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Chapter 5 - Timing is Everything

Well I remember that day 
When our eyes first met
You ran into the building to get out of the rain
Cause you were soakin wet
And as I held the door 
You wanted to know my name
Timing is everything

And I could've been another minute late
And you'd never would've crossed my path that day
And when it seems true love is hard to find
That's when love comes along
Just in time

You can call it fate
Or destiny
Sometimes it really seems like its a mystery

Cause you can be hurt by love
Or healed by the same
Timing is everything

It can happen so fast
Or a little too late
Timing is everything

-Garrett Hedlund 'Timing is Everything'

A/N: After reading this completed chapter, I am overwhelmed with emotion. I hope that when you are finished reading it you love it and enjoyed it as much as I have writing it. It is going to be a fun journey to the HEA, please stick around and enjoy. - Andre

Crikey - Another exclamation of surprise.
Smashing - If something is smashing, it means it is terrific.
Twat - Another word used to insult someone who has upset you.
Zonked - If someone is zonked or "zonked out" it means they are totally knackered or you might say exhausted.

Chapter 5 – Timing Is Everything

~*~ Edward Cullen ~*~

I sat on the bed rocking her trying to soothe away whatever demons were plaguing her mind. After a few minutes, her sobbing slowly subsided and she was silent, if it was not for the wetness, I felt on my shirt, I would have assumed that she had fallen asleep.
“Isabella if it’s the last thing I do I’ll try to fix this for you.” I whispered to her digging my nose through the loose hair around her ear.
She did not respond but I could feel her slightly nod her head.
“I am going to go and check on Emmett and Rose.” I said moving my arms from around her and reaching up to tuck her hair behind her ears. Her big brown eyes had pools of tears under them and were now red from crying. “I’ll be back as soon as I can and hopefully with good news.” I said kissing her on the forehead.
I slowly got off the bed and walked over to the door, as I was turning the knob I looked back over my shoulder and saw her snuggling up with one of my pillows with her eyes closed. For the first time I had a beautiful woman in my bed and I did not intend to try to sleep with her. With Isabella, it would just be enough to hold her and be with her.
I walked into the corridor and turned around to close the door giving Isabella one last look before checking on Em and Rose.
“So how’s she doing… does she remember anything… is she feeling any better…”
“Alice, breathe.” I said cutting her off before her next line of questions and turning around to see my pixie of a sister standing behind me. “The doctor said she would be fine. She has a real bad headache and was having a rough dream, I am assuming about what happened but other than that she’s pretty zonked out.”
“Well you know what always helps me when I am having a bad day.”
“Alice I don’t think this problem can be solved with a trip to the shopping centre.”
“Oh do not be so silly Edward; I wasn’t thinking of a shopping trip, I was talking about a spa day. Although we all know a little retail therapy can soothe many problems.”
“Alice…” I said squeezing the bridge of my nose with my index finger and thumb.
“Fine, I’ll hold off on the spa day, but I am telling you a little pampering is exactly what these two need after dealing with those creeps. But that’s not why I stopped by; Caius was coming to bring you this.” She said handing me a white Blackberry. “Apparently it belongs to Bella.” She said smiling brightly before bouncing back down the hall towards her room.
I slipped the phone into my pants pocket and started towards Emmett’s room when I felt a strong vibration coming from my pocket. I pulled the phone back out to see who was calling and my heart skipped a beat when I looked down at the screen and in big letters I saw his name.
What was so special about this Jake Bloke? I looked down at the name while the phone continued to vibrate in my hand, and before I knew what I was doing, I was answering the phone.
“Hello, Isabella’s phone.” I said sounding like a bigger douche than I was already thinking I was.
“Um hello, is Bella around?” The male voice said. I could hear the sadness in his voice, was he here in Jamaica, too? Was he frantically searching for her while she has been here with me? He could not be here too, what kind of twat would let a beauty like Isabella wander around alone and almost…
“Hello… can you please put Bella on the phone.” He said tearing me away from my thoughts; I could feel the anger rising but it was not my place to say anything.
“Sorry bloke she’s… in bed, can I deliver a message?” I said and I am sure he could hear the smile in my voice. I know I probably should have said she was sleeping, but no man would want to call his girl and hear some bloke answer the phone and say she is in bed.
“Who is this? Put Rose on the phone please.” He said, and you could hear the tension and the anger rising through the phone.
“Who am I? I am the gent that’s been taking care of Bella after she was attacked by some savage, while you’ve been off doing who knows what.”
The continuing vibration in my hand snapped me out of my fantasy, I looked back down at the name still blinking on the screen before hitting ignore and slipping the phone back in my pocket.


I was rounding the corner towards Emmett’s room when I saw Caius, Marcus and Laurent huddled up in front of his door whispering. Caius saw me first, and as soon as Marcus and Laurent realized I was there, they all got quiet. I knew they were hiding something, something that was definitely about to piss me off…
“Edward… um… I was just about to come and give you an update.” Caius said stepping forward.
“Well I guess it’s a good thing I saved you a trip.”
They all became silent and Marcus and Laurent gave each other a quick glance. I ran my hand through my hair whilst taking a deep breath.
“Just spit it out, what happened, how much trouble is Emmett in, and what is it going to cost to fix it?”
Marcus and Laurent both looked over to Caius who quickly rolled his eyes before speaking up.
“Well Sir, it appears…” he started giving Marcus a side-eye glance before continuing. “It appears that when you’re brother found Miss Hale she was in the midst of,” he paused to clear his throat “in the midst of being sexually assaulted and beaten.” He stopped to gauge my reaction before continuing.
“Upon finding her in this predicament, your brother proceeded to beat her assailant nearly to death. Marcus got there just in time to pull Emmett off of him and brought him and the girl here while I dealt with the attacker.”
“Well I trust the attacker won’t be bothering any of us again. Are they doing okay?” I asked motioning towards the door.
“As well as to be expected, Dr. Davies and her assistant are on their way to give her a physical but Miss Hale has asked to speak with Emmett alone before the doctors arrive.” Marcus said finally making eye contact with me. “She also asked for her friend a few times but we told her Miss Swan was okay and that she needed her rest.”
“Well if she asks for her again bring her down to my room so she can actually see that Isabella is okay. Tell Em if… well when he wants to talk he knows where to find me” I said to Caius before turning to walk away. “Oh yeah good job guys.” I said before continuing down the hall.


As I quietly entered my room, I was instantly relieved to find that Isabella was fast asleep and actually looked peaceful.
I walked over to the empty side of the bed, pulled my shirt off, and was about to get in when it dawned on me that she might find me sleeping with her uncomfortable. Therefore, I grabbed a pillow and the throw off the end of the bed and walked over to loveseat.
“What the fuck is getting into you Cullen, sleeping on a small arse loveseat so a chick you’re not sleeping with can have your entire bed to herself?” I said to myself as I tried to get comfortable on the loveseat.
“Oh fuck it.” I said finally gave up trying to fit my entire frame on it and just let my legs hang off. I was watching Isabella sleep trying to figure out how I would tell her about her friend when the exhaustion finally took over and I was fast asleep.


There was a mild vibration pulsating around my crotch and I cannot say that I hated it. I rolled over and could see the brightness from the sunlight through my eyelids. The vibrations continued only further exciting my morning wood. I slowly set up, opened my eyes, and readjusted my crotch.
My eyes darted over towards the bed and it looked as if no one had slept in it at all. I practically jumped off the loveseat and ran over to the spot in the bed were she was sleeping and there was no trace of her there.
“Was it all a dream…?”
“I wish it was, but it’s not looking that way.” A soft voice said coming from the adjoining bathroom behind me.
I turned around and there she was standing in the doorway of the bathroom with wet hair, towel in hand and she was wearing one of my white v-neck t-shirts and a pair of my grey sweatpants.
I stood their staring at her speechless and she turned the most beautiful shade of crimson.
“I uh… I took this out of your drawer hope you don’t mind.” She said in between sucking on her bottom lip and walking past me and sitting down on the edge of the bed.
“I… I don’t mind at all, I hope you’re comfortable.” I said slowly sitting down next to her.
Should I bring up last night first or should I wait for her to say something…
“Thank you.” she said looking down at her hands
“What are you thanking me for?”
“Well, from what I can remember, you’re kind of my hero.”
With that said, she slowly looked up and still biting her lip, reached out, and grabbed my hand. The moment her hand was on mine, I felt that same electrifying feeling coursing through my body, and I was positive she felt it too because she quickly pulled her hand back.
“It was… well you know what they say… timing is everything you know.”
I cannot believe I was stuttering, this was bloody ridiculous no one makes me feel this way; I have to pull it together.
“Isabella I…”
“Morning sleepy heads, I hope you’re both hungry because breakfast is ready.”
“Crikey Alice, were you not taught to knock before barging into a room with a closed door.”
“Oh Edward stop being such a sour puss and introduce me to Bella already.”
“Isabella Swan this is my extremely annoying yet loveable sister Alice,” I said threw clinched teeth.
“It’s a pleasure to meet you Alice, and you can just call me Bella.” She said with a shy smile looking from Alice to me.
“So Bella are you hungry? Breakfast is ready and I don’t know about you but I am starving.”
“Actually I am not that hungry…”
“Isabella I insist that you should eat something, just to have something on your stomach.”
“It’s really no bother; I don’t usually eat breakfast anyway.”
“Well Bella, you should come anyway all the girls will be there including Rose and we can all get acquainted better.” Alice said grabbing Isabella’s hand and pulling her towards the door.
She turned around to give me one last glance before being pulled out of the room and then out of my view.
A part of me really hoped she would hit it off with Alice and Bree. Then again, there are not many people that do not get along with Alice, and Bree is easy to get along with as well. I was pulling my shorts off when I remembered I still had Bella’s phone. I pulled it out of my pocket and placed it on the side table next to her bag. I was standing there staring at my reflection in the mirror when I heard a light knock on the door behind me.
“Good morning Edward.”
I turned around to see Kat with her hair pulled up in a loose bun and a loose fitting dress on. She was looking me up and down and her eyes stopped at the semi hard that was no longer hidden by my shorts.
“If this isn’t a good time I can come back,” she said turning to leave.
“Oh… um no it’s okay. What’s up?” I said pulling my shorts back on.
“Well, I just wanted to stop by and let you know I thought what you did was very brave. You’re an amazing man Edward.” She said walking up to me and placing a chaste kiss on my cheek.
“It was honestly no problem; it’s what any guy would have done,” I said sticking my hands in my pocket trying to readjust the steel pipe growing in my pants.
“Well, I thought it was smashing, but then again there isn’t much about you that isn’t smashing,” she said blushing before walking out of the door.
I walked over and closed the door behind Kat I knew, logically, that Kat was the right woman for me to try to build a life with, but there was just something about Isabella that could not be ignored.
I walked into the bathroom pulled off my shorts and boxer-briefs and turned on the shower. I have to remember at the end of the day Bella is going back to the States and Kat is going home to London.

~*~Bella Swan~*~

Aside from the bags under my eyes, you would never know last night was the most traumatic night of my life from just looking at me. I stared at my reflection in the mirror for another moment before pulling the towel off my head and letting my wet hair fall down my back and shoulders.
Everything in the bathroom was so neat and orderly, it was as if I had stepped into a model home. I grabbed a brush from the vanity and slowly ran it through my hair to keep it from tangling, before slipping on my bra, a pair of black boxer-briefs, sweat pants and a t-shirt I found in the chest.
I opened the medicine cabinet and found some mouthwash, I quickly swished it around my mouth and was about to spit when I heard a noise from the other side of the door. I quickly spit out the mouthwash in my mouth, walked over to the door, and slowly opened it.
He was awake, the copper haired, green eyed, Adonis that saved me last night was standing a foot in front of me half-naked. I was in a trance watching the movement of his back muscles when he finally spoke.
“Was it all a dream…?”
Oh my, that accent is just to die for. Before I could really think, I was responding.
“I wish it was, but it’s not looking that way.”
He turned around and once again, I was staring into the most amazingly intense emerald green eyes I had ever seen and I couldn’t help but to start blushing, I am such a dork.
“I uh… I took this out of your drawer hope you don’t mind.” I said pulling my bottom lip into my mouth and walking past him to the bed. I was sure if I stared into his eyes any longer I would have turned into stone, or lost my ability to think logically.
“I… I don’t mind at all, I hope you’re comfortable,” he said slowly sitting down next to me.
All of a sudden, he had this worried look on his face and I had a feeling I knew where this was going.
“Thank you,” I said looking down to avoid the look of pity, I was sure; he was going to give me. Stupid American girl comes to a foreign country and almost gets raped and assaulted.
“What are you thanking me for?”
“Well from what I can remember, you’re kind of my hero,” I said finally looking up and seeing not pity in his eyes but compassion. I was so caught up in the moment I reached out and grabbed his hand and the moment my skin was on his I felt it again, the same vibrations bouncing through my body I had last night during that dream. I immediately pulled my hand back not sure, what was causing the vibrations.
“It was… well you know what they say… timing is everything you know,” he said before turning a very light shade of red in his cheeks. Was he blushing?
He was just about to say something when I saw the door open and a head pop around it.
“Morning sleepy heads, I hope you’re both hungry because breakfast is ready.”
“Crikey Alice, were you not taught to knock before barging into a room with a closed door?”
“Oh Edward, stop being such a sour puss and introduce me to Bella already,” she said opening the door all the way and walking in. She was breath-takingly beautiful with shoulder length brown hair. She had on this bright yellow sundress, which fit her small little frame perfectly and made me feel completely underdressed even though it was only 8 AM.
“Isabella Swan this is my extremely annoying yet loveable sister Alice,” he said emphasizing my first name threw clinched teeth.
“It’s a pleasure to meet you Alice, and you can just call me Bella,” I said with a smile looking from Alice to Edward hoping he’d take the hint and stop calling me by me full name.
“So Bella are you hungry? Breakfast is ready and I don’t know about you but I am starving.” Alice said and from the look of her, you would think she never ate and lived in the gym.
“Actually, I am not that hungry…”
“Isabella I insist that you should eat something, just to have something on your stomach.”
“It’s really no bother; I don’t usually eat breakfast anyway,” I said looking away from both of their disapproving glances and pulling my bottom lip into my mouth.
“Well Bella, you should come anyway all the girls will be there including Rose and we can all get acquainted better,” Alice said grabbing my hand and pulling off the bed and out of the door.
I turned around to get one last look at the Adonis I had before me, before being led out of the room.
“Bella, we’re going to have such a good time I cannot wait for you to meet my best friend Bree. Oh, and Katrina is around her somewhere,” she rambled on as we walked down the hall towards a massive staircase that curved down to the foyer.
“How many of you live here?” I said completely stunned by the sheer size of the house.
“Well, there are my brothers Edward and Emmett, Jasper my boyfriend, our friends Riley and Bree, and Katrina, currently. In addition, various security and household staff, but we don’t actually live here this is just our vacation home,” she said as we descended the large staircase.
I followed Alice through the foyer, down the hall to the kitchen where a chef, like a real professional chef, was making breakfast. Who are these people?
“It smells amazing in here,” I said grabbing a piece of bacon off the counter.
“See, you where hungry after all,” Alice said with a giggle before walking out the door to the terrace.
I grabbed another slice of bacon off the counter and followed her out the door. Walking out the door into the backyard was like stepping into a tropical paradise, there were flowers everywhere, a pool and Jacuzzi.
“Beautiful isn’t it? Don’t worry you’ll get used to the opulence,” I heard someone say.
I turned around to see a tall blonde also wearing a sun dress and she looked flawless as well. I must look like a hot mess to these people.
“Oh how rude of me I am Bree, Alice’s best friend, and this ugly mug is my boyfriend Riley,” she said kissing Riley on the cheek and rubbing him on the chest.
“It’s a pleasure to meet both of you,” I said shaking Riley’s hand.
“Okay hun, its girl time. Go inside and have breakfast with the boys, love you,” Bree said giving Riley a kiss and pushing him back into the house.
“Do you know where Alice went?” I said looking around the courtyard.
“Alice has a habit of disappearing and popping up and the most interesting times. I am sure she’s around here somewhere,” she said walking down the pathway past the pool towards a gate.
Bree and I made small talk as we walked towards the gate and I was surprised how much we had in common. We arrived at a round table that was beyond the gates and walls of the house with an amazing view of the ocean. It was at that moment that I realized we were on the island off the shore of the resort.
“Oh wonderful! Bella you’ve met Bree already and this is Katrina or Kat for short,” Alice said introducing me to yet another well-dressed blonde.
“Good morning Katrina, nice to meet you.”
“Nice to meet you as well Bella, how are you liking Jamaica so far.”
“I umm… well it’s been…” I started
“Oh look its Emmett,” Alice said cutting me off and giving me a little wink.
“Good Morning, Alice,” the tall blonde said bending down and kissing her on the cheek. “Bree, Kat, Bella morning.”
“Bella could I talk to you for a moment?” he said motioning to the side.
I walked over to where he was standing as Alice, Bree and Kat sad down at the table.
“You must be Emmett,” I said with a smile.
“Yeah, umm…” he looked around nervously “Did Edward have a chance to talk to you about what happened last night with Rose?”
“No… where is she?”
“She’s upstairs getting ready, I told her that maybe she should just have breakfast in bed but she refuses to listen.”
“Is she okay”
He looked off into the distance and I could swear I saw a single tear roll down his cheek.
“She’s strong Bella, probably the strongest woman I have ever met. But what she’s going through I can’t help her with, only you can because you’ve gone through it as well,” he said looking me in the eye and I could see the water building up in his eyes.
“Please take me to her; I’ll see what I can do.”
“Good morning everyone, what’s for breakfast?”

I turned around and there she was Rosalie Hale dressed to the nines with full hair and make-up.
“Oh my God! Bella are you okay?” She said running over to where Emmett and I were standing and wrapping her arms around me.
“Yeah I am fine. How are you? You look amazing,” I said wrapping my arms around her into a big hug.
“Well you know, nothing and no one can keep me down, I am a fighter.”
We let go of each other and she gave Emmett a quick look out the corner of her eye. There was something about her; she was acting like her usual over-confident self, yet something in her eyes was missing.
“Rose are you okay.” I leaned in and whispered to her.
“I am fine!” She snapped back. “Besides, it’s a beautiful morning and we’re with beautiful people don’t ruin the mood,” she said walking away from me and sitting down at the table next to Bree and Kat.
“Exactly what happened to her last night?” I said grabbing Emmett’s arm to keep him from walking away.
“Bella I really don’t think it’s my place to tell you that, but it was bad and if she doesn’t deal with it she will eventually snap,” he said looking over my shoulder in the direction of the table.
“This is all my fault, neither of us would have been here if it wasn’t for me,” I said running my hand through my hair.
“Aw B, don’t be so hard on yourself. The only way this would be your fault is if you planned it,” he said giving me a bear hug, leaving me temporarily speechless and breathless.
“Well I best be off, don’t want to miss breakfast.”
“Emmett… thanks for looking out for Rose,” I said with a smile.
“Have you seen her, I could not help but want to keep an eye on that,” he said laughing before walking back towards the house.
I walked back to the table and sat down next to Alice and Bree. Everyone had already started eating and was talking amongst themselves, I sat there watching Rose as she talked to Kat and honestly she seemed fine, but then again, I appeared to be fine but my night was no walk in the park either. Maybe she’ll be more willing to talk when we’re alone, I’ll wait till we’re back at the resort to ask her.

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