before walking over and taking the seat next to mine.
"Tanya, I understand you've gotten yourself into a predicament…"
"Well father, I just wanted to let you know that I am terribly sorry and that this whole bloody ordeal wasn't planned."
"Clearly it wasn't planned. However, my darling daughter, this mistake of yours might be the answer to all of our prayers. My initial research was correct and legally Edward has until his 25th birthday to find an eligible wife or he forfeits the right to reign over the kingdom."
I stared at my father, not exactly sure, where this conversation was going.
"Tanya, for once you're inappropriate behaviour is going to benefit this family instead of casting a shadow of shame upon us. Edward is going to be the father of this baby, and we are going to use this disastrous situation you have created to become part of the royal family."
"No... Dad no… this baby isn't Edward's, this baby was created out of love. I love Demetri, this is his baby, and we are going to raise it together and be the perfect bloody family that we never were," I said jumping up from my chair, slamming my hand down on the desk.
"Tanya, sit down!" My father yelled also getting up from his seat. "You will name Edward as the father of this baby and you will do as I say. I am tired of hearing about how you were not loved enough as a child. Your mother and I have done everything in our power to give you a certain lifestyle and yes, we had to sacrifice time with you but damn it Tanya you have not wanted for a bloody thing. So for once, you will do what is asked of you and not talk back."
We stood there staring at each other, neither one of us backing down from our position.
"Tanya look, I understand you have strong feelings for this… this boy. Nevertheless, your father and I are thinking about your future. Saying that Edward is the father of your baby is going to ensure that you are going to become Queen one day. What more could you want?" My mother asked in her usual icy tone.
"Love… I know this is a foreign concept to you two emotionally stunted, unloving individuals but I want to be in a relationship with someone that actually loves me and wants to be around me and that isn't Edward."
"Tanya don't be so daft, we are setting you up to be the future Queen of this country and you're talking about something as silly as being in love. Your mother and I have let you go pissing around London for years and now it's time that you start thinking about your future and if you won't, we will. That's the end of this discussion you will do as I say," he said taking his seat, throwing his reading glasses down on the desk and rubbing the bridge of his nose in frustration. "You're excused," he said dismissing me without as much as a look in my direction.
I turned to look at my mother who looked back at me with that nonchalant, cold stare I've seen so much throughout my life signifying that I had no choice but to do as my father wished. I felt the tears starting to fill my eyes and I knew I had to vacate the room as quickly as possible without showing defeat to either of my parents. I did my best to pull myself together as quickly as possible and walked out of the room. I walked down the corridor to the grand marble staircase that wound its way up the floors of 10 Downing Street and made my way to my bedroom, tears slowly streaming down my face as I made my up to my regal prison.
This time tomorrow my life would no longer be mine. I'll just be a pawn in a larger power play by my heartless parents to get the status and money that they've always wanted. Edward would hate me more than ever, and I would be forced to lie to Demetri about the wonderful life we have created together… A life that was so beautiful and precious but at the same time such a little beautiful disaster.

~*~ Bella Swan ~*~
Present Day
"Rose look, I appreciate you wanting to push her down a flight of stairs for me, but I don't have the money to bail you out of jail for assaulting a pregnant woman so just let her be," I said taping up my final box of crap.
"Isabella Marie Swan, this soon to be fat, unattractive heifer has stolen your man and you aren't even going to fight back? Forget moving, we need to get you to a doctor A.S.A.P because you can't be well. I mean, no woman in love would allow this… this cum bucket to swoop in supposedly pregnant, and steal their man without a good fight."
"Rose… really, it's alright. If I am meant to be with Edward, I will be. If not today then someday but I refuse to go to jail fighting any woman over a man, especially a pregnant one."
"Rose… can we change the subject. You've been in LA for what five days and all you have to talk about is Tanya and Edward. Sex with Emmett can't be that bad," I said bursting with laughter before I could finish the sentence.
"Bella bite your tongue, sex with Emmett is everything but bad. We're so happy, and Alice and Jasper are over the moon with their engagement and then there's you and Edward… B, I know you don't want to talk about it but Alice and I want you to have what we have… happiness."
"I am happy. I truly am, I had a wonderful time with Edward and yes it was cut short but I am not going to just fall apart just because I can't be with the man of my dreams. Circumstances sometimes get in the way and you have to just deal, and Rose I am just trying to deal the best I can."
"Damn you for being such a strong woman, because we all know I'd have taken these earrings off and I'd be whipping her…"
"Rose hold on that's the other line."
"Bells, I am downstairs let me in," Charlie said.
"Okay," I said pressing the number 9 button and buzzing my dad into the building before clicking back over.
"Okay Rose, I hate to cut this short but Charlie is here to take me out to lunch."
"Alright B, but don't forget my plane gets in tonight at eight sharp, don't be late! I am too hot to be hanging out at the airport all night."
"Bye Rose," I said hanging up and walking into the living room to unlock the front door for Charlie.
Charlie and I had been hanging out a lot the past few days. Being the most unemotional person I know I was taken back when Charlie started getting choked up the other day helping me pack. I feel bad leaving him like this especially after the way Renee just abandoned us all those years ago. However, I have to remind myself it's not forever, and I'll be back for holidays and stuff. I am a little worried about who's going to make sure Charlie is eating properly but it's time for me to move on and out of Washington to kick start my career.

New York, concrete jungle where dreams are made of
There's nothin' you can't do
It's been a full week, seven long days since we've been in New York full time and Rose has been playing this song nonstop the entire time…
Now you're in New York
These streets will make you feel brand new
Big lights will inspire you
The only thing I was inspired to do was to beat her unconscious and then throw her body into the Hudson River, letting her sing to the fish.
Let's hear it for New York, New York,
New York.
I walked past the mountain of still unpacked boxes in the hallway on my way to Rose's room. I opened the door, not bothering to knock, and entered the room only to find Rose dancing around her room.
Welcome to the melting pot, corners where we sellin' rock
Afrika Bambataa shit, home of the hip-hop
Yellow cab, gypsy cab, dollar cab, holla back
Oh my gawd she started rapping… "Hey Jay-Z is it at all likely that you'll get a new anthem anytime soon or are we going to be in an Empire State of mind for the next few weeks?" I asked acknowledging my presence.
"B, stop being a hater you know I can spit some rhymes."
"I am sorry, what?" I asked, not sure when Rose went from VH1 Top 20 to 106 & Park. "If I have to hear that song one more time I am going to jump off the Empire State building, let's get something else into rotation please."
"Fine crabby pants," Rose said walking over to her iPod and turning the song off. "Bella what's going on, you've been in a mood all week, and before you start lying and saying it's nothing remember this is me you're talking to and I know it's not nothing."
"Rose really…"
"I am fine," she interjected cutting me off. "How about you don't treat me like I'm stupid and I don't play that song on repeat for the next week."
"Look, it's just harder than I thought seeing the two of them everywhere. I knew they would be all over the magazines because he's a prince or whatever but I didn't think it would be all over the television nonstop for the past week or so."
"Bella, I feel bad for you, but at the same time you have no one to blame but yourself. You didn't have to break up with Edward just because he was having a baby. Hell, he shouldn't be having that demon spawn. I don't know why the two of you are choosing to be miserable and alone instead of being happy together. It's just plain stupid. No, it's not stupid; this is what happens when you let your pride get in the way of your heart, you end up alone."
"Rose, what would you have me do? Fly to London, demand that Edward chooses me that he puts all of his responsibilities aside, and just runs away with me. Don't you think I want that? Realistically though Rose, I can't have it. If Edward really wanted to be with me, he would be. He would not have just let me walk away. Yes, he has sent flowers and other things, but he hasn't come himself, he hasn't flown to New York and bared his soul out to me so why should I have to fly over there and do it to him. I am not the one that ruined what we could have been by getting some slut pregnant."
I stood there emotionally spent from holding in my feelings for so long and just stared at Rose, who was staring at me with a proud look on her face. I felt proud of myself to for finally releasing my true feelings but at the same time, saying aloud how pissed I truly was at the situation and at Edward took me from one emotional level to the next. I closed my eyes and exhaled as the tears started slowly streaming down my face.
"I am sorry for being so hard on you B, I didn't think… I am sorry," Rose said walking over and hugging me. "Everyone always tells me I need to filter my thoughts better and one of these days I'll get that right. You should know by now that you need to just ignore me."
"I do ignore you…" I sobbed.
"Look I'll stop bringing up this shiteous situation if you'll try to start having fun again. I mean, we're in a brand new city and there are millions of guys in New York to keep you busy until he who shall not be named gets his shit together. In fact my first client is this couple that own a new restaurant/lounge downtown and we're having a grand opening tonight. There'll be plenty of sexy guys there and free booze, what do you say?"
"Rose I – I don't know if I'll be good company."
"Oh wonderful, we'll leave around six because I need to get there a little early. It's almost four now so we should get ready."
I stood there for a minute, pretty sure I said I didn't think I should go, but opting not to mention it to Rose because I was sure she had heard me but opted to ignore me. Looks like I am officially enrolled in the Rosalie Lillian Hale's break up recovery course. As I was walking back to my room to get ready I couldn't help but to think about what Tanya's life must be like now, playing house with Edward and preparing to have a baby.

~*~ Tanya Voltera ~*~
It's been three weeks since Edward found out that I was pregnant with his child and he still hasn't proposed to me. Hell, I have not even been invited to stay at the palace or anything. My father's plan is definitely not going to work. I will be nothing more than the mother of the future king's illegitimate child. Forever known in history as the whore who couldn't keep her legs closed…
I never should have gone along with this stupid arse plan. I could be in Switzerland right now with my Demetri, preparing to raise this baby in a happy loving relationship instead of here pregnant and alone.
The icing on the cake was the fact that father didn't feel comfortable letting me out of house alone, so either I have to stay trapped in this house with him and the ice queen or be followed around by two security guards.
There was a knock at the door, I walked over and opened it to find a parcel sitting on the floor of the corridor in front of my door with the H.M. Seal on it. I closed the door and headed back over towards my desk. I grabbed a pair of scissors and began opening the parcel excitedly. I felt like a child at Christmas. Beneath the brown paper was a mahogany box with a tiara etched in the top with a note taped to the front.
From The Desk of H. M. Queen Esme
Dearest Tanya,
It is with great pleasure that I gift you this, as you are now a part of my family. I do hope that we will be able to spend lots of time together getting to know each other properly. Until then I do hope you will accept my invitation to formally, move into Buckingham Palace at a suitable time for you. I do believe you will feel most at home in the wing we have set up for you.
Enclosed you will find two gifts that I do believe you will find most helpful in your coming days.
All my love,
I sat the note down on the desk next to the box. I put one hand on each side of the box and slowly opened it. Inside laying on top of red suede cloth was an index card and next to that card laid a set of keys, which I am assuming would allow me to enter my private suite in the palace. I picked up the card and read it while holding onto the keys of my new life.
Upon the birth of my Unnamed Grandchild, heir
to the throne, I award Tanya Voltera an official title.
From the day of the birth throughout the duration of her natural life
she will henceforth be known as The Duchess of Cornwall.
If you are to become legally married to HRH the Prince of Wales,
you will receive the honorable title of Her Royal Highness.
The note was signed and notarized by the office of the Queen so it was official; I was going to be Tanya, Duchess of Cornwall in a few months. It appears father's plan was going to work out after all. I put the note and keys down, grabbed my phone and called Carmen; this news was just too good not to share.

~*~ Bella Swan ~*~
It took Rose forty-five minutes, six dresses and several phone calls before she was ready to go to Bon Temps. Apparently, Bon Temps is going to be the next "it" restaurant, or at least that is what Rose would have you believe from all the work she's been putting into making this opening a success. We left our apartment thirty minutes later than planned but I felt amazing for the first time in weeks. We hailed a cab, giving him the directions to the downtown address.
"Okay B, I need you to be completely frank with me about Bon Temps. I promised Eric and Sookie that I would help turn their baby into a success and I really can't afford to piss off my first client," Rose said without looking up from the message on her blackberry.
"I am sure you did fine, if anyone can throw a kick ass party it's you," I said trying to reassure her. "So what kind of place is this exactly?"
"It's southern but with a twist, a combination of JT's Southern Hospitality and Jay's 40/40 Club. The food is amazing, their chef Lafayette is fucking amazing, and he cooks pretty well too."
"Promise me you'll try to mingle a bit while I am working. I don't want to find you sulking in a corner somewhere, with a margarita, thinking about what could have been. We're only young once B, and if you're not going to go after Edward you might as well start getting over him."
I really wish it were that easy. I've been trying to get over Edward and short of having electroshock therapy to have him erased from my mind, I don't think he's going anywhere anytime soon.
I nodded in faux agreement and turned to look at the people we were passing by as we made our way to the lounge. I could tell that I was going to love summers in the city, everyone looked so happy and carefree, feelings that I was lacking as of late. Although I would never admit it to Rose's face, she had a point. It was time that I stopped thinking about what could have been, attempt to live my life and stop mourning, there are plenty of fish in the sea and all that jazz.
"Tonight I think I am going to get my groove back, or at least some of it," I said grabbing my lip-gloss out of my bag and reapplying it as we pulled up in front of Bon Temps.
Rose whispered a quiet pep talk to herself before paying the cabbie and getting out. This was it, I was going to get to see Rose in her natural habitat being the HBIC at her first event. I was very excited for her but so nervous at the same time. If this event goes well Rose will get to plan all the events for Bon Temps for the next year, which apparently in the city that never sleeps, is a lot of events.
After we went inside, Rose went straight to work and I walked around the lounge trying to stay out of the way as they finished prepping for the night. I wondered over to the bar naturally, and took a seat. I motioned for the bartender at the other end of the bar and then looked up at the television on the wall behind the bar, only to see Edward and Tanya splashed across TMZ.
"Looks like you could really use a drink, a pretty lady like you shouldn't be sitting at a bar looking sad in the middle of the day."
I looked down to see the tall blonde bartender standing in front of me whipping down the bar.
"Yeah well it's been a long few weeks, and it doesn't appear to be getting much better anytime soon."
"Well I hear ya, I mean I was the all American quarterback in high school and now I am just a bartender in my sister's restaurant. But life is what you make it, so instead of wallowin' in my sorrow I am gonna just make the most of it."
"Yeah… I am working on that, I am just having a harder time than usual letting go."
"What's his name?"
"That obvious is it?" I asked blushing.
"Well darlin' there are only so many things that'll bring someone to the bar in the middle of the afternoon and relationship problems are usually at the top of that list. So what's this fool done to get you so upset?"
"Well he got another woman pregnant… and now they're off playing house. Every time I think I am over it… him… and us, the situation seems to keep being paraded in front of me."
"Wow… yeah you definitely need a strong drink. What'll it be?"
"Umm, tequila shots," I said opening my purse. "In fact let's just make it a double," I said laying my money on the counter.
"I am insulted! Put that away, drinks are on me tonight," he said with a wink, turning to get the good tequila off the shelf.
"Thanks… uhhh"
"Jason, and you are?"
"Bella, and thanks Jason but I don't want you to get into trouble for giving me free drinks," I said before downing my first shot.
"Please what's the little sis going to do, fire me?" he asked batting those sexy blues at me before taking a shot.
Three hours, several tales from relationship hell and many… many shots of tequila later and I was being lead to the supply closet by the first attractive man to show interests in me in weeks and I could care less. Jason was a fine piece of ass and I was in desperate need to get laid, even if it was up against a wall in a supply closet of some lounge.
Jason was exactly what I needed right now to keep my mind off… well off him. He wasn't too gentle but he was just rough enough to get me to climax, sex with him was like a reawakening of my inner self confidence. I am a strong young woman that doesn't have to sit around pinning away for any man especially one with baby mama drama when I could be having hot passionate sex with the sexy southern bartender that has abs for days…
"So… this was… nice," I said pulling my panties back up and rearranging my dress.
"Sure was Bella, I have to say that ex of yours must be some fool to let someone as amazing as you get away."
"Yeah well, his loss…"
"Is my gain. What would you say if I asked you out on a proper date, you know nothing too fancy but I am dying to get to know you better,"
"You mean like a date, date?" I asked staring at his naked body lying on the blanket on the floor.
"Uh fuck yeah, I mean why not? We're both single and clearly we aren't lackin' in the passion department. What'd ya say… a real date where we potentially keep our clothes on for the majority of the time. Unless of course you want to be naked the whole time in which case I am very much okay with that."
Jason, are you in there? Tara said she's been tending the bar alone for the past half hour. What are you doin'?" Said the voice knocking from the other side of the door.
"Uh, yeah sis, I'll be right there I was just getting something."
"Yeah okay Jason but you better not be in there doin' what I think you're doin'."
We sat there quietly listening as Sookie huffed and then walked away. I watched as Jason dressed his lean muscular body before we snuck out of the closet and back to the now extremely loud and crowded party.
"You know what why the hell not," I said writing my number down on a napkin and handing it to Jason. "One date. It can't be worse than almost getting caught by your sister so… let's do it."
"Alright Miss Bella, you're on. It's definitely going to be the night of your life," he said slipping the napkin into his pocket before giving me a hug. I can't lie, I loved the feeling of being inside of a man's warm embrace again, that body pillow just wasn't doing it for me anymore.
I said my goodbyes to Jason and then tried in vain to find Rose and let her know that I had a good time at the party but I was going to head home. I sent Rose a quick text letting her know that I was off and that I wouldn't wait up since the party looked like it was just getting good and it was just midnight.
I was waiting on the corner for a cab when I felt my phone buzzing. I pulled it out, expecting a response from Rose only to find a message from Jason letting me know that he was excited about our date and that he hoped that since I now had his number, I wouldn't be afraid to use it. I got in the cab with a huge smile on my face I was in a new city, and for the first time I was actually looking forward to the different possibilities and adventures Rose and I would have now that we were Big Apple residents.

Welcome back to E! News, with Giuliana Rancic and Jason Kennedy in for Seacrest. Well ladies, it looks like we can all stop holding out for Prince Charming. Our sources in London are telling us that it's official… Tanya Voltera has moved into Buckingham Palace. Now, the only question we are left wondering is when the future king is going to put a ring on it. Let's head over to our E News London correspondent, Olivia Blackwell for more…
Hello G and Jason. You're absolutely right G, with Tanya moving into the palace and word being that the Queen has already begun taking steps to give Tanya an official role in the Royal Court, the question everyone wants to know is when will Prince Edward put a ring on that finger and make it official? As some of you might not be aware, if the baby of Prince Edward is born without the Prince and Tanya being married that would automatically skip the new baby from the line of succession to become future king.
Autumn is officially beginning and I'll be sticking around London to see if things start to heat up with the Young Royals. Until next time, you're watching E! News.

A/N: Well loves, Royal Bliss is officially back on it's two week rotation I hope the wait wasn't to painful for you. Although I consider this chapter to be sort of a filler chapter trust me when I tell you that the next chapter (that I've already started) is going to be AMAZING!
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