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Chapter 8 - Rumour Has It

Haven't you heard the rumours?
Bless your soul, your got your head in the clouds
You made a fool out of me and, boy, I'm bringing you down
You made my heart melt yet I'm cold to the core
But rumour has it I'm the one you're leaving her for.

Adele - Rumour Has It

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Chapter 8 – Rumour Has It

~*~ Bella Swan ~*~

It had been three days since Edward and I had our little talk, and I'd been avoiding him like the plague. I mean who meets someone one day and then three days later you have their tongue giving you orgasms of seismic proportions. However, how would this work, we live in separate countries, lead separate lives it is just too much. Then there is Jake who has been nothing but loving and loyal since I have known him, how do I just throw away that friendship and love to be with Edward. Hell, I have moldy cheese in my fridge that I have known longer than I have known him.
I got out of bed and decided to consult my personal dating guru. I walked out of my room and through the sitting room and knocked on Rose's door.
"Rose, are you back I kind of need to talk."
I leaned up against the door and could hear movement before the door was yanked open and I almost fell in.
"Afternoon Bella, what's up?" Rose asked coming out and closing the door behind her.
"I need your advice; and it's a matter of life or death I need a girl's day,"
"Okay, well, we can definitely have a girl's day, give me about five… no fifteen minutes. And I'll be all yours, for the rest of the weekend," she said with a smile before opening the door to slip back inside her room.
"Hi Emmett," I yelled before the door closed.
I vaguely heard a reply confirming that Rose and Emmett had been having an amazing time and here I was interrupting it because I could not get my emotions in check. I walked over towards the sofa in the sitting room and waited patiently.
Emmett must have left through Rose's exterior door because Rose came out of her room in just a thin satin robe and sat next to me on the sofa.
"So Baby Bell, what's the emergency that couldn't wait another twenty minutes?" Rose asked with a hint of a smile while curling her legs under herself to get comfortable.
"I did something really bad Wednesday, and in full disclosure Tuesday too, and it's possibly life changing and I need your advice on what I should do."
"Bella lets be real, you don't have a bad bone in your body, what could you have possibly have done?"
"I slept with Edward," I blurted out without thinking.
"You did what?" Rose exclaimed and I wasn't sure if it was a question or not.
"Well not sexually…"
"Oh well that's the morally correct Bella I know and love," she said trying to smile.
"But we slept together and I woke up in his arms. I freaked out, left him a note and ran back to the suite. He followed me back here and when he arrived, we… I… Rose he's so good with that damn tongue of his it was euphoric," I said as the blush crept into my cheeks.
Rose just stared at me with her mouth open for a few minutes before breaking out in an uncontrollable fit of laughter.
"You're telling me your problem is that you had good tongue action? Bella I hardly think that's a problem."
"Rose!" I exclaimed pushing her on the shoulder. "Be serious, when Edward came over I was on the phone with Jake. I don't think he heard anything but I can't be sure."
"Look at Bella, came down to Jamaica on a nice girls trip since you're man couldn't be here and you end up getting your groove back, tisk tisk."
"Oh okay I'll be serious. Bella do you love Jake?" She asked looking me straight in the eyes.
"Yes, of course I do."
"Are you in love with Edward?"
"No, but…"
"There are no ifs, ands, or buts about it Bella, you know you love Jake so what's the problem?"
"All I know is when I am with Edward something inside of me feels like it's on fire."
"Umm, B that sounds more like a medical problem than a boy one," she said with a smile.
"Rose… I am being serious. I've never felt like this with anyone else before including Jake and it just feels so wrong."
"Bella look, you're on vacation you're suppose to taste the local cuisine because you can't get it back home. Don't worry too much about it, when this trip is over we'll go back home to Washington and you'll get Edward out of your system and will fall back into that uber sickening romantic life of yours with Jake."
"I hope so Rose, I can't bear to hurt Jake the way that bitch Charlotte did."
"You won't B, whatever this is with Edward will run its course and you'll forget all about him. That brother of his on the other hand might be giving Peter a run for his money," she whispered conspiratorially.
"Oh no not Peter," I said rolling my eyes.
Rose took one look at my face and we both burst out laughing. We ordered in room service and just spent the rest of the day in our pjs watching movies on demand and going through six, yessix, bottles of Moscato and two tubs of Ben & Jerry's before we fell asleep on the sofa. It was nice to spend the evening with my best friend minus all the boy drama and unwanted feelings that I wasn't ready to sort through.
I was sleeping rather comfortably when continuous light knocking at the door suddenly woke me up. I rolled over to see that the sun was now up, and according to the clock, I had slept for nearly twelve hours. I sat up to look for Rose as the knocking continued. After a quick sweep of the room and not seeing any of Rose's stuff, I figured she had gotten up in the middle of the night and went and got into bed. As the knocking persisted, I figured I might as well answer it before whoever it is breaks the damn door down.
"Yes!" I said swinging the door open and rubbing, my extremely dry eyes with the back of my free hand.
"You look like… Bella did we wake you?" Alice asked.
"We could come back later if you want," Bree said exchanging a look with Alice.
"Oh…no it's one in the afternoon so I should probably get up anyway. Come in, come in," I said stepping out of the way so Alice and Bree could enter our suite. "I think Rose is still sleeping though."
"Rose is up we passed her at the front desk she's setting up a spa appointment for the four of us. We're going to have a girl's day, and just hang out," Alice said taking a seat on the armless chair next to the sofa.
"And what would a girls day be without," Bree said reaching into the bag she brought. "Wine and champagne!" She and Alice exclaimed at the same time when she pulled two bottles out of her bag.
"We brought three bottles of each, when Rose phoned and said you needed to be cheered up we figured this definitely called for a lot of drinking," Alice said pulling a wine opener out of her handbag.
I was a little taken back at first, it was one thing to be wasted with Rose last night, but it was only a little after one in the afternoon and they were opening what looked to be an extremely expensive white wine.
"Why the hell not," I said closing the door behind me.
"So Bella I really hope you're planning to come to Edward's birthday dinner tomorrow night.
I know Edward would really love for you to be there," Alice said pouring herself a cup of wine.
"Yeah Bella, you should definitely come it's going to be so much fun," said Bree.
Sorry I can't make it, I am trying to avoid your brother after he had his tongue all up in my business.
"Actually I am not sure what Rose and I have planned so we'll see."
"Planned for what?" Rose asked walking in and catching the end of that sentence.
"We were inviting you both to Edward's birthday dinner tomorrow," said Alice.
"Oh I'd lov…" Rose started before getting a sideways glance from me. "You know, let's just play it by ear," she said giving me a slight wink.
"If I didn't know any better, I'd believe you two were hiding something," Alice said exchanging a look with Bree.
"Nope… absolutely nothing," Rose and I said together.
"Okay then," Alice said downing the contents of her cup and reaching for the bottle off the table.
"So Alice, how does it feel to be engaged?" Rose asked sitting down and pouring herself some wine.
"Oh, it's proper amazing. I've been in love with Jasper since forever so this is truly amazing, and it was extra special since my parents were able to be here for it."
"Oh right, Emmett introduced them to me, they seem real nice," Rose said sipping her wine. "But he wouldn't tell me what it was they did."
Alice and Bree exchanged a quick look.
"Oh they don't do anything too smashing just some government work and such."
"So they're like aristocrats or something?" Rose asked interest piqued.
"You could say that, but they really don't like to talk about it."
"Well that would definitely explain that massive house on its own island, not to mention why you all seem so regal."
"So I know you guys are still on the fence about Edward's dinner, but after the party we had back in London this is sure to be proper smashing and you wouldn't want to miss it," Bree said sitting her empty cup down clearly trying to change the subject.
"Bree, they said they would see don't strong arm them," Alice said giving her a knowing glance.
"However, Bella I have to say that I've never seen Edward react this way to a woman before. He's definitely smitten with you and I know if you came it would be absolutely magical," she said with a huge smile. "No pressure."
"As nice as that sounds I am still not one hundred percent sure I am going to be able to make it," I said.
"Enough with this boy talk, this is supposed to be a girl's day, let's have some fun," Rose said grabbing the now empty bottle off the table with a frown.
"Don't sweat it, we have more where that came from," Bree said grabbing the two other bottles out of her bag and sitting them on the table.
Rose grabbed the bottle of champagne and looked at the label.
"That's weird this bottle says it was made specifically for the British Royal Family, that's so odd how did you get it?" Rose asked looking from the bottle to Alice.
Alice and Bree exchanged another look shifting in their seats.
"Oh I won that bottle in a charity auction a few months ago, figured it was worth the setback for such a great bottle," Alice said with a shrug grabbing the bottle from Rose and opening it.
Once again, I was getting the feeling that they were trying to hide something. What it is I am not exactly sure yet, but this lot is definitely hiding something.

~*~ Edward Cullen ~*~

"Oh what do we have here, is that my soon to be wrinkled older bro hanging about as if tomorrow isn't his birthday," Emmett said walking into the study followed by Riley. "I mean come on man; we should be getting wild and partying yeah."
"I agree with Emmett, this is lame Edward usually you're so much fun but lately you've seemed so distracted or something. Is everything ok?" Riley asked walking over and sitting across from me.
"You know physically I am fine mate, but I think I've gone mental."
"Well bro, I've been telling you, you were mental for years now. But it's greatly appreciated that you finally know what I've known for years," Emmett said with a chuckle.
"Shut it Em, I am serious. I can't get Isabella out of my mind."
"What are you fanny whipped already, I mean really Edward you practically live in the gentleman's pleasure garden. Besides, she has a mate back at home no good can come of you eating out of the forbidden forest."
"What in bloody hell, what are you going on about Em?" I asked running my hands through my hair.
"What I am sure he's trying to say is…" Riley interjected.
"No Riley don't speak for me, I can speak for myself." Emmett said. "Edward you have your pick of any vagina in the UK, hell in all of Europe, and you're actively pursuing the one you can't have. That's twisted, even for you."
"Em, I've tried not to want her, and she's doing a right job ignoring me. I don't know what I should do at this point."
"Edward I would tell you what to do but we all know you don't listen to anyone. However, think about her for a second, this girl up until a few days ago was in a happy relationship with that bloke back home. Don't screw her life up because you have no self control, and don't know when to just quit."
"Fuck you Emmett, you don't know anything about it," I said getting mad and jumping up from the couch. "Why don't you mind your fucking business and stay out of my life."
"Oh no need to be a bloody wanker Edward, I was just trying to help your ethical dilemma you put yourself in. Excuse me for hoping that for once in your overly privileged life you'd do the right thing, excuse the fuck out of me," Emmett said getting up and walking out of the room.
"I can't believe he's the one that stormed out; if anyone has the right to be pissed it's me yeah?" I asked Riley.
"Edward. I know you're not going to like this but… I actually agree with Emmett. Granted he didn't have to be so frank about it, but he has a point."
"What are you going on about? How… What do you mean he has a point?"
"Edward I am going to be as candid as possible. You haven't always made the best decisions as far as women go, and to be honest if she was single we'd be totally okay with this. But she isn't and going after her is kind of selfish on your part because you're aware she's with someone and it's like you just don't care."
"Riley you've known me a long time and know that's not who I am."
"Edward I've been your best mate since sixth form and I've been here for you through everything. However, I can't stand by and watch you steal Isabella from some bloke that didn't stand a fighting chance since he's not here. I just cannot, I mean what if some arse was doing that to Bree or Alice when Jasper and I were not around? You'd be right there in line with us ready to kick their arse."
"But Riley is it really so wrong to want to be with her? I mean she makes me feel something I've never felt before. This can't be wrong, I refuse to believe it. I am meant to be with her, I feel it in my spirit."
"What in the world is going on? I just passed Emmett rushing up the stairs and then slammed his door," Jasper said walking in and closing the door behind him.
"Em and Edward got into a little disagreement about Edward's involvement with Bella."
"Oh well what was the dispute about exactly?" Jasper asked sitting down in the chair next to Riley.
"Well Em told Edward in so many words that he shouldn't be pursuing Bella because she's in a relationship."
"Let's not sugar coat it mate, Em practically called me a horrible person for going after her. I mean can you lot really tell me it is not fair for me to go after what I want? I mean, Riley, remember when you met Bree and she was dating that twat Simon and split up with him for you?"
"Edward that's different, I laid my cards on the table with Bree and she chose to break it off with him I didn't pressure her in anyway."
"I am not pressuring her in anyway."
"Well love does things for reasons that reason cannot understand. I understand that you love her, but you have to allow her to come to you when she's ready in her own time."
"Jasper where in the hell do you get this deep Yoda like shit from?" I asked trying hard not to smile.
"If I told you I'd have to kill you. So what are the plans for the night, I may be newly engaged but I am ready to party."
"I am sure my sister will have something to say about that."
"Yeah well luckily for me, my darlin' fiancé is spending the day with Bella, Rose and Bree over at the resort and I don't expect them back till tomorrow, so again let's party we have to celebrate my last summer as a non married man."
"Well go and get my big little brother and let's go out and show these people how we party," I said getting up and stretching.
I walked over to the floor to ceiling window next to the fireplace as Jasper and Riley left, to go get ready and let Emmett know we were going out. I pulled my phone out of my pocket I was tempted to send Bella another text. She ignored the first ten messages I've sent her today so clearly she's trying to tell me something. Guess I'll have to listen to Jasper and just let her come to me when she's ready. This is so annoying, she has to feel what I am feeling, doesn't she…
My phone ringing pulled me back to reality; I was excited until I saw that it was Victoria.
"Hello," I said answering the phone.
"Hi, Edward, it's Victoria."
"I know, I do have caller ID after all," I said rolling my eyes. "What's going on?"
"I've been getting bombarded with emails and phone calls about you all day. Please – please tell me you are not down there shacking up with some American girl. Edward I had a hard enough time cleaning up this sex tape mess, I am beg…"
"Where did you hear this?" I interrupted.
"The editor of Gossip personally called me and told me she had pictures of you and some woman named..." she paused, and I could hear her ruffling through papers in the background. "Oh here it is, apparently you have been canoodling with an Isabella Swan from Tacoma, Washington. I am currently trying to figure out how she found out you were in Jamaica when I told everyone you were in Hawaii with your siblings. Edward," she said pausing to take a deep breath. "I have no right to tell you whom you can and cannot frolic with while on holiday and that's truly up to you, but please – please do not do anything that will cause a scandal. Be mindful that now that the press knows where you are they will probably send photographers down to get photos of you."
"Vicki you worry too much, I promise I will be on my best behavior for the remaining week of my trip."
"Wonderful, you make my job so much easier when you refrain from stirring up trouble. Now I am going to email you your itinerary for when you return. I have set up several positive press opportunities for you to show the citizens that you are not an irresponsible, womanizing, party animal. Oh and Alec told me as much as he could about the incident down in Jamaica and I'll be on the lookout for any mention of it and I'll be sure to take care of it."
"Thanks Vicki, you are the best."
"You're most welcome Edward; speak to you when you return. Oh and happy birthday your Royal Highness," she said with a laugh.
"My birthday isn't until tomorrow Vicki; you of all people should know that."
"It's a little after two in the morning here, so it's officially your birthday in London, have a great day," she said with a soft chuckle before disconnecting the call.
"Edward, are you ready? You have less than four hours until your birthday so we have some drinking to catch up on if we're going to get you pissed before midnight." Emmett said poking his head in the door.
"Em, I was just about to go and find you. I wanted to apologize about earlier; I guess the truth really is hard to hear but thanks for looking out for me." I said walking over to him and patting him on the shoulder.
"No problem big bro, you know I'll always have your back. You are the heir, I am the spare, and I'll do whatever it takes to make sure I stay the spare. No one cares what or who I do in my free time because I won't end up running the country and I'd like to keep it that way," Emmett said.
"So basically this isn't really about me, it's about you."
"Of course, you're already next in line to be king must everything else always be about you, geez selfish much Edward," Emmett said with a laugh punching me in the shoulder and walking into the foyer.
I followed Emmett out into the foyer where Jasper was waiting and I could hear Riley talking on the phone around the corner.
"I am so ready for this pub crawl, Alice said they'll probably spend the night on the mainland with Rose and Bella, so I am off boyfriend duty until tomorrow, I am ready to get pissed and have a good time," Jasper said walking over to us.
"I am too, I don't feel like we've really had a chance to relax and party since we've been here, so while the girls are away we're gonna play," Emmett said wrapping his arm around Jasper and my necks. "Riley get your arse off the phone, Bree can make it one night without you, we're ready to go," Emmett yelled.
"Yeah… yeah… yeah I am ready, let's go," Riley said walking into the foyer and slipping his phone in his pocket.
"Well mates another year of freedom down,"
"Yeah and one less until you're tied down with a ball and chain and an entire country to boot." Emmett interrupted patting me hard as hell on the back.
"Well I was going to say I am ready to start another year surrounded by the best mates a guy could have, but yeah." I said elbowing him in the side.
With that, we left the house for the last time before I was officially 25 years old. We walked down to the docks, met up with Marcus and Caius boarded the party boat as Emmett called it, and went to enjoy the last few hours before a completely new set of responsibilities took over my life.
~*~ Bella Swan ~*~
Last night was so much fun. It was official Alice and Bree were like the sisters I have always wanted and never had, until Rose came into the picture a few years ago. After we got back from the spa the four of us spent the night watching every chick flick they had on demand. While going through four pints of Ben & Jerry's and of course drank all the wine and champagne that was present, I have no idea what Chteau Mouton Rothschild Pauillac 1986 andPernod-Ricard Perrier-Jouet is or where they are from but the six bottles we drank tasted amazing. Unfortunately, now my head was suffering from the fun of last night.
I slowly sat up and looked around my room when I felt the bed shift next to me. I turned my head in that direction a little faster than I should have causing my head to throb. I climbed out of the bed and went to the bathroom to get an Advil.
"Bella," I heard Rose whisper.
"Yes?" I asked poking my head out of the bathroom door and Rose walked over to me.
"Bella you won't believe this. I googled the name of that wine were we drinking and it cost like $592 a bottle. Wait… there's more, that champagne that you could not get enough of runs around $50,000 a bottle. Bella we drank $152,000 worth of wine and champagne last night, that's a house."
"Rose you must have googled wrong there is no way we sat here and drank anything worth that much," I said in complete disbelief.
"Well if you want to get technical those six bottles cost around £96,000 but don't worry we won't even miss them," Alice said sitting up and pulling the covers off her head. "Oh and good morning."
We slowly turned around having not realizing she was awake or that she had overheard our conversation.
"Morning," Rose and I said at the same time as my cheeks started to warm from embarrassment.
"If you lovelies don't mind I have a wicked headache and you're talking about what we drank last night is not helping," Bree said rolling over on the chase lounge at the foot of the bed and rubbing her temples with her thumbs.
"I'm starving, let's go somewhere fun and get breakfast and mimosas because the only cure for this headache would be pancakes and a few hairs of the dog that bit me." Alice said laying back down with her hands covering her eyes.
"I feel sorry for people who don't drink. When they wake up in the morning, that's as good as they're going to feel all day." Bree said slowly before groaning and rubbing her head.
"I could go for some pancakes," I replied to Alice walking over and sitting on the bed.
"Well ladies it's been fetching and I really hope you're in better spirits Bella, but we have to go and get ready for Edward's dinner," Alice said giving me one of this haute air kisses on both cheeks as we left the café on the beach Rose and I went to our first day here.
"I am feeling much better Alice; I appreciate you and Bree dropping everything to hang out with us."
"Oh Bella don't look so sad, we still have five days left of our holiday so we'll definitely get to hang out again."
"I know but the past day has been so much fun, I am kind of not ready for it to end," I said shrugging my shoulders with a frown
"Well you know Bella you and Rose could always come and hang out with us at dinner, I mean I know you guys were planning to just hang out, but it'll be fun," Bree said practically whining the last part.
"I… uh, I am not so sure that's a good idea."
"We could always meet up after and maybe get a nightcap or something," Rose interjected trying to find a compromise.
"Rose why don't you go with them to the dinner, you know you want to go be with Emmett anyway. And I can just meet you three later for that nightcap or we can just go to the beach or something tomorrow."
"No," they all said at the same time.
"I am not going to argue with the three of you, I am not going to the birthday dinner and that's final. Now if you'll excuse me I am going to go and call my boyfriend," I said walking away from them and down towards the water.
Before I was completely out of earshot, I could hear a collective sigh coming from all three women behind me. I felt bad because I know they really wanted me there and if I am honest with myself, I knew Edward would want me there as well. Nevertheless, I could not risk falling into another sexual situation with him, which was bound to happen if we kept being in close proximity to each other. No, I had to focus on what was real and not some fantasy I created to soothe myself after the attempted rape.
I picked a good spot in the sand and sat down with my legs crossed at my ankles, and pulled my phone out of my bag and dialed Jake. Seeing as it was only a little after five in the afternoon in North Carolina he would probably be eating some fast food burger by his dad's side.
The phone rang several times and I was positive I was going to get his voicemail when he finally picked up. I could not help the smile that formed instantaneously when I heard Jake's voice in the background.
"Hey, Jake how have you been?" I asked excited since I hadn't spoken to him in the days since the whole Edward debacle.
I waited patiently for his replay, but all I could hear were muffled voices in the background. It sounded like Jake was arguing with someone. I listened closely knowing I probably should have just hung up and not have been so nosey but what was a caring girlfriend suppose to do?
"I told you, you couldn't be here anymore, what happened the other day can never happen again. I love Bella."
"Jacob Black, when are you going to stop lying to yourself? You know as well as I do that you want to forgive me and take me back, why are you even bothering with that girl who can't even be here for you. Look at your father, he's on his death bed and that troll couldn't even bother…"
"Charlotte STOP, you will NOT talk about Bella that way, she wanted to come back days ago but I wouldn't let her. There is nothing her being here would do to save my father. Therefore, there was no point in wasting the trip. Furthermore, I have to ask that you respect my relationship with her enough and stop hitting on me."
I was starting to get pissed off, I stood up and started pacing back and forth on the beach, I could hear the frustration in Jake's voice and it was really making me want to fly to North Carolina just to knock the fucking lights out of Charlotte.
"Jake I am sorry, I truly am. Hurting you was the hardest and worst thing I ever did. But let me be here for you, they told you your father only had a few days left and since she can't be here someone should be with you."
"Thanks Char, I really appreciate you dropping everything and flying to be here with me. It is just a tricky situation. I can't have Bella find out you're still here, I am not sure how she's going to react but I don't think it'll be pleasant. You can take your things back to my dad's house the spare key is under the stone wolf print on the left side of the porch."
"Okay I'll run and drop my stuff off and then I'll make you a decent dinner you can't keep eating this hospital food. I am going to take care of you you're getting to thin and you have to be strong for your dad."
"Yeah you're right; you know I haven't heard from Bella in days. I've been trying to call her and I've been texting her and nothing. I know I told her to enjoy the trip I just assumed she'd be… I don't know… more concerned," he said sadly.
"Don't worry about it Jakey, Char is here and I'll take care of you."
Ugh, I hung up and almost flung my phone into the ocean I was so annoyed…pissed… hurt… you name it. How could Jake think I didn't care about him, worse how could he allow that harpy to stay with him when I asked him not to. Maybe I had no right to ask that of him after what I've been doing with Edward but I chose him, I want him, I love… him. I walked back to my original spot in the sand and grabbed my bag throwing my phone back inside of it. It was time to head back to the suite; I had an urgent date with Ben & Jerry that I couldn't miss.
I walked in the suite and called out for Rose, since there weren't any lights on and I couldn't hear anything I assumed she took me up on my offer to go ahead to the birthday dinner without me. Guess I'll have to continue wallowing in self pity all alone this evening. I walked into my room and turned on the light, laying the bed was a large gold box with a white ribbon.

I figured you would change your mind so I picked this out for you today
I hope you like it. I am sure you know this but red is definitely you're color.
Also, there is a car waiting for you out front, you don't have to worry about a thing. See you soon.
Love, Alice

I rolled my eyes, although I shouldn't be surprised Alice always seems to know exactly what people are going to do before they know themselves. I threw caution to the wind and set the note down on the bed next to the box. I pulled the ribbon like a kid at Christmas and maneuvered the tissue paper around revealing the most gorgeous red strapless dress. I pulled the dress out and held it against my chest walking over to the full-length mirror. Alice was right; the deep red of the dress against my skin did look amazing. I walked back over to the box and saw something at the bottom. I moved more of the tissue paper around to reveal shoes, a handbag, and matching earrings. Alice had truly thought of everything. Now for the tough decision, will I actually go…

~*~ Edward Cullen ~*~

We arrived at the lounge a little early in hopes of avoiding any potential paparazzi that would be waiting for us to arrive. I had asked Emmett to call down here earlier and make sure we could get a table in the back or as far away from windows as possible. I was not expecting to end up on the rooftop patio away from any cameras that would be on the ground level. I was feeling extremely melancholy when we arrived until I spotted Alice, Bree, and Rose arriving shortly after us and I prayed that Isabella would be behind them. Rose walked over to me in her orange dress and informed me that Isabella was not feeling well and would probably not make it, which sent my mood back down.
I looked around me, realized I was surrounded by couples, and it made me sick. Here I was celebrating a milestone of being 25 and legally able to become king if my mum decided to retire and I had no significant other to help celebrate with me. It was rather depressing. I left the couples on the rooftop to continue snogging and whispering sweet nothings to each other and went downstairs to the bar. If I was going to be miserable I might as well be miserable with my true soul mate Jose Cuervo, he always understood me and made life so much better.
I was at the bar surrounded by highly intoxicated people and I felt a brief semblance of relief wash over me, here were people that were choosing to drink away their problems as well. These were my people. I had downed my first shot and was waiting for another when I noticed several men at the bar staring at something or someone behind me. I turned around and my jaw hit the floor.
Walking in the door, in a strapless red dress, was Isabella. She had her hair pulled up in a ponytail the way I liked showing off her beautiful facial feathers she usually hid behind her wavy hair. She was gazing around the room before her eyes fell on me at the bar and she smiled. This was it after days of silence I was finally going to get my chance to apologize for being a selfish twat and let her know I respect her relationship and that I would be okay just being her friend if that's what she wanted.
She was walking over towards me when several consecutive flashes started going off knocking her off her balance. I ran over to her and caught her wobbling frame before she fell to the floor.
"Are you okay?" I asked helping her regain her footing.
"Uh yeah, thanks," she said looking up into my eyes. "I am so clumsy."
I was still holding her securely in my arms afraid of feeling the loneliness I felt when I was no longer in her presence. Without thinking, my lips were on hers. Her entire body stiffened for a moment in my arms before she relaxed and leaned into the kiss wrapping her arms around my neck pulling me closer. If it was not for the bright flashes going off I do not think anything would have stopped us.
"I don't understand what they're taking pictures of," she said in her low husky voice.
I looked down at her swollen lips and then out the large glass wall that made up three of the walls in the lounge.
"Who knows, maybe they think we're celebrities. But I am happy you're here so they can take photos all they want," I said smiling like a fucking teenage boy who just made out with his first crush.
"Well I wasn't planning to, and now I feel bad because I didn't get you anything," she said biting her bottom lip.
"Trust me; you got me exactly what I wanted. Best birthday present ever." I said leaning down to kiss her again ignoring the twitching in my pants.
This second kiss set off another flurry of flashes, I was going to catch hell from Victoria tomorrow but kissing her soft lips was so worth it.
"Happy Birthday, Edward," she said when we finally came up for air again.
It was turning out to be happy birthday indeed…

~*~ Katrina Thompson ~*~
Four Days Ago

They often say there is nothing worse in the world than a woman scorned, and Edward was about to see how true that truly was. I was pleased that I was able to fly back to London on the private jet with Queen Esme and Prince Carlisle. The long flight back also gave me plenty of time to formulate my plan to get back at that womanizing bastard of a prince.
I know it is my fault, Tanya and Carmen both warned me not to get involved with Edward because it would only end one way. I just assumed I could be the one to turn that cheeky bastard around for the better. I was so close the day of Alice and Jasper's engagement we were so close to finally fucking and then he just stopped. I should have known it had something to do with that American twat; he could not keep his eyes off her the entire time we were there. However, I will get the last laugh; let us see how her boyfriend likes finding out about them from a tabloid.Gossip was the premiere tabloid covering celebrity and royal gossip here in the United Kingdom as well as in the States. Once this story goes public, it will spread like wildfire.
"Katrina, Mrs. Griffiths is ready for you," the assistant said from behind her desk.
"Excellent, this is the story of her life," I said smiling, grabbing my bag and walking through the closed double doors of the Editor-In-Chief's office.
"So Ms. Thompson I really hope you have some great story for me and aren't wasting my time."
The woman with her perfectly pressed all black power suit, said taking her glasses off and looking up at me from behind her huge mahogany desk.
"Actually," I said sitting down in the leather wingback chair in front of her desk. "I know where Prince Edward is spending his birthday and with whom."
"Well according to the press release that was sent out Prince Edward, Prince Emmett, and Princess Alice are celebrating his birthday while on holiday in Hawaii. So we already know where and with whom he's with," she said putting her glasses back on. "If that's all you have we're done here," she said reading the paper on her desk.
"That's what the press release said to throw everyone off their trail. They are celebrating his birthday on their private island in Jamaica. Not only are the royal siblings there but Riley Biers, his girlfriend Bree McKenna, and Lord Jasper Whitlock are also there."
"Again, that would be expected since that group often goes on holiday together so unless you have something that'll help sell my paper, we're done here."
"The Princes are there with two American girls and they couldn't keep their hands off each other the entire time they've been there," I blurted out knowing my opportunity was slowly fading away.
"Interested, can you prove that," the editor said bridging her hands together in front of her and looking up from the papers on her desk.
"I have names, locations, and best of all a few pictures I took with my cell phone just two days ago," I said pulling a large manila envelope out of my bag. "But it's going to cost you."
"Trust me Ms. Thompson if this information is credible you'll definitely be well paid. Nothing sells magazines better than a royal scandal," she said taking the envelope out of my hands and opening it. "Oh yes, this is perfect. Take this to my assistant and have her send you to our accounting department so they can cut you a check today," she said sliding a folded up piece of paper across the desk to me.
"Oh Mrs. Griffiths, the girl with Edward has a boyfriend back home, so I am sure your readers will love to hear how Prince Edward is a home wrecker," I said grabbing my bag off the floor and standing up.
"I'll be sure to send someone to this Forks Washington as well as the resort in Jamaica. This is going to be huge, if you get any more information don't hesitate to come back."
I nodded and exited her office closing the door behind me. While waiting for directions to accounting, I unfolded the piece of paper she had given me. This was by far the easiest way to make a good six figures, wonder how much I will get at my next stop.

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