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Chapter 12 - Love and Affection

Chapter 12 – Love And Affection

You're so hypnotizing
Could you be the devil?
Could you be an angel?

Your touch magnetizing
Feels like I am floating
Leaves my body glowing

They say, be afraid
You're not like the others
Futuristic lover
Different DNA
They don't understand you

You're from a whole 'nother world
A different dimension
You open my eyes
And I'm ready to go
Lead me into the light

Kiss me, kiss me
Infect me with your love and
Fill me with your poison

E.T. ~ Katy Perry

To:Isabella Swan
From: Edward Cullen
September 12, 2011
1:15 AM
Subject: Happy Birthday
In the unlikely event the subject of this email did not give away the reason that I am writing then I will start with saying Happy Birthday love. I know it is only 1 AM your time and that you are probably out having a smashing time at some pub with Rose.
I know we agreed that we would not communicate with each other but I miss you terribly. I cannot seem to go a day without imagining that I am seeing you in a crowd or through a reflection. Isabella Marie Swan, I love you with all my heart and regardless what the media is spinning about Tanya and me, I wanted you to know without a shadow of a doubt it's you and always will be you. There is no other woman that will ever take your place in my heart.
Well it appears I am fucking rambling so again, I wish you a smashing birthday love, if only I could spend it with you.
Your Future Husband,
To: Edward Cullen
From: Bella Swan
September 12, 2011
6:45 AM
Subject: Re: Happy Birthday
Lol future husband huh… I wasn't aware you proposed. I was just thinking about you and your birthday in Jamaica too, I can't believe that we were that happy only three months ago. It's funny how life turns out sometimes. Edward I know this situation hasn't been easy for you, and lord knows it hasn't been easy for me either. However, we agreed not to communicate because it would be best for the both of us. As much as I love you, and would give anything to spend my life with you, your baby's needs are more important than ours are. We can't change what is, we can only accept it and attempt to move on.
I wish you all the best.
Sent From My Verizon Wireless Blackberry
To: Isabella Swan
From: Edward Cullen
September 12, 2011
2:15 AM
Subject: Re: Re: Happy Birthday
I know but I want to change it. I would give up everything I have to spend one more moment with you as we were in Jamaica. I do not want to be the father of this child Isabella, and I am sure Tanya is lying. We could run away together, just you and me. We could go anywhere, be anyone, and do anything. I have enough money that we could start over anywhere in the world. As long as I have you, nothing else matters and eventually you will be my wife.
Please say you will at the very least think about it.
Royally Yours,
To: Edward Cullen
From: Isabella Swan
September 12, 2011
7:30 AM
Subject: Re: Re: Re: Happy Birthday
Edward my mother ran out on my father and me when I was a little girl. I have no real memories of her and although I know I am better off without her in my life, I am eternally angry that she was so selfish as to have a child that she knew she didn't want. Now, she is remarried and has a completely new family. Imagine the pain I feel every day, feeling as if I wasn't good enough for her to stick around and get to know me, only coming to visit on the occasional birthday and Christmas.
Under no circumstances will I ever be okay with you running away from your child. You have responsibilities not just to Tanya and your baby, but also to your country and I couldn't live with myself knowing I was the reason you ran away from those responsibilities. I will always love our time together but like they say, all good things must come to an end and our time has come.
For both of our sakes, this is goodbye.
Sent From My Verizon Wireless Blackberry

~*~ Bella Swan ~*~
"Miss Swan, we're still having our Halloween party tomorrow right?"
"Of course Elizabeth and I am looking forward to seeing all of you ladies dressed up."
"Bella, let me tell you what isn't going to happen. I am not coming to school dressed up in some stupid costume because, for whatever reason, this school decided to waste my daddy's money hiring the first bumpkin off the train."
I turned my attention to the teenaged pot stirrer and tried with all of my might not to tell her to shut her spoiled entitled mouth. However, since I need my employment to continue paying my rent, I just smiled.
"Well Ashley, your father's money is being spent to ensure that you receive a valuable education, whether or not you think I am qualified for that task is neither here nor there seeing as I currently have the fortunate opportunity to teach you."
"How dare…"
"Oh and the next time you feel the need to speak out in my classroom and are directing that conversation towards me, you will address me as either Miss Swan, or Instructor Swan," I interrupted prompting her to slam her book closed on her desk just as the bell rang.
I watched as my final class of the day hurried out of the room before I had a chance to tell them what the homework would be. I've wanted to be a teacher for as long as I can remember but what prompted me to apply at a secondary school instead of elementary, I will never understand. I sat down behind my desk and looked out over my empty classroom. I glanced down at the stack of papers I needed to grade tonight when there was a knock at the door.
"Well if it isn't my favorite teach. I swear Bella, if I had teachers like you when I was in high school I reckon I would've paid more attention to what was goin' on," Jason said, walking into my classroom bouncing an apple from hand to hand. "Oh this, well what kind of teachers pet would I be if I didn't come to class with an apple?" he said leaning up against the desk next to me.
"You're too sweet," I said standing up and leaning into his muscular arms. "And as much as I love to see you to, what do I owe this pleasure?"
"Well Sookie had me stop by this market a few blocks from here so since I was in the neighborhood I figured why not stop by and see my lady," he said giving me a slight kiss. "Well I best be off, the gang at Bon Temps are getting pretty worked up about the parties this weekend."
"Oh that reminds me, Jason I know this is a big deal to you and Rose…" I started before getting interrupted by my cell phone vibrating in my pocket. "One sec," I said to Jason, pulling my phone out of my pocket.
"Speak of the devil, hello Rose," I said taking the call and walking over towards the window, overlooking the gang of uniformed girls out front of the school leaving to go home. The conversation was over in a New York minute, I had made plans to meet Rose after work for a late lunch before she went back to work. Apparently, she had the biggest surprise that was going to make this weekend one of the best weekends we have had so far in New York. I hung up and turned around to see Jason sitting in my chair with his feet up on my desk.
"That Rosalie is quite the firecracker. What is she up to now?"
"Don't let her hear you call her that, but apparently she has a huge surprise, I know it's something to do with this weekend but she wouldn't say," I said knocking his feet off my desk as he pulled me into his lap. "Jason I am at work, what would my students think?"
"Somethin' along the lines of O.M.G. did you see that sexy man Miss Swan was canoodlin' with after school the other day?"
I let out a good laugh, before giving Jason a goodbye kiss, throwing the papers I needed to grade into my briefcase that Charlie bought me for my new job and we headed out so I could hear what this big surprise was.
I arrived at the restaurant and sat down at the table with Rose. She just stared at me with the biggest smile spread across her face while she held onto a brown express mail envelope.
"Rose, what the hell is wrong with you?" I asked, not wanting to spend the entire lunch trying to guess what the big news was.
"It came… it arrived in the mail today," she said handing me the sealed envelope with my name and address written on it in the most elegant font I'd ever seen. "Go on… open it; the anticipation has been killing me all afternoon."
I rolled my eyes at Rose's ability to over dramatize every little thing and proceeded to open the envelope, only to have a smaller white one fall into my lap. I looked at the return address and as soon as I saw it was from London, knew exactly what it was. My excitement immediately went from zero to Rose in a matter of seconds. Underneath the official seal of the Queen was the invitation to Alice and Jasper's wedding.
The Lord Chamberlain is commanded by
The Queen to invite
Isabella Marie Swan
to the Marriage of
Her Royal Highness Princess Mary Alice Brandon, of Edinburgh,
The Lord Jasper Bartholomew Whitlock-Howard, of Norfolk
at Westminster Abbey
Saturday, 31st December, 2011 at 10.00 a.m.
"December 31st… is she serious? New Years Eve... that's right around the corner, there is no way she's going to pull of such an extravagant Alice approved wedding that fast."
"Please, Alice has probably been planning for this day since she was old enough to try on her mother's tiaras. I am sure she's been planning this wedding for weeks, we're just getting our invites two months before the wedding. The bigger question though is, are you going to be okay seeing Edward and the baby mama for an entire weekend?"
"Rose it's been two months, two weeks, and… and three days since Edward and I ended things. I am pretty sure I am going to be okay, besides, I am sure my plus one will keep me plenty company."
"Really… you know the exact count down to the day you two broke up? Yeah you're going to be just fine," Rose said, rolling her eyes. "Look B, I am fine with you hanging out in that river in Egypt for as long as you want, but sooner or later you'll have to join us in the real world."
"I am not in denial Rose; I am dead serious, I am happy. Between work and Jason, I really have no complaints. I don't think anything could rain on my parade right now," I said looking over the menu.
"Oh good, because Alice will be here this weekend for a little shopping and a dress fitting," Rose said nonchalantly. "Oh and if I was you, I'd get a salad. This happiness you've been… experiencing is starting to show."
"Hey! I'll have you know I've barely gained five pounds and Jason has no issue with it."
"Well, need I remind you these wedding photos will be all over the web, gossip shows, and will be seen for years to come. All I am saying is you don't want to have a slight donut around your waist for eternity."
I rolled my eyes and turned around to see the server walking towards our table. We both ordered chicken Caesar salads with dressing on the side as Rose filled me in on her plans to have Alice appear at Bon Temps the weekend before her wedding and host her hen night so we can have one last hoorah before she's married and gets a permanent ball and chain.

~*~ Edward Cullen ~*~
It was bad enough that my little sister felt the need to invite my ex to her wedding, but to actually put her in the wedding party was just too much. Not to mention I finally got things to a semi-decent place with Tanya and this would be sure to set her off on a hormonal tirade. I can't believe Alice would do this to me, how bleedin' selfish of her.
I paced back and forth in front of the fire for another moment before deciding this situation needed to be handled head on. I threw the doors open, walked down the corridor, down a flight of stairs to the second floor and proceeded to walk towards Alice's suite and demand an explanation as to why my ex, whom she hasn't spoken too since Jamaica, is now in her wedding. I mean what kind of sick joke she was playing is beyond me. I walked into her room without knocking first, too annoyed for formalities and pleasantries.
As I walked through her sitting room, I heard voices coming through her bedroom door. I walked towards the voices that I now knew were coming from her walk in closet.
"Oh come off it Alice, I am going with you and that's the end of discussion. You cannot possibly think I want to stay here with him this weekend."
"It is not like you are going to be completely alone Em, Jazz and Riley are here and I'll be back Monday evening at the latest. Buck up Em, he really isn't that horrid anymore. I think he's accepting things much better."
"So let me get this straight. While I am stuck here with Prince Scrooge, you, Bree, Rose and Bella will be partying it up in New York, yeah?"
"Sounds about right, although I am sure Edward has missed you terribly Em. Between your charity work, official work and secret trips to visit Rose, my charity work, and planning this wedding the three of us have not really had time to spend together."
"Okay I have a better plan, how about the whole lot of us aside from Edward and that troll he knocked up go to New York, it'll be one of our last big trips before you are a married woman."
"And what shall we tell our darling brother? I mean luckily he has been so busy with his official trips abroad that he hasn't been noticing our disappearances but I am positive that he's heard by now that Rose and Bella are in my wedding party and he will not be happy."
"Hell I don't know Al, you're supposed to be the bloody crafty, all intuitive one of the three of us. What do you think we should tell him."
"How about, 'Edward we are stabbing you in the back by hanging out with your ex girlfriend, whom you still love by the way, and did not know we were still in bloody contact with.' I would imagine something along those lines would suffice," I said, walking into the closet and interrupting their debate.
"Oh… um… Edward we – we were not aware that you were home," Alice said dropping the trousers she had been folding into her suitcase. "How long have you been here?"
"Long enough to learn how you two really feel about me at the moment. I mean am I really that bad? Might as well be honest and tell me to my face."
Alice and Em exchanged a quick glance. "Look big bro, we love you dearly, you know this. Nevertheless, the whole Tanya baby situation has… well it has sucked all the life out of you and you really are not fun to be around anymore. You were trying to keep it all together and then in September it is as if you just snapped and stopped caring."
"So you've instead been spending time with Isabella behind my back? I mean how is she, what has she been up to, where is she living now?"
Em and Alice shared another quick side-glance, but said nothing filling the closet with an awkward silence. I stared at the two of them getting angrier by the minute.
"Are you flipping kidding me? You two are suppose to be my best friends, my clarity in this shite storm I've found myself in and you cannot even be frank with me. I cannot believe this."
"Okay, Edward come off it already. In full disclosure, I never stopped talking to Bella after your break up. In fact, I have flown to visit her and Rose on several occasions in the past few months without you knowing and so has Emmett. However, in Em's defense he is dating Rose so bumping into Bella was bound to happen eventually since they do in fact live together," Alice said pausing to look at Em before continuing. "Bella's… Bella's doing really well. She had a bit of a rough time around her birthday, however, she loves the secondary school she works at, and she seems like she's finally back to her old self and she's started…"
"She's started what, Alice?" I asked, not wanting to miss anything in this update as I pictured a happy Isabella doing what she loved.
"She's moved on Bro, she started seeing this guy that works at the pub Rose does publicity for. They met at the launch party back in August and have been seeing each other ever since," Em said picking up where Alice left off.
I was speechless, hearing that Isabella… my Isabella was moving on with anyone that was not me was harder to hear than I thought. I mean logically I would be the biggest wanker in London… no in the world, if I thought she would not eventually find someone to make her happy in the ways that I could not. However, she had not mentioned him in the emails back in September so it cannot be too serious. Am I a fool for holding out hope that one day we would find our way back to each other? I turned around slowly and started walking away.
"You two go ahead and go to New York and have a smashing time, I am fine with it. After all, my lack of self-control did this to me."
I finally made it back to my suite after what felt like eternity when it hit me exactly what I needed to do to fix this situation. I grabbed my phone off the dock and dialed the number quickly.
"It's Edward, I need a favor."

"So, you're sure you're okay with us flying to spend the weekend with Rose and Bella? If you aren't we reschedule and stay home this weekend and do a family bonding thing."
"Alice for the last time, I don't care," I said biting into my toast and jam.
Alice stared at me from across the table, wanting to question whether I was okay but deciding to leave it alone for now. I took another bite of my toast and proceeded to finish reading the morning paper.
"Edward, I know you lov…"
"Good morning loves. Alice, I wanted to stop by and see you before you left," my mother said, gliding into the room and cutting off Alice. "Not to mention Edward, I need to have a word with you before we meet with Aro later today."
"Mum, are you sure you don't want to come with us girls dress shopping?"
"Darling, I'd love to be able to fly out with you today but unfortunately I have some unfinished business here that needs to be taken care of first. I do intend to meet you ladies on Sunday when you meet with Monique Lhuillier at Bergdorf's if everything goes as planned."
"Smashing, I hope everything works out. I'd be completely devastated if you weren't able to see me in the dresses and help me make a decision," Alice said getting up from the table. "Besides, I am dying for you to meet Rosalie, not to mention the one that got away," she whispered nodding towards me and walking out of the room.
My mother took Alice's seat across from me at the table. "Darling, I know you're not happy about this whole situation but we really should make the best of it. How do you think this baby is going to feel coming into the world surrounded by all of this hostility?"
"Mother, I don't care what that lying twat says, I am not the father of that baby. You know it, I know it, and she and Aro know it. I do not understand why we are all walking around pretending as though this isn't what it is; a hare-brained plot by Aro to finally get his footing into the Royal Family once and for all."
"Oh, Edward," she said with a smile standing up. "One of these days darling you'll learn that you can catch more flies with honey."
"Mother, they're trying to…"
"Edward, after the year you've had maybe you should try being a tad less impulsive," she interrupted. "One day you will become King Edward, and you will learn that only those who have the patience to do simple things perfectly will acquire the skill to do difficult things easily."
"Johann Friedrich von Schiller said that, if I remember correctly."
"Correct, guess you learned something in boarding school after all. Aro will be here in two hours. I expect to see you and your new attitude in my study promptly," she said walking out of the room leaving me to pounder her words.

I arrived to the palace a little early to get myself together mentally before having to sit down and discuss this blasted pregnancy further; with Tanya, her parents, and of course mine. The palace was decorated beautifully, as usual, for autumn. As I was walking up the staircase towards my mother's second floor study, I saw Alec and Vicky talking on the landing.
"Edward," Alec said upon seeing me.
"Alec, Victoria, good afternoon," I said walking up to them.
"Edward, I was just on my way over to Clarence House to talk to your assistant about your schedule for this upcoming week. I have a few appearances I think would be perfect for Tanya and yourself," Victoria said grabbing her massive calendar out of her bag.
"Oh well that shouldn't be too hard, I am going out of town later today and won't be back for a week, maybe two," I said nonchalantly.
"Oh okay I'll be sure… wait… what?" She asked flipping frantically through the book trying to get to this week. "Why was I not informed that you were going out of town this coming week? Is it business or pleasure? Or do I even need to ask?"
"I agree Edward, was security informed of your travel arrangements? I do not recall Cauis arranging travel arrangements for this coming week," Alec said looking at me skeptically.
"Well actually I was going solo. I am going to go and stay at the apartment in Paris and just clear my head. I had a talk with my Mum this morning and we agreed that I need to take some time and get myself together because, lately, I have not been that alluring to be around."
"Interesting… so you were planning to go to a foreign country alone, without your security detail for seven or more days and you weren't planning to tell anyone?" Alec asked, crossing his arms and giving that look that I am sure has gotten secrets and more out of some.
"Sounds about right, although I was going to let Mum and Dad know. And of course, Alice and Em," I said trying to sound less suspicious.
"What about Tanya, you know the mother of your child and my niece? Was she going to be privy to your travel plans?"
"Alec, I love you, you've been protecting our family for as long as I can remember. But to be completely frank with you, your niece is the reason I have been so pissy lately and need this trip to get myself together. So no, I didn't bloody well tell her about it," I said getting agitated with the fact that both of these people work for my family but are giving me the third degree as if I was some common criminal and not the fucking Prince of England. "Now if you will excuse me, I have a meeting with your lovely family I need to prepare for."
I left both Alec and Victoria standing there speechless as I walked down the corridor, towards Mum's study.
I turned the knob and walked into the study to find my mother sitting behind her desk, reading over some papers. I cleared my throat to indicate that she was no longer alone, before walking over and sitting down in one of the club chairs on the opposite side of the desk. I waited as she signed the bottom of the papers, glancing up at me briefly before sliding the papers into a brown envelope and setting it to the side.
"Well darling I am confident this meeting will be quite smashing."
"Well that makes one of us, because with Aro involved, I am on predicting things to go from bad to worse."
"Pish posh Edward, remember our talk from this morning? Whenever you feel yourself getting miffed remember this web of deceit can only go so far before the truth will come out," Mum said getting up and walking to sit down next to me. "I know in my heart son that you are not this child's father, what I need to know however, is how deep Aro and his daughter are willing to dig themselves before the truth comes out."
"That is much easier said than done when it is your life they are playing with. I just want my life back Mum. I could be in New York right now with... I could be happy you know."
"I have talked with Alice and Emmett and I know Isabella has had an amazing effect on you in such a short time and it shows darling. But if she's as wonderful as I believe she is, I know she'll wait for you."
"She shouldn't have to wait though mother," I said standing up walking towards the fire place in the middle of the room.
"Edward you have to have faith everything will work out the way it's supposed to be darling, you have to just believe," she said before there was a light knock coming from the door. We both turned around to see Alfred standing in the door.
"Your Majesty, Prime Minister Voltera and his family have arrived, shall I send them in?"
"Yes, yes Alfred dear, show them in, and if you'll be a dear, can we get a fresh pot of tea and some biscuits."
"As you wish your Majesty," he said, turning and waving the Prime Minister and his family in.
"Queen Esme, Prince Edward, good afternoon," Aro said, as he slithered into the room followed by Jane and a noticeably rounder Tanya.
"Aro, Jane, Tanya wonderful to see all of you again," my mother said, ushering them over to the sofa's across the room. I could not keep my eyes off Tanya and her growing baby bump.
Between the last few times I saw Tanya a few weeks ago and now her stomach can no longer be hidden.
"Once Edward's ready we can begin," Aro said, throwing me an icy look, before plastering his fake smile back on and turning towards my mother.
"As you all know, since Edward and Tanya aren't married this baby will legally have no place in the line of succession." My mother said, as I sat down on the sofa next to her, facing Aro, Jane and Tanya who were sitting on the other side.
"That brings me to the point of this meeting. I demand that Edward marries my daughter and legitimize this union and baby," Aro said, smiling smugly.
"It's not fair that our poor Tanya has to be seen as the woman that Edward got pregnant and never married. That's going to completely ruin her reputation and our families," Jane said.
"Well Jane, let us be honest for a second; Tanya's reputation was not stellar to begin with. Furthermore, Aro we have discussed this, unless Edward wants to marry Tanya, no one is going to force my son to marry anyone. If that's all that needs to be discussed then I do believe we are finished here," Mum said standing up.
"Esme please, you must understand how this looks."
"Jane, believe me, I understand exactly how this looks. Nevertheless, Carlisle and my position have not changed in regards to our children's happiness. Now, if Edward decides he wants to marry Tanya and have this child be a legal part of this family then that is his decision to make. But I will NOT have you two pressuring these children and especially mine, into doing anything they don't want to."
"Esme, what about the political ramifications, the press is having a field day as it is, the Prime Minister's daughter having an illegitimate child by the Prince of England. I have an election coming up and this is not the type of scandal the voting public will vote for."
"Well I guess we are lucky that we are the Monarchy part of Constitutional Monarchy. Now Aro, if the election is so important to you, I would be more worried about winning a parliamentary majority with your current record instead of the romantic dealings of my son and your daughter."
"Your Majesty if I may…" Aro interrupted.
"Aro, I have been more than generous, I have allowed Tanya to move into the palace, she is being given all the privileges of the mother of the future heir. Unless there is an urgent reason for this marriage to take place, I will not allow you to use my son or my grandchild for your own political gain."
"However, Esme if we could just…" Jane started.
"Tanya darling, is there anything you would like to add or say in general?" My Mum asked cutting Jane off and earning an icy glare of her own.
"I… I do not want to marry Edward. I mean, do not get me wrong I would love to marry Edward. There are not many women in the country that would not want that honour. Nevertheless, I want Edward to propose to me because he wants to, not because he's being forced to, or because I am pregnant," she said before turning to face me for the first time since she arrived. "Edward I have loved you since I was sixteen years old and I know I didn't always show it in the best possible ways but I have. I know you are not in love with me, I am not sure if you ever really loved me. I have suspected over the years but I know your heart is with someone else now. Please do not feel pressured into marrying me just because I am pregnant. All I want is for my baby to have a relationship with its father and to be happy, that is all."
I sat there for a moment in shock and awe of the woman sitting in front of me. I have called Tanya many names recently and have thought the absolutely worst about her. However, it appears there is still a little of that sweet girl I met in school left in her after all. If Tanya was not trying to trick me into marriage then maybe I actually am the father of this baby. Maybe I will be able to co-parent with her and still live a happy life with… with Isabella.
"Tanya, do you mean that? Are you really not forcing us into a loveless marriage?"
I watched the disappointment wash through her features before she pulled herself back together and reclaimed the icy stare that she had clearly learned from her mother.
"Honestly, what would forcing you into a marriage solve except to raise the national divorce rate in a couple of years when we'd inevitably divorce. If you want to marry me Edward, then do it because you want to, not because you feel you have to. However, as long as you're a decent father to our child I will not push the issue any further. And neither will my parents, will you?" She asked turning back towards them.
Aro and Jane shared a look that I would describe as a cross between constipation and masked anger before nodding their agreement.
"Wonderful, I am so happy this is not going to get ugly. Nevertheless, I have taken the liberty to have some papers drawn up to legitimize this baby and allow it to join the official line of succession," Mum said, getting up and grabbing the brown envelope off of her desk. "Now, if Edward were to have more children after getting married those children would come first in line to the thrown unless of course he marries you Tanya dear, to which the first born would be first. The only stipulation is that a DNA test must be completed before the birth of the child to ensure that it is in fact Edward's. If not, this contract of course would be null-in-void," she said, pulling the papers out of the envelope and sitting them on the table in front of the Voltera's. "As you can see I have taken the liberty of already signing them, so once Tanya and Edward sign them and the DNA test is scheduled we can put this whole nasty incident behind us."
"Well of course we'll have to have our barrister look over these, you know just to make sure everything is on the up and up," Aro said, grabbing the papers and skimming through them.
"Oh I wouldn't expect anything else from you, but I am sure you'll find that they are standard for this type of arrangement," Mum said, grabbing her teacup off the table and taking a sip. "Oh and Aro, these documents are time sensitive. We would really like to have the DNA test done as quickly as possible, just so we can get these papers filed before the baby's birth which is quickly approaching."
"Esme, aside from being offended that you are insisting on a DNA test but Jane and I would much rather wait until the baby is born to do the test for health reasons, you understand."
"Aro, allow me to clarify something for you. Until the parentage of that child is verified, I will not allow your office, and believe me when I tell you I know it is your office, to continue exploiting this story in the media. Either she has the test done before the birth or she keeps mum about Edward being the father."
We all sat in total silence for a while before Aro slid the papers back in the envelope, gathered his belongings and ushered his family out of the room. I turned towards my mother who had the vaguest smile on her face and could not help but smile too. I was going to know, finally, if I was actually the father of Tanya's baby. In a few weeks, everything in my life could change back to normal and I could finally be with Isabella. I pulled out my cell phone and texted my contact to see if my plan was ready to be executed. By this time tomorrow, I would be one-step closure to getting my happiness back.

~*~ Bella Swan ~*~
"Oh my... Emmett what are you doing here?" I asked, completely surprised to see Emmett standing outside my front door.
"Well teach, it's been a while and I heard there was going to be a big party this weekend and you know the party isn't a party unless I crash."
"Bella, do not listen to the rubbish coming out of his mouth. He knows the only reason he came on this trip was to see Rose in her sexy whatever costume," Alice said, squeezing around Emmett and walking into our apartment.
"Alice!" I screamed in excitement as we embraced. "I feel like it's been forever, how are the wedding plans coming?" I asked, as we made our way over to the living room.
"What am I invisible? Where is my love Bella?"
I rolled my eyes and walked back over to give Emmett a hug, only to have him to pull me off the floor into a bear hug.
"All right Em, we get it you need a lot of attention big brother, now be a gem and get our bags from the car. Bella and I need to have some girl talk."
Emmett mumbled something to himself before turning around and walking back out the door.
"Okay B, so Em and I did something before we left that we're not particularly proud of."
I walked over to the sofa and sat down pulling my legs under me. "Okay... I am sure it wasn't that bad."
"Well, Em and I were talking about coming to see you and Rose and Edward over heard. Granted he was already in a mood, but finding out we've all kept in contact was not his cup of tea."
"Alice, I am sure he would have figured it out anyway considering Rose and I are in your wedding party."
"Well that's not the only thing we let slip..."
"Oh just spit it out Alice, what did you tell him?"
"We told him that you moved on and were seeing a new bloke," Alice rushed out.
I sat back and just stared at Alice for a moment, not sure how I felt about Edward knowing that I was trying to move on. After the emails he sent me on my birthday, a part of me wanted to fly to London and just run into his arms, regardless of the whole baby situation. Realistically that's not possible, the media would pant me as a home wrecking slut.
"How did he take the news?"
"In typical Edward fashion of course, but we diffused the situation wonderfully."
"What situation?" Rose asked walking in with an arm full of groceries.
"Em and I finally told Edward about Bella moving on," Alice said, getting up and walking over to hug Rose.
"Well, look Al I love you and Em dearly but your brother made his bed now he has to lay in it. I am sorry things with that hussy suck but if he was going to be coming, he should have covered his damn plumbing."
"Exactly love," Emmett said, walking back in with the rest of the groceries, followed by Laurent and Marcus carrying their bags. "Look at Rosie and I, we have hot sex everywhere; this counter, that couch, the shower, on the stairs..."
"EMMETT!" Rose yelled, turning the brightest shade of red.
"Wait... this couch?" I asked, slowly standing up feeling contaminated.
"Look, the point of this is to say that we always use protection, we don't want to slip up and have a little one until we're married."
Alice and I both stopped and just stared from Rose to Emmett. This was the first time either of them had mentioned getting serious and it was a little... strike that extremely surprising to hear Emmett so casually mention marrying Rose.
"Oh will the two of you pick your mouths up off the floor. That wasn't a marriage proposal; it was just a casual mention."
"Rosie pooh you know I want to spend the rest of my life with you."
"That's great and I hate to sound like a bridezilla but this weekend is about my wedding, not your future one," Alice said, crossing her arms.
"Speaking of weddings... What time is our dress fitting today at Vera?" Rose asked, clearly deflecting the attention away from her.
"Oh look at the time, I have to be anywhere but here for this wedding gabfest. I am going to go and find a costume for tomorrow night," Emmett said, before leaning down to give Rose a kiss. "I'll see you ladies a little later."
We watched as Emmett, Marcus and Laurent left closing the door behind them. Even knowing that they are Royal and will always have a massive gaggle of security with them, it's still weird seeing them always with their main body guards.
"I really wanted to wait for Bree to get here for us all to go and try on some dresses together but she will not be here until later this afternoon. So in the mean time the three of us can just hang out and do some retail therapy."
"Great, we can stop past Bon Temps and have lunch. I am assuming it's secure since Laurent's team didn't shut us down when they did their sweep of the place yesterday," Rose said.
"Oh I'd love to go, we can go there and eat, I can get to know Bella's shag buddy, and then we can stop by some shops while we wait for Bree and pick out costumes for this party."
"Can we eat anywhere else? Alice you'll have plenty of time to give Jason the third degree tomorrow," I said.
"Luckily I have time in my busy schedule to fit him in today. Besides, I am dying to know what the man that replaced my darling brother in your life is like. Rose tells me he is smoking hot."
"Rosalie Lillian Hale!" I exclaimed.
"Isabella 'likes em hot' Swan, he is hot! I'll give you this, aside from the whole Edward sitch, you've been having an amazing sex year. First there was Jake, who had you sore on more than one occasion. Then there was Edward, who had you walking around on cloud nine, and now Jason. I applaud thee, teach me your methods," she said, with a laugh.
"Please I am sure you could teach me a few things Ms. Hale. If this faux marriage proposal is any indication things with you and Emmett seem to be going well."
"Yeah well, you know once you get a taste of the finer things in life it's just hard to go back."
Alice and I rolled our eyes as we grabbed our coats to head out into the cool autumn day. Having the three of us together, there was no telling what kind of trouble we would be getting into. However, I wouldn't want it any other way. Rose and Alice were the best friends any girl could possibly have.

After a couple of hours of retail therapy and major damage being done to Alice and Rose's credit cards, we headed to Bon Temps for lunch and to wait for Bree to arrive from the airport. Rose and Alice followed the hostess to our table and I headed to the bar to see if Jason was in. The closer I got to the bar the more I heard a familiar voice. I was clearly hearing things because it would be utterly impossible for this person to really be in this place at this exact moment.
I walked up closer and there he was, talking to some woman at the other end, with a drink in hand. I stopped instantly as my eyes burned right through him, he looked up and our eyes met for the first time in months. He put his drink down, whispered something to the woman and slowly sauntered over to me. Memories of all of the time we had spent together were now clouding my mind.
"Bella, what an interesting surprise," he said, as he approached.
"Yeah it is, what are you doing here?"
"We need to talk," He said, placing his hand on my elbow and led me towards an empty table off to the side. I turned around and saw Jason and the woman at the bar watching as we walked away from them. I gave Jason a quick reassuring glance to let him know that I was okay and that this random stranger was not about to hurt me.
"Bella look, I know over the summer we hurt each other in ways that were borderline unforgivable. But at the end of the day, no matter how hard I fought to stay away from you, I can't deny the fact that I am still in love with you Bella Swan and I want us to be together."
I slowly looked up into his honest brown eyes and remembered the life we had planned to spend together before that whole mess of a summer got in the way. How our lives would be completely different right now if… if I had never met Edward. Nevertheless, I had met Edward, and a large part of me would always love him. But here right now, standing in front of me in what looked like an incredibly expensive suit was Jake pledging his love to me. Granted it's in a bar in front of my new… Jason, but he's doing it.
"I am not exactly sure what to say Jake. I had been reaching out to you for months to try and explain and to be honest I've missed you a lot but…"
"Let me guess, he's still in the picture and you two are going strong?"
"Actually, we aren't. He's back in London expecting a child with his ex girlfriend and I haven't spoken with him since August, except for a couple of emails on my birthday. But Jake, the point is we can't just pick up where we left off."
"Why not, I am single, you're single. I moved all the way to New York to be with you and admit it Bella, a part of you will always love that heartless Englishman, but at the same time another part of you will always love me as well."
"Jake… I don't…" I said, taking a step back.
"Don't fight it Bella, you know you still love me," he said, pulling my body against his rock hard body and sealing it with a kiss. I felt myself melting in his arms as our tongues swirled together. I allowed myself to get lost in the moment and I wrapped my arms around Jake, enjoying the feeling of having him wrapped around me.
I pulled away, allowing my brain a moment to regain its common sense only to slap my hand clear across Jake's face leaving him stunned.
"What we had together was great I cannot deny that, but it ended, we ended and you disappeared. You didn't answer my calls, text or emails and now you want to just pop up here and expect to just kiss me and make everything okay?"
"Well… yeah something like that," he said, rubbing his hand on his cheek.
"Jake it doesn't work that way, how do you know I am not currently seeing someone?"
"I know you're seeing blondy over there, and that's why he's been watching us like a hawk this whole time. But I don't care, you can't possibly feel for him what you still feel for me."
"Jake, don't do this…"
"Bella, if you can't be with Edward, and we both know you can't, why not be with me knowing you still love me?"
I just shook my head hearing enough and just walked away. I whispered an apology to Jason and walked across the room looking for Rose and Alice.
"I have to go right now," I said, walking up to the table they were sitting at.
"B, what's wrong?" Rose asked looking concerned.
"Um, well… Jake."
"What about Jake?" Rose asked, as her eyes darted behind me. "Oh…"
"Rose, hello, long time no see. How have you been?" Jake asked, walking up behind me.
"Jake… what are you doing here?"
"Bella, maybe it is time that we left we need to go and meet Bree and the boys at the costume shop anyway," Alice said, grabbing her purse and jacket from the adjacent chair and standing up.
"Don't leave on my accord ladies; I just wanted to let Bella know that I am not giving up. I know we were perfect for each other and I intend to fight for her. Especially since your brother proved to be the dog that I thought he was and got some chick pregnant. See you later Bella," he said, kissing me on the cheek with a wink and walking out of the restaurant.
"Are you fucking kidding me, Jake's back? Forget Erica Cane Bella, your life is a real soap opera."
"Not funny Rose, can we please go… now."
"Hey, don't get mad at me, I am just watching the days of your young, bold, restless, beautiful life, before you have all their children," she said, with a laugh. "Remember Bella, we only have one life to live," she yelled, as I was walking away.

I called him again, hoping that he would actually answer. I've been calling Jason since yesterday afternoon and he keeps sending me to his voicemail. I don't know what I expected him to do, or what I would even say about kissing my ex boyfriend in front of him, but I had to at least try to explain before seeing him at this party tonight. I grabbed the phone and dialed the number again as I zipped up my boots.
"Hey B, I am about to go… well look at you," Rose said, peeking her head through the door.
"Thanks," I said, trying hard not to blush.
"So sexy kitten?" she said, with that sly grin of hers. "Interesting…"
"No, I am Cat Woman and Jason was going as Batman or at least he was supposed to."
"B, he'd have to be the biggest idiot in the world to not show up and see you in all that leather. You're looking like every guys wet dream right now."
"Oh really Bella, you're hot, and have three guys ready to fight to the death over you. If I was you I'd be enjoying that more. Anyway I'll see you tonight, don't be late," Rose said.
I hate when Rose is moderately right, but how often in life will you have three amazing men fighting over you? Maybe I should be enjoying this more, I mean I only have one life to live. Whom am I kidding, all I want is that amazing love story that you only see in fairytales. That great epic love that is all consuming and life changing, the kind that apparently doesn't exist.
I walked over to the full-length mirror and checked myself out in my full costume. As I stood there looking at myself in my leather goodness, fresh confidence rolled through me and regardless of what happens with Jason or Jake I was going to have a good time tonight one way or another.

I got out of the cab and walked past the line of waiting patrons in their costumes towards the front door as the music poured down the street base blaring. Say what you want about Rose, but girl sure knows how to throw a good party. I gave my name to the bouncer and walked inside to see the entire place completely transformed for Halloween. The host led me over to our reserved table where Emmett, Jasper, and Riley were sitting dressed up but I couldn't quite put my hand on who they were supposed to be.
The guys all turned one by one to stare at me as I approached the table. I know it shouldn't have but that definitely helped fuel the flirty fire building inside of me.
"It's just me, you can all pick your mouths up off the floor now," I said, once I was in earshot of them.
"Well… well… well… Bella finally unleashed her inner sex kitten," Emmett said, taking a swig of his beer.
"You look real purrrty tonight Bella," Riley said, trying to hide his smile in his glass.
"Oh okay, get it all out now," I said, sitting down and grabbing Emmett's beer out of his hand. "So who are you three suppose to be anyway?" I asked, before taking a sip.
"I am Russell Brand and Bree is Katy Perry, she promised if I dressed up as this wanker we would make fireworks later," Riley said.
"I can see that…" I said, squinting.
"Well ever since you and Rose have gotten Alice addicted to that One Tree Hill show, she's been watching it nonstop so I am Lucas Scott of the Tree Hill Ravens, and she's Peyton Sawyer Tree Hill cheerleader," Jasper said, in his too cute slight southern accent.
"Not to be too obvious," Emmett, said grabbing his beer away from me mid chug. "But Rosie and I are doing the couple thing also."
"We sure are my love muffin," Rose said, coming up behind me and wrapping her arms around Emmett. "Em is Hugh Hefner and I am his playmate of the month."
"Babe please, you're my playmate for life," Em said pulling Rose in for a kiss.
"Oh well isn't that lovely…" I said, dryly.
I turned towards the door and that is when I saw him walking in… Batman had finally arrived. I made my way across the crowded room towards him. We both pushed our way through the crowd until we were standing there face to face, music blaring in a room full of strangers. He pulled me into his arms and kissed me deeply. As our tongues danced inside of each other's mouths and our hands roamed each other's bodies I felt it for the first time in months, a feeling I haven't felt since… since I was with Edward. I felt whole…
We came up for air briefly and as I stared into the gorgeous eyes staring back at me it honestly felt like I was with… "Edward? Edward is it really you?" I asked, reaching up to pull off his mask.
He gave me a quick crooked grin before taking off into the crowd. I tried to follow him but he was too quick. As I stood among the group of people dancing, I couldn't help but wonder if I was just imagining things. Was is possible that Edward was really here… really kissing me the way I haven't been kissed in months, making me feel things I have been so desperately trying to feel with someone else.
I knew I could only get answers from one person, the one person that would know better than anyone would if Edward was in New York, Emmett. I forced my way back to the table and standing there laughing as if nothing had even happened was Edward, still in costume. I walked up wrapping my arms around his waist.
"Hey love, why'd you run off?" I asked, as he turned around.
I leaned up and gave him another kiss, this time something was different. Something was off, I took a step back pulling off his mask only to reveal Jason, not Edward. I turned around and swept my eyes across the crowd in search of another man in black only to see the tail end of a cape heading into the shadows across the room.
"Bella is everything okay? You look like you've seen a ghost," Rose asked, placing a concerned hand on my shoulder.
"Yeah… everything's fine I just thought I saw someone… but it must be my mind playing tricks on me." I said, turning to see her and Jason's concerned faces.
If that was Edward, as usual, he wasn't sticking around…

That's All Folks…
Since it's snowing and I love snow I am going to be generous and let you all know that the next few chapters will be leading up to Alice and Jaspers 12/31/11 wedding and needless to say the shit is going to start hitting the fan.
Also, I don't normally do this but... I feel the need to defend my characters, character.
Bella had to do one of the hardest things I have ever known a person to do and that's to walk away from someone they love. So she's having grief sex with a hot dude she picked up at a bar, so what, it's not like she's hanging out downtown turning tricks. Sometimes people do dumb things to help get past making hard decisions.
But essentially this is a love story as much as it's a drama, (and I hope comedy because certain parts definitely make me laugh), and in the end good always triumphs over evil and all that jazz, so stick with me it'll all make sense in the end. (Especially at this upcoming wedding).

*~* Update ~*~
Due to my lack of calendar reading I didn't realize before publication that November 11th is in fact Remembrance Day in the UK and how rude would it be if the Royal Family was partaking in a huge lavish wedding instead of paying remembrance to all the soldiers that lost their lives fighting in various wars. So last minute edit and the Wedding date has officially been moved to New Years Eve, granted it's not as cute as being married on 11/11/11 at 11:11 but that's life. Until Next Time.

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