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Chapter 14 - Don't You Remember

Chapter 14 – Don't You Remember

Don't you remember?
The reason you loved me before,
Baby, please remember me once more,
When was the last time you thought of me?
Or have you completely erased me from your memory?

Don't You Remember ~ Adele

A/N: Well this has essentially been a long time coming. However, I figured what better way to kick off April than with a little Royal Bliss. I do hope you aren't too cross with me considering how large and in charge this chapter essentially is, so the wait had to be worth it a little, right?

~*~ Bella Swan ~*~

Everything had gone pitch black; the copper smell of blood was in the air. I could hear them calling out his name in the background and the faint roar of the approaching sirens. I tried to open my eyes and get another glimpse of the man I loved but the numbness was taking over. I tried to fight it, I tried to fight to stay alert for as long as I could. I could hear several footsteps stepping on broken glass out of the window next to me. The sounds all started to blur together, the clicks of cameras, someone calling out for Edward and counting, and the sirens in the background all started to echo, as I slowly fell deeper into the darkness. Please God do not let this be how our story ends.

This is Melissa Lopez with New York One News, I have breaking news coming to you live on Madison and East 54th St. Where we have official word that Price Edward of Edinburg was just in a major car accident. Exact details remain unclear about what happened here tonight but the Prince was just airlifted to New York Presbyterian Hospital along with his yet to be identified female passenger. The medics on the scene have announced the driver of the car has died from the impact of the accident.This just in, Princess Alice, Lord Whitlock, Prince Emmett and the Honorable Miss Hale have all arrived at the hospital. With all the royals present so far, it's likely that the passenger was the one and only Tanya Voltera, daughter of UK Prime Minister Aro Voltera, as well as the girlfriend of the Prince and expectant mother of his first born child. We will continue to bring you the latest as this tragic story continues to develop.

I slowly woke up feeling numb from head to toe. My eyes swept across the foreign room slightly panicked until I saw Charlie asleep in the chair across the room. It slowly registered to me that I was in a hospital room. Asleep in the bed next to mine was Rose, although with Charlie's snoring I was not so sure how she managed to stay asleep.

I opened my mouth to speak but nothing came out but a dry, cracked whisper, barely audible compared to the loud snoring. I reached towards the bedside cart, to pour myself a cup of water; I grabbed the empty cup as a sharp pain ran up my spine. I immediately fell back against the bed, but not before knocking over the cup and the pitcher of water, effectively soaking the floor and waking Charlie and Rose.

"Bells, you're finally awake," Charlie said, rushing from his chair to my bedside.

"B, it's so good to see you. You gave us quite the scare," Rose said, sitting up. "How are you feeling?"

I swallowed a little saliva before responding, "Sore".

"Oh I'll page the doctor," Charlie said, reaching over me and hitting the call button. "My daughter woke up can you send in the doctor?" he asked after the nurse answered. "Oh and a janitor, we had a little spill."

Charlie and Rose sat there quietly staring at me as if I was going to break, before Charlie decided he was going to go and track down a janitor to clean up the mess I made. That is my Charlie avoiding awkward emotional situations.

Rose walked over and sat down on the edge of my bed as Charlie was leaving. "Just so you know life without my best friend has been brutal. These have been the longest three weeks of my life..."

"Three weeks?"

"Oh um," she said, nervously. "The doctor said when you woke up we should ease you into how long you've been out, but I guess the cats out of the bag."

I swallowed a few more times trying to moisten my throat enough to start asking questions when two men walked in.

"Ms. Swan so happy to see you're awake, I am doctor Clarkson. I've been treating you since the accident, how are you feeling, any disorientation?" He asked, walking to the machines next to the bed and checking my vitals.

"Um, no, just thirsty," I replied.

"Oh well that is to be expected. I shall fetch you some more water," the second person, whom I felt like I had seen before, but assumed was a secondary doctor replied.

"While we wait for Dr. Cullen to return, would you mind if I examined you a little bit?" The first doctor asked.

I shook my head in response, and he asked Rose to step out of the room for a moment.

"Ms. Swan..."

"Bella," I interrupted.

"Bella, you are very lucky to have survived that accident with nothing more than a few broken bones and a lot of bruises. There was some brain swelling due to the head trauma you sustained but all in all now that you're awake you should make a semi painless recovery," he said, checking the gauge on the blood pressure machine. "Your pressure is good. Do you know who you are?"

He asked, with a straight face.

I tried to hide the smile spreading across my mouth, "Bella, remember, I just asked you to call me that."

"Right. Right," he said, jotting down a note. "So what do you remember from the accident?"

I tried to think back to that night, to remember anything about the accident, but the only thing I remember is... I looked down at my left hand and there it was, as big and shiny as the day Edward gave it to me. We were engaged, we are going to spend the rest of our lives together.

"Edward, he, Edward proposed and the paparazzi were chasing us, and then everything goes black."

"Well it is not uncommon for you to have some slight memory loss after your accident. But everything should start coming back to you in the next couple of day," he said, making a last notation on my file before closing the folder. "I'll send your family back in, I am sure they have waited long enough," he said, with a wink before walking to the door and opening it to show Rose and Charlie standing their looking every bit of impatient.

"Well?" They both asked as soon as the door opened.

"She's going to be just fine, I am going to need to run a few more test on her over the next couple of days but I don't see any reason why she can't go home by maybe Wednesday," the doctor said, walking into the hall.

Charlie, Rose and Dr. Cullen walked into the room and surrounded the bed, still looking at me as if I was going to break at any moment.

"You heard him, I am going to be fine, stop looking at me like I am made out of glass already."

"Um, B," Rose said, looking slightly nervous. "I want to formally introduce you to Carlisle. Carlisle Cullen, Isabella Swan," Rose said, introducing us.

"I've heard so much about you Isabella; I am so delighted to finally get to meet you, although I really wish it was under different circumstances."

"Um, thanks. I feel like I should know you but I am not sure why," I said, looking at Rose for some sort of explaination.

"Well Bells, he's the father of the boy that helped land you in this place," Charlie said, giving Carlisle a dirty look.

"Charlie you promised…" Rose snapped.

"It's alright Rosalie, as a father I completely understand where Charles is coming from. But I assure you, Edward would give his life before he'd let something intentionally happen to your daughter, and I assume that ring on her finger proves that."

Charlie looked down at the ring on my finger for a moment, "Well I hate to break it to you, your Excellency but that ring is from a fine young gentleman; one that called and asked for my blessin' to marry my daughter. I don't recall getting a call from your son asking to put a ring on my daughter's finger."

"Charlie, I told you Bella turned down Jake's proposal the day of the accident, and that rock hanging off her finger is not from Jake," Rose interjected

"Charles, I understand you have reservations about Edward…," Carlisle started before Charlie interrupted.

"Reservations, you are damn right I have reservations. I did my research on your son and he is a known womanizer. Hell, he has some girl pregnant right now, and who knows how many more kids he might have out there. You think I want my Bells caught up in his mess? Over my dead body, that there ring is from a nice young man that will love my Bells the way she deserves."

I lay there speechless, as the three of them argued over my future as if I were not in the room. I could only imagine how they have carried on over the past three weeks.

"Excuse me," I said, only to be drowned out by the continued bickering between Carlisle and my father. "I said excuse me!" I shouted to get their attentions. "Now that I am awake, wouldn't it just be easier to ask, I don't know the source?"

Carlisle and Charlie quickly got quiet and all three of them just stared at me with their mouths agape. I took a moment to collect my thoughts before I began.

"Charlie, Carlisle and Rose are telling the truth. Jake did propose to me the morning of the accident and I turned him down. I love him but not the way he deserves to be loved, I am in love with Edward and that's not going to change. Trust me I've tried not to love him, and it just makes me miserable," I said, holding my left hand up for everyone. "This is a symbol of the love Edward and I share. Through all of this crap we've been through we have come out stronger and more devoted to each other."

"Aww, B. If being with Edward makes you happy I'll respect that. Or I'll at least try to, can't make any promises," Rose said, rushing over to me and hugging me. I looked up and was met with two sets of concerned eyes. "B, I am going to give you three a moment. I need to check in with Em anyway," said Rose, clearly sensing the air being sucked out of the room. If I wasn't in slight pain I might have hightailed it out of here too.

Charlie waited for Rose to leave the room before exploding with anger. "Isabella Marie Swan, I know I raised you better than to get involved with a man that has other - other commitments. How do you think this is going to look? My Bella, labeled a slutty home wrecker to the entire world."

"I have to say, I agree one hundred percent with Charles. I understand Edward made certain commitments to you, however he's not in the position to back those up. And without..."

Carlisle was inturrupted by the door opening and the most beautiful woman I have ever scene walked, no glided, into the room. "Looks like I arrived just in time," she said, gliding to Carlisle's side followed by Rose.

Seeing them side-by-side like that brought it all back. I had seen both of them before at Alice's engagement party in Jamaica, right before Edward and I... Oh dear god please don't start blushing.

"Esme darling, I am happy you're here I was just about to tell Isabella about Edward," Carlisle said.

"Well before we go into detail Isabella, I just want you to know that when Edward asked me for my mother's ring I was beyond happy to say the least. Seeing it on your finger warms my heart in ways you'll never know."

"Will you two get to the point already?" Charlie interupted with an exasperated sigh.

"Dad!" I snapped, brimming with embarrassment at the way Charlie was acting. "Have you guys done anything but agrue the past few weeks?"

The three adults in the room gave each other some quick glances before they all nodded in agreement for what I am assuming was the first time in weeks they've all agreed on something.

"Okay your Majesty, what's going on with Edward?" I asked, trying to half bow while laying in bed.

"Isabella there is no need to be so formal especially now," she said waving off my bow. "I have rather unfortunate news however, I am assuming this latest argument between Charles and my husband was brought on by what I already knew, that ring on your finger is infact from Edward. I am happy he has finally found someone he loved enough to not only propose too but to give his grandmother's ring."

"I love him too your Majesty, and I want you know it has nothing to do with who he is."

"Call me Esme," she said, interrupting. "Isabella, I have heard nothing but amazing things about Rose and yourself," Esme said, giving a warm smile to Rose and myself. "My children are all very smitten with you both and that does not happen often. Nevertheless, that brings me to my unfortunate news. With Edward still in a coma and unable to formally announce his intentions we - we are unfortunately going to have to ask that you do not mention this engagement to anyone else."

"What? Why? Edward loved me and wanted me to be his wife, why should I have to hide that?"

"It is rather complicated, however, for the time being we need you to keep your space from Edward," Carlisle said. "At least in public."

"And what if I refuse, what if I don't stay away?" I demanded.

"Bells don't," Charlie said, finally speaking up.

"No, I don't understand how one moment it's so wonderful that Edward has found love and the next it's as if I am a danger to Edward and should stay away. Does Rose have to stay away from Emmett?"

"B, look I understand this is frustrating but there is no need to throw me under the bus. I am sure they have a good reason, right?" Rose asked.

"There are some recent events that have been brought to light that we are not able to discuss at this point but there is a reason. Isabella we are not trying to hurt you or deminish the way you and Edward feel about each other but until he wakes up we have to do what's best for our Country and that's keeping this as drama free as possible."

"Get out!" I yelled, at the top of my lungs. "I want to be alone, everyone out."

"Isabella please, just think about what we have said," Carlisle said.

"Out now," I replied.

I watched as one by one they filed out of the room, Charlie and Rose lingering for a moment before leaving as well. As soon as I was in the room alone I broke down and started crying. All of the information hitting me at once and all of it sucked. Edward and I finally get our shit together and commit to each other and because of this fucking accident it's all meaningless. I sat in the empty room and just cried until I was too weak to cry anymore and I fell asleep.

~*~ Esme Cullen ~*~

One Week Earlier

"Aro, quite frankly you have to either except that Edward has made his choice or continue trying to fight this losing battle," I said, firmly maintaining eye contact with the Prime Minister sitting across the desk from me. "I know you and Jane were hoping for a wedding but unfortunately Edward has made other plans and intends to marry Isabella Swan and Carlisle and I support that decision."

"Your Majesty, clearly you are not thinking clearly. Tanya has been at the hospital since finding out about Edward's tragic accident. As far as the world is concerned Tanya is the doting girlfriend trying to nurse Edward back to life," Aro started, before taking a sip from his teacup. "How do you think it will look to have Edward dump her high and dry while pregnant with his child for some American girl? The press will have a field day and we both know the press loves an underdog story almost as much as a royal scandal."

"Let me make something perfectly clear Aro, this will be the last conversation we shall have where you feel the need to use your daughter and her pregnancy against my family."

"Esme, you must have misheard me, that is not what I was trying to do at all."

"Until Tanya agrees to the prenatal DNA test, she has agreed to stop publically proclaiming Edward to be her baby's father. I would hate for this to blow up against her if it is determined Edward is not infact the father."

"Are you insinuating that my daughter is a liar?"

"Oh no Aro, I think you misheard me. What I am saying is that I believe my son when he says he is not the father of that child. Furthermore, if he chooses to marry an American so be it. We need some fresh blood in this stuffy monarchy anyway."

"Yes, well we shall see won't we."

"Indeed Aro, we shall. You're excused," I said, turning my attention to the massive stack of papers that have been piling up while I was in New York. "Oh and Aro, it would be wise to not try and sway the media, I would hate for them to turn on you. Even the most trained animal will eventually bite the hand that's feeding it."

"Good day your Excellency," he replied, walking out of the room as Carlisle walked in.

"Well love, how did it go?" Carlisle asked, taking the seat vacated by Aro.

"He's getting desperate, the fact that Edward proposed to Isabella is pushing him into overdrive. Victoria sent me copies of the latest news cycles that have mentioned Edward and Tanya is mentioned in nine out of ten of them. He is doing his damnest to paint her as this loving girlfriend so when the news breaks that Edward has chosen someone else Tanya will come out on top and Isabella will be forever painted as the homewrecker that tore apart their family."

"Well that is preposterous. Anyone with two brain cells knows about Tanya's reputation, no one would dare believe sweet Isabella tore them apart."

"Carlisle we need to get the upperhand back, we need to find out the paternity of that baby."

"I am working on it, Alec has spoken with her doctor and she refuses to administer the test without Tanya's permission because it's potentially dangerous."

I stopped signing the papers in front of me for a moment and tried to think of a plan.

"Until we think of something we have to try and protect Isabella from this. The last thing she would need when she wakes up is the press hounding her about Edward. As far as they're concerned, Isabella is just friends with Rosalie who is dating Emmett."

"Are you saying we should cut all ties between the two?" Carlisle asked looking shocked.

"It's what's best for her. If she wakes up before Edward and starts telling people about their engagement we will not be able to stop the media from going after her, where as if she's just a friend of someone dating Emmett they'll be less interested in her."

"Okay but I would imagine Isabella is going to highly object to this and so will Edward."

"I know it isn't the best plan Carlisle, but what would Edward have us do? Let her feed herself to the wolves and not try to interject. We are doing this for them, until we find out about that baby they cannot be linked together under any circumstances. Edward loves Isabella and while he's in a coma it's our job to protect her the way he would, if he could."

~*~ Bella Swan ~*~

Present Day

The sound of muffled voices woke me up. Rose was once again asleep on the bed next to me. Which meant the muffled voice in the hall had to be Charlie. I got out of the bed and slowly walked to the door. The door was slightly ajar, the closer I got and the more I was able to identify the voices, I knew they were the voices of Charlie, Esme and Carlisle.

"Well you don't know my Bells, she won't rest until she sees him," Charlie whispered.

"We know Charles, but the media has been sniffing around for any piece of a scandal and for Isabella's sake she does not need them coming after her, not now."

"Carlisle is right, she just woke up from a coma, being questioned about her relationship with Edward and how it feels to steal him from the mother of his unborn child will only upset her and the doctors said she needs to remain calm, we have to protect her at all costs."

"Do you two really think we are going to be able to keep' em apart? Hell, I am shocked Bells hasn't asked to go see him yet. This is a ticking time bomb and I ain't too sure we should do this, I don't know what ya'll do in Europe but I have never lied to Bells and I sure as hell don't like doing it now."

"This whole situation is bloody difficult for all of us Charles, but we have to do what is best for our children, even if that means lying to them. Under no circumstances can Isabella be seen in or around Edward's room," Esme said, earning a supportive nod from Carlisle.

"Not to mention the fact that Tanya has been hovering over Edward playing up the concerned girlfriend role perfectly." Carlisle chimed in. "We need to handle this situation in a manor that'll benefit everyone in the long haul."

I saw Esme nod in agreement before Charlie let out a defeated sigh. I walked back to the bed, processing the information I had just overheard. I made it back to the bed just in time; no sooner than I lay down I heard the door slowly swing open and Charlie's feet shuffling across the room. I waited until I heard Charlie cross the room before opening my eyes and staring up at the ceiling. Edward had finally professed his love to me and the last thing I was going to do was let Tanya ruin this for us the way she has ruined the past six months of our lives.

"Bella you have no idea how happy I am that you're okay. I just knew you were going to be just fine I could just feel it," Alice said, sitting the bouquet of flowers from her and Jasper down on the table by the window.

"Thanks Alice," I replied, watching her sniff the flowers before turning towards Rose and me.

"Where is that handsome fiancé of yours anyway?" I asked.

Alice walked over and sat down on the end of the bed across from Rose. "He's in London taking care of some last minute wedding details for me."

"Oh, your wedding, I completely forgot."

"I feel just horrid about the timing; I wanted to cancel the whole thing until Edward woke up. Em, however assured me that Edward wouldn't want me canceling the wedding on his accord."

"Speaking of Edward…" I trailed off.

Rose and Alice shared a glance but both remained quiet.

"Okay really? Neither of you are going to tell me how he's doing? I mean it's bad enough I can't see him but to deny me a tiny update is cruel."

Rose rolled her eyes and let out an annoyed sigh. "B, what does it matter? You heard his parents. They want you to have nothing to do with him."

"This is why it matters," I said, holding up my engagement ring. "We are committed to each other regardless of what anyone says."

"Aww, Bella that's so romantic."

"Thanks Alice," I said, shooting Rose a dirty look, prompting her to roll her eyes again with a shrug of the shoulders.

"His condition still hasn't changed. I am going down there to visit him after this. I hate going alone, being alone with Tanya brings out the worst in me."

"Alice that's BS, being around Tanya brings out the worst in everyone. Hell if I was Edward and knew I had to wake up to that ugly mug I'd stay in a coma as well," said Rose.

"So I've been thinking, your parents are in London for the tree lighting ceremony tomorrow. Charlie is off doing whatever, now would be the perfect time for me to go check on Edward."

"Oh no," Alice said, getting up and shaking her head no as she walked back towards the window.

"Alice please, I'll be getting out of here any day now and that'll make it harder for me to see him."

"So... Do I get a vote or what?" Rose asked.

"Depends on whose side you're going to take," I said.

"Yes, Rose help me out here, you couldn't possibly think this is a good idea. Clearly Bella has gone mad."

"Actually, I think she should see him. I mean what's it going to hurt really. Well except maybe Tanya's ego."

"Yes! That is two yays and one nay. Field trip," I said tossing the sheets off me and climbing out of bed.

"This is most definitely not a good idea," Alice said, helping me out of the bed.

The three of us slowly crept into the hall, I felt like we were Charlie's Angels working on a covert mission. Alice snuck us down to the opposite end of the hall, stopping in front of the last door.

"Are you sure you want to do this? I can gaurentee Tanya will be here and the last thing I want is to start a bloody war."

"Alice really what's the worst that can happen?" I replied.

Alice turned back to the door infront of us and slowly pushed it open. The room was dark and the only sounds were coming from the machines that were hooked up to Edward's lifeless body. I did a quick scan of the room, which was bigger than mine and appeared to have custom furnishings as well. But the best part was no Tanya.

Edward lay there with his right arm in a sling, head wrapped up and faded bruises could still be seen along the top of his chest. I walked over to the right side of the bed and sat down on the stool next to it. Physical appearance aside he looked so peaceful as he slept. Rose and Alice hung back by the door giving me a moment alone with Edward.

"Look at us, slowly overcoming another obstacle," I said, as I ran my hand along his jawline.

"You'd think by now we'd run out of drama to get into. Truthfully, as long as I have you I can deal with anything that comes at me. I just need you to wake up."

I grabbed his stitched up hand in mine, placing a gentle kiss on it.

"I know you can hear me, or at least I seriously hope so. I want you to know I'll wait for you Edward, no matter how long it takes or what we have to go through. You're it, you're the love of my life and nothing or no one can change that."

There was silence as the machine continued to beat slowly with Edward's heartbeat. I layed my head on the bed, still holding on to his hand when a slowclap started from the bathroom door behind me. I turned around and standing there was none other than Tanya.

"That was positively brilliant. I stop to use the loo and some bitch that can't take a hint is spewing her rubbish to my man."

"Tanya we are not here to cause a problem, Bella just wanted to see how Edward was doing," Alice said, walking to my side with Rose.

"Well her being here is a problem," she said, smugly looking me up and down as I stood up. Here I was in a flimsy hospital gown and she's standing barely three feet in front of me in a black one shoulder sweater dress and black leather boots. You wouldn't even know she was pregnant looking at her from the front.

"What. Is. That?" she asked, staring towards my hand that was still intertwined with Edwards. "Is that my ring?"

I followed her gaze; it stopped on my engagement ring from Edward, the one I can only hope Tanya was hoping to get.

"I asked you a question. Is that my ring?" she asked, again this time taking a step towards me.

"No." I said, holding the ring up and letting every karat sparkle in the light. "This is my ring, isn't it to die for?"

Tanya gasped and rubbed a hand on her stomach. "You. Bitch!" She said, between deep breathes.

"Tanya, dear I think you should sit down," Alice said, sliding the empty stool towards her.

"I don't need to sit down, what I need is for this whore that thinks she can just swoop in and steal my man to back off. I mean look at you, there is nothing special about you. You're a joke," she said, before letting out a smug chuckle.

"I understand how you can take my current condition as weakness, but let me be very clear with you Tanya. I may not dress the way you do, I sure as hell don't act like you do, but I am special. I am so special I managed to do in six months what you've spent six years trying to do. This ring that you've wanted for so long is mine because unlike you and this god forsaken baby you're carrying, Edward actually loves me." I snapped back.

Tanya and I stared each other down for a moment before I turned to Edward and planted a kiss on his lips. Even though he was asleep, the electricity was still there. As I pulled away, the heart monitor was beating faster. Edward may be in a coma but his heart does not lie.

"Guess even in a coma Edward still picks me," I said, walking towards the door feeling confident.

"This is far from over, when I am done with you you'll be branded the American Slut that ruined our family," Tanya said, stalking towards me.

Rose jumped in between us, stopping me from contemplating if I would fight a pregant woman.

"Tanya look, the sooner you accept that Edward loves B, and that you're just a side piece that's trying to trap him, then the sooner you can crawl back into the whorehouse Edward found you in and the happier you'll be. Imagine life with less plotting and manipulations, a life were someone actually loves you. Because let's be real, if that ticking time bomb in your womb wasn't around you wouldn't be either."

"Rosalie," Alice said, in shock.

"You - you bitch," Tanya said, leaning forward holding her stomach with both hands, her breathing getting more laboured.

"Tanya, are you sure you're okay? Maybe we should call a doctor in to check you and the baby out," Alice said.

"You're as bloody bad as them, stop pretending Alice, I know you can careless about me or this baby."

"That dear is where you're wrong. You I can care less about, however, there is a slight chance, and I do mean a slight chance, that baby of yours is actually my brothers in which case I do care about the babies wellfare."

"Fuck off, the whole lot of you," Tanya said, collasping onto the floor holding her stomach.

I ran into the hallway and yelled for doctor, the last thing I wanted was to kill the bitch.

Well, it had been a little over a week since Tanya had her Braxton Hicks contractions, scaring the shit out of all of us. Her doctor and Carlisle both insisted that she remain on bed rest for the remainder of her pregnancy, not to mention, to stay as relaxed as possible. Since I had planned to be around as much as possible, her parents felt for her safety and the safety of her baby that she should come back to London. I had to admit, although I did not want anything to happen to Edward's baby, I was so fucking relieved that bitch was back in London and away from Edward. Sadly, since Edward's condition still hadn't changed one way or another Esme and Carlisle were now planning to have him come back to London for further treatment since flying back and forth was becoming too hectic with their schedule. I on the other hand was none too pleased to learn that my time with Edward would be ending in a matter of days.

As much as Edward hated having a set routine in life, we had actually settled down into one, or I had anyway. Every day after school, I would take a cab straight to the hospital and sit with Edward all afternoon. I was positive Esme asked the nurses to shave his beard and brush his hair daily, and I always took it upon myself to tousle it the way Edward liked. Then I would read to him, or watch mindless reality television shows before having dinner. Around nine every night the same nurse would come and tell me that it was time to go, and I would go home, go to sleep and do the exact same thing all over again the next day. It was almost perfect, all I needed now was for Edward to wake up, or show some sign of progress before the end of the week.

I looked down at my watch and saw that it was five minutes to nine. Nurse Martin would be walking in any minute now to tell me my visit was officially over. I gathered up all the magazines I brought in, featuring Edward and the numerous stories about us and the accident. I sat my bag down on the now vacant chair next to the bed, laced my fingers with Edward's motionless hand and leaned in for our nightly goodbye kiss. I had dream after dream featuring this moment and Edward waking up the minute our lips touched just like in the movies. Night after night, I kissed him good night and night after night, he would just lay there, motionless. Tonight was no different, I sat watching him after the kiss hoping for so much as a finger twitch, and once again, I was left feeling sad and alone. I pulled my bag up on my shoulder and slowly walked to the door. If today was not going to be the day then, there would always be tomorrow.

"Good night Edward," I said, turning to blow Edward a kiss as I pulled the door open.

"Night love."

I stopped halfway out of the door unsure if my mind was just playing tricks on me or if I had actually heard what I thought I had heard. Granted it was a slight whisper but I could have sworn I heard... I turned around slowly and staring back at me where the most beautiful emerald green eyes. I dropped my bag and ran over to the bed throwing myself on Edward immediately.

"You're awake!" I exclaimed, running my hands through his hair and kissing him. "I can't believe you finally woke up."

I grabbed the call button for the nurses' station down the hall that doubled as a security desk for Caius and the other guards that were here around the clock.

"Hey Bella, Nurse Martin was just on her way down to get you," Caius' voice said.

"Well, tell her to bring a doctor, he's awake," I replied.

There was silence on the intercom before Caius and Nurse Martin came rushing into the room. Caius stood back as Nurse Martin did a quick check of all of Edward's vitals before Dr. Clarkson arrived and performed a more thorough exam of Edward. I stood out in the hall and called everyone to let them know the good news. Esme, Carlisle, and Emmett were flying in as soon as possible from London. I could not reach Alice, but Emmett assured me he would contact her and let her and Jasper know the news as well.

"Well Edward, you appear to be healing fine physically and now that you're awake I believe you're going to be just fine. If I was you, I would thank your fiancé here, she hasn't left your side since she woke up," Dr. Clarkson said, as I walked back into the room.

"So, he's going to be okay?" I asked.

"So far it looks like it. I am going to set up a CAT scan and a MRI, just make sure everything is on the up and up, but with the way his scans looked the last time, and with him alert and showing no signs of brain damage I don't see any reason why he won't be making a full recovery."

"Oh God thank you," I whispered to myself, taking a seat on the bed next to Edward.

"I'll leave you two alone for a little while longer," Dr. Clarkson said, walking towards the door.

"Oh and Bella his brain is still recovering so don't overwhelm him," he said walking out followed by Nurse Martin.

"It's good to have you back Sir," Caius said with a nod, before following them out of the room leaving us alone.

"You have no idea how scared you've had me for the past few weeks," I said, slowly sitting down on the bed next to him.

"Weeks… how long have I…"

"Don't worry about it," I interrupted. "What's important is that you're awake now and things can finally get back to normal; or as normal as our lives can get."

"Isabella please, I have to know," he said.

"Well it's been roughly seven weeks, give or take a few days."

"I've been stuck in this bloody hospital for nearly two months. Where are my parents? Where are Emmett and Alice? Hell where's Tanya?"

I looked away, emotions running through me. I've spent the better part of the last three weeks caring for this… this spoiled man child and he asks about that slut that he got knocked up.

"Your parents are on their way, so is Em, Alice, and Jasper. Tanya is currently on bed rest for the remainder of her pregnancy and so she's back in London as well," I said, getting up and walking over to my bag still on the floor. "It's getting late, I should probably go."

"Please don't leave if you're cross with me."

"Don't worry about it; you've just learned you missed several weeks of your life it's understandable you'd want to know how your family was doing," I said, walking to the door.

"Well I believe you're forgetting someone. If you were updating me on my family I do believe you forgot about the most important person in it."

I turned around slightly puzzled, I was sure I had mentioned everyone that was important to Edward. "Who did I forget?" I asked.

"You love," he said, with his crooked grin. "I know it did not seem like it but I – I am thrilled that you're okay as well. Now if you're truly not crossed with me come and give your fiancé another goodnight kiss."

I walked back over towards his bed smiling from ear to ear, and if the warm sensation was any indication, I was blushing uncontrollably as well. I leaned forward and kissed him gently before pulling away.

"That's it? You do remember I've been in a coma for the past seven weeks, I do believe that calls for a lot of passion. I know you would hate for me to fall back into a deep slumber," he said, reaching up and pulling me back down.

His hands where cupping my cheeks, our eyes met for just a moment before I was engulfed in a passionate kiss. I slowly opened my mouth letting his tongue snake it's way in as I ran my hands through his hair. He pulled me down onto his lap running his hands down my back and up my shirt. After all the waiting there was nothing I wanted more than to feel his hands touching me all over, even if it was in a bed with wheels on it.

"Are you feeling okay for this," I panted, as I climbed on top of Edward having my lips hovering on his. As I straddled him feeling his excitement through our pants, he started pulling up my shirt, we broke apart so we could breathe and get the shirt over my head. My hair came cascading down, as he started kissing and sucking on my collarbone, answering my question. I flung my head back as every lick of his tongue and kiss of his lips shot through me like a bolt of electricity. I leaned forward, running my hands through the copper madness, kissing my way down Edward's face until our lips were once again connected. We couldn't keep our hands off of each other trying with each touch, caress, kiss, and lick to make up for all the lost time.

"Miss Swan it's time… Oh I am sorry to interrupt I'll just come back," Nurse Martin said, covering her eyes.

"No… No… you're right I should go," I said, trying to grab my shirt as quick as possible.

"I'll just wait for you out in the hall," she said, turning back towards the door with her eyes still covered.

"I think it would be quite rude to leave me in this state," Edward said pouting.

I leaned forward kissing him passionately again before hopping off him. "Yeah, well hurry up and get better so you can get out of her, and then we can finish this."

"You're such a tease, what a turn on."

"Goodnight Edward," I said.

I adjusted my shirt and tried to get my hair under control before walking over and grabbing my bag and for the third time tonight, as I walked towards the door to leave.

"I love you more than you will ever know Isabella."

"Believe me," I said, turning and nodding towards the tent, he was pitching. "I know. And I love you with all my heart too."

This is Melissa Lopez coming to you live from New York Presbyterian Hospital, where a source has confirmed that Prince Edward has finally woken up from his seven-week coma. Our source who asked to remain nameless, told us that Prince Edward woke up late last night. I know the Royal Family will consider this their Christmas miracle but this miracle is shaping up to be quite the drama.

Our source informed us that the young Prince woke up with a young woman by his side and I do not mean his pregnant "girlfriend" Tanya Voltera who is currently in London on bed rest. The mystery woman from the car accident has finally, been identified, as twenty-two year old Isabella Swan. Rumors have been swirling around the hospital that Miss Swan, who hasn't left the wayward Prince's side since waking up from her own three week coma four weeks ago, was caught getting randy with the Prince last night just hours after he woke up.

Guess while the mouse is away the cat is going to play. I feel just terrible for Tanya Voltera who is six months pregnant with the Prince's baby while he is off having a torrid affair here in the States. We'll have more on Royal Romance and the lowdown on the Prince's mistress this tonight.

~*~ Esme Cullen ~*~

I turned the television off, unable to stomach anymore of the coverage about Edward's crass behaviour just moments after waking up. The moment we landed back in New York, it was nonstop calls from various press outlets wanting a comment on the story. Everyone wants to know how the Queen feels about the Prince cheating on the mother of the future heir. Unfortunately, for everyone around, I could not tell them how I really felt… that it bloody well pissed me off.

"This is exactly what I was afraid of," I said, pacing back and forth.

"Your Majesty, I can assure you I did everything in my power to keep Miss Swan's presence here as need to know as possible. Aside from Dr. Clarkson and Nurse Martin no one but family knew she was here."

"Yes well, clearly there was a leak. Cauis you have been protecting my son for the past six years, I would hate for this slip up to be the end of your time with the palace. Find out who leaked this information or do not bother coming back to London."

"Yes your Majesty," Cauis said bowing and then leaving the room.

"I cannot believe this has happened. What were they thinking, practically having sex in the bloody hospital room where anyone could just walk in? I expect this sort of thing from Edward but I expected so much more from Isabella," Carlisle said, from the chair across the room.

"Victoria how bad do you expect this situation to get?" I asked, stopping to look at Victoria who was swiping away on her iPad.

"To be honest your Majesty, the longer the Palace goes without making a statement one way or another, the story will just continue to spin out of control. There are reports already insisting that Edward renounce his HRH and his right to secede to the throne. Unless we get this under control and soon, the monarch will take a massive public opinion hit. Not to mention this will play right into Aro's re-election agenda."

"Oh for Christ sake. Okay Victoria arrange for us to meet with a notable reporter, but one that will not try and make this story any more salacious than it already is. See if Oprah or that Anderson Cooper is available."

"Yes your Majesty," Victoria said, making a quick note on the iPad before leaving the room as well.

"Darling, the best thing for us to do to contain this whole fiasco is to pack everyone up and head back to London. We have to show the people that everything is going back to normal and that Edward is taking this baby situation with Tanya seriously."

"Carlisle I honestly do not think Edward would forgive us if we took him away from her, not now, not after everything that has happened. She would be left alone to deal with all of this, it would not be fair, and she is too sweet to be thrown to the wolves Carlisle. Under normal circumstances, I would be more than delighted for Edward to have brought Isabella home. Sadly, Tanya got her claws in him first. We have to find some way to clean up this whole Tanya mess."

"Esme what else can we do? Until the DNA test comes back next week, we have to continue to pretend that we are one big happy family anxiously expecting the next generation of Royals. This one scandal cannot cancel out one hundred and fifty years of all the hard work the House of Evanson did to make this country great."

"I agree Carlisle, this is one of those situations I wish Daddy was around to help with," I said, sitting down in the chair next to Carlisle.

"You know he would say you were an amazing Queen, he would be proud of all of your accomplishments none of which are greater than raising three of the most amazing children. Granted two of them are always in some sort of trouble, but they are really great kids," Carlisle said, trying to reassure me.

"Things were just so much easier to handle before twitter and the twenty-four hour news cycle. Now when a mess is made its all over the internet before you even have a chance to clean it up. I know Edward is going to hate us for this, but sadly it has to be done, it's the only way to secure his future with Isabella."

I grabbed my phone off the table and quickly called Alec, asking him to bring Edward to our suite as quickly and quietly as possible. I then sent Alice and Emmett text messages asking them to meet us as well. I sat the phone back down on the table and walked over to the window overlooking Central Park. It was such a beautiful December day, or it will be before the fireworks start. Edward, Emmett and Alice would have to say goodbye to Isabella today and cut off all communication with her until this paternity situation is finally handled. I called out for Victoria who was making phone calls in the other room.

"The children are on their way over, can you make sure someone goes and starts packing their stuff up? I don't want there to be any delays when we leave to go back to London tonight."

"I'll get someone right on it, also Oprah's people are trying to rearrange her schedule but Anderson Cooper's people will be ready whenever we are and will come here as soon as we're ready."

"Anderson Cooper will be fine, get them here within the hour, and have the stylist send up outfits for everyone."

"Yes Ma'am," Victoria said, quickly bowing and walking out of the room.

"Don't worry darling we're doing the right thing, I guarantee you that by this weekend Edward will be so overjoyed to be back home for Christmas that he won't have time to be mad and I know Isabella was supposed to be in Alice's wedding but she'll understand also," Carlisle said, walking over and pulling me into a hug. "This is what's best for everyone involved."

"I hope so Carlisle, I really hope so."

Emmett and Alice arrived first which was expected since they were staying down the hall. Edward arrived several minutes later with Alec. Carlisle and I quickly explained the situation regarding the press and that for the time being they are to have no contact with Isabella until everything blows over. I was starting to think the three of them were going to handle this like adults and agree without an argument and then I remembered we were talking about my children the Princes and Princess of England.

"So Mummy what you're saying is that because Edward once again cannot keep it in his pants we have to basically shun poor Isabella? What about my wedding?"

"Alice, your father and I are hoping to have this situation resolved well before your wedding," I said, trying to reassure her. "I know it will be difficult to find two replacement bridesmaids but I am sure you know a couple of girls that will be interested."

"Two? I thought we were only talking about Bella, who's the second?" Emmett asked.

"Well Em, seeing as Rosalie and Isabella are so close it would probably be better if Rosalie came to the wedding but was not actually be in it. We don't want to bring any unwanted attention to the wedding," Carlisle said jumping in.

"So I have to find someone to replace Bella and Rose? My wedding is in less than two weeks, this is just – just… Damn it Edward, even when something is not about you, you find away to make it about you and ruin it. My wedding was supposed to be about me and Jasper and your lack of discretion has once again taken center stage," Alice said, getting to her feet and grabbing her bag.

"Alice you have to know how sorry I truly am," Edward chimed in.

"Save it big brother, Em and I are used to your needs coming first. You are the future king after all, we're just here for the free ride," Alice said, walking out of the suite and slamming the door behind her.

"Victoria, can you please go and help calm her down before Anderson's people get her. We have to be a united front for the media," I asked, motioning towards the door.

"Em, bro you have to know I would never intentionally do anything to ruin Alice's wedding. She's our baby sister; you know how much I love her, and I know how much you care about Rose, I would never do anything to hurt you guys."

"Yeah well intentional or not, the mess you made with Tanya is now coming back to haunt the entire family. Maybe you should just give up your HRH and then you could live in the States with Bella and not have to worry about anything else."

"Em.." Edward said, as Emmett got up from the couch and walked out of the room as well.

"I'll go and make sure they're okay," Carlisle said, giving me a reassuring caress on shoulder before walking out the door behind Emmett.

"I cannot believe they have made this entire thing my fault. Alice has to get two new bridesmaids, and Rose can attend the wedding but cannot be in it. I have to completely, walk away from the woman I love because of a mistake I made six months ago. What about me, and how this is going to affect Isabella? I love her and I have to stop all communication with her and pretend to be a couple with Tanya? That is a real punishment; I don't understand why they're so upset."

"Edward Anthony, I have done everything in my power to protect you from yourself all of these years but if you cannot see how this is truly all on you then I have taught you nothing. Yes, replacing two bridesmaids is not the end of the world, to you, and having Rose at the wedding but not in the wedding seems fine, to you. But you have to realize your siblings have wants and dreams too and growing up their dreams have been put on the backburner time and time again whenever it would conflict with yours simply because you were born first. All we need for you to do is pretend to like, hell even tolerate Tanya for a little while longer so your father and I can settle this mess once and for all. You think this is inconvenient for you, and your life. Imagine what it must be like for your siblings always having you be the determining factor of their lives. For Alec, Cauis, and Victoria who's main job the last few years have been to clean up your messes. You will do this with a smile, you will pretend to be a family with Tanya, and you will not talk to Isabella under any circumstances."

If looks could kill, I would be laid out on the floor right now dying a slow and painful death via the stare I was getting from Edward. It pained me to be so tough on him, but enough was enough. If he were not going to fix this situation, I would have to do it for him. I dismissed Edward so he could go and get dressed for the interview. Carlisle returned and let me know that he spoke with Emmett and Alice and they had all reached an understanding. The film crew would be here within thirty minutes, time to get this charade started.

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